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From: "Lorine McGinnis Schulze" <>
Subject: Re: Mohawk Chief Joseph BRANT
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 07:48:25 +0000

Dear Carma and other hopeful Joseph Brant descendants

As you may be aware, Joseph Brant (Thayendenaga) is honoured here in
Ontario with a monument to his name. He led the Mohawks out of NY to
the Grand River in Ontario, fought in Butler's Rangers on the side of
the British during the American Revolution (alongside my ancestors),
and was Chief of the Six Nations.

Molly Brant, his sister, (1736-1796) was Sir William Johnston's wife
and also very well known here in Ontario.

Joseph is *not* related to the Bradt family although he certainly
knew many of them. Col. John Butler, leader of Butler's Rangers,
and colleague of Joseph, was married to Catalynte Bradt so you can
see the connections.

I have many articles written about Joseph and his life but you must
understand that there are two different 'theories' of his parentage.

The Dictionary of Canadian Biography gives Brant's year of birth as
1742 and states he was born at the Ohio River and that he died on 24
Nov. 1807 at his home in Wellington Square (present day Burlington)

The Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records ("Captain Joseph
Brant's Status as a Chief and Some of His Descendants" Vol. XII
1914) gives Joseph three wives and 9 children:

#1 Margaret
-Isaac d. 1795
-Christina m Chief Joseph Sawyer of the Mississauga Tribe

#2 Susannah (Margaret's half sister)

#3 ca 1780 Katharine of the Turtle Clan of the Mohawk
-Joseph d. 1830
-Jacob d. 1846
-John (Ahyouwaighs) b 1795 d 1832
-Margaret m Powless
-Katherine m Peter John
-Mary m. Seth Hill
-Elizabeth m William Johnson Kerr

William Reid in "Sons and Daughters of American Loyalists" used the
Land Petitions on file in the Archives of Ontario to assign the
following 9 children to Joseph (The O.C. date refers to Order in
Council and is the date the petition was granted. These petitions
often provide detailed genealogical information):

-Jacob of Flamborough East. OC 21 Oct. 1806
-Christian m Aaron Hill of Grand River. OC 21 Oct. 1806
-Joseph of Flamborough East m Margaret Deseronti OC 11 Nov 1806
-Margaret m Powlis, a Mohawk of Nelson OC 3 Apr 1810
-Mary m Seth, a Mohawk of Nelson OC 3 Apr. 1810
-Catharine m Peter John of Nelson OC 11 Nov. 1815
-John of Trafalgar [Twp.] OC 16 Jan 1816
-Elizabeth m. William J. Kerr of Wellington Square; d. 25 Apr. 1845
OC 2 May 1827
-Isaac OC 6 July 1798 OC 21 Oct. 1806

I have another brief article "Some Events in the Life of Capt. Joseph
Brant Not Generally Noticed" which was a lecture given in 1922 for
the Ontario Historical Society but I must caution you that it
is not sourced. The author gives his father as
"Te-how-ogh-wengarogh-kwin" , a Mohawk of the Wolf Clan - this father
dying when Joseph was young according to this article and his mother
remarrying (Theory #1)

I have information on the Clans of the Mohawks on my homepage, The
Olive Tree Genealogy at


Select MOHAWK at the main menu.

The Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records has an article
"Centenary of the Death of Brant" in Vol. IX, 1910. I am missing the
pages which outline the other theory of his parentage so will have to
leave that til my next trip to the Library. I don't want to risk
repeating it from memory. :-)


On 25 Jan 99 wrote:

> Subject: Mohawk Chief Joseph BRANT
> Date: Mon, 25 Jan 99 19:45:07 -0700
> From: "Carma M. Brown" <>
> To:

> I saw the notice below posted on Roots Web. As I have
> an interest in knowing the answer also, I thought I would
> pass the question on. Because we have "BRADT" lineage,
> my cousin imagines and hopes that "BRANT" is a
> transliteration of the name "Bradt". I think that she is
> mistaken. What was the chief's lineage? Who knows?
> Can you write to both of us or post on the list? Thanks,
> Carma
> ******
> Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 21:54:16 -0500
> From: Margaret Scheffler <>
> Subject: Mohawk Chief Joseph BRANT 1742-1807
> I have learned that Mohawk Chief Joseph BRANT (1742-1807) was
> related to a BARNHART/BARNHARDT. Since our family believes we have
> Indian ancestry, this may be a significant lead. Does anyone have
> any BARNHARDTS or PUTNAMS who might be related to Chief Joseph
> Does anyone have information on Chief Joseph Brant himself?
> Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Margaret Scheffler
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