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From: "Marilyn Madden" <>
Subject: Sarah Phillips Vought affidavit * seeking the rest of the story.
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 08:32:14 -0600

Sarah Phillips Vought affidavit of 1913 concerns Joseph Rodman the
grandfather of Sarah's first husband.

I wonder if anyone on this list has access or knowlege
of where the rest of the story may be found concerning the duel and who
Joseph Rodman alias Joseph Provost's opponent happened to be.

I have found the Wills of two of William Rodman's grandfathers.
This is the beginning of one, the rest posted below after Sarah's
 Abstracts of Wills Vol V 1754-1760  
Page 394.--"I, JOSEPH RODMAN, of New Rochelle, in Westchester County,
yeoman, being in good health this December 12, 1758

Sarah Phillips Vought was the last wife of my gggrandfather
+William Jackson Vought b: February 19, 1813, West Point, Orange Co., NY
m: December 28, 1867d: July 29, 1897 in Ironton, MI

1 [1] Sarah Phillips was b: June 1, 1830 in Elkfrid Twp., Canadad: June
27, 1920 in East Jordon, Charlevoix Twp. Michigan age 90 years 26 days
*!st Husband of [1] Sarah Phillips:
.......+William Rodman Provost b: 1794 m: Abt. 1845 in Algonac, Michigan
William , d:1858

February 1999, Found in PERSI
obtained from the Flint Genealogy Society
Vol. 10 # 3 The affidavit of Sarah Phillips Vought

5th generation
Joseph Rodman b. 1747. Family papers contained many affidavits as to the
following facts. It is stated that Joseph Rodman became entangled and
embroiled in a duel where his adversary was killed. Joseph fled into
Canada, where he assumed the name of Provost. Taking up Grant Lands under
this name in York Co., Ontario. Later he moved to Ekfried Twp., Middlesex
Co., Ont.
Where he died in 1846.
Married Nancy ???

The affidavit of Sarah Phillips Vought

State of Michigan SS
County of Charlevoix

I, Sarah Phillips Vought, of the City of East Jordon, County of Charlevoix,
State of Michigan, being duly sworn, do depose and say as follows : I was
born at Ekfried, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada on or about the year 1829,
and from and after the year 1836 was acquainted with and did know one
Joseph Rodman alias Joseph Provost and do know that the said Joseph Rodman
alias Joseph Provost was the same Joseph Rodman mentioned in paragraphs No.
5 and 10 of the last Will and testament of one Joseph Rodman of New
Rochelle in the County of Westchester, and the Province of New York, made
and executed on the 12th day of December 1758.

That the said Joseph Rodman alias Joseph Provost told me many times that he
was compelled to leave his home in the Province of New York because of an
encounter which had resulted in the death of his opponent, and that he had
come to Ekfried, Middlesex County, Ont., Canada and changed his name to
Provost to escape the friends of his opponent and the officers of the law,
and that he was the Joseph Rodman mentioned in the Will of his Grandfather,
Joseph Rodman, as foresaid.

That the Joseph Rodman alias Joseph Provost had as a wife, one Nancy
Provost alias Rodman annd that they had issue: William, Phoebe, Sarah,
Charles, Nancy, Deborah, Richard, Betsey, Joseph, Samuel, and that all of
these are now deceased. That I have been told many times by the above
parties that their father had left New York and changed his name for
aforesaid reasons. It is generally known and talked about in the community
of Ekfried, Middlesex Co. I know that the said Joseph Rodman alias Provost
is now deceased. That my uncle, John Phillips preached his funeral service,
and my uncle George Phillips acted as one of his pall-bearers.

I do further depose and say that on or about the year 1845, I was united in
marriage to William Rodman Provost at Algonac, Michigan and that the
following children were born to me as a result of that marriage vis:
Joseph, Charles, Peter, Betsey, and Pricilla. That peter is now deceased
leaving a daughter Ann Mariah, and that Betsey is deceased, and left no
children. That my said husband william Rodman Provost is now deceased and
that in the year 1867 I was united in lawful wedlock to one William J.
Vought, who is now deceased. and further say not.

Sarah Phillips Vought

Sworn to before me, a Notary Public in and for
Charlevoix County
State of Michigan, this eight day of December, 1913
Dwight L. Wilson Notary Public
My commission expires 11/21/16
grace M. Furton Notary Public Wayne Co.
My commission expires 9/26/31

Another affidavit in part read:
" In other papers and records we find where Joseph, the grandson
drew money and other income from the said estate of his grandfather, during
the year 1768, " It was further mentioned that Joseph went to Canada and
traded and trapped with the Indians in and about Niagara Falls, Erie,
Ontario. That he lived for a time at Ekfried, Middlesex Co., Ont. and went
by the name of Joseph Provost. "Minnie Christener, also stated that she has
made "long and dillegent, through, honest search and inquiryinto the
history and histories given in libraries, Court, cemetery and Church
records, family bibles and family histories, family folklore, for dates,
years, names, families, deaths and lineages etc. and as to the marriage,
birth death and all other records in both Canada and the United States on
this family."

The Will of Joseph Rodman who was grandfather of William Rodman Provost b:

FTM Genealogy Library. com
 Abstracts of Wills Vol V 1754-1760  

Page 394.--"I, JOSEPH RODMAN, of New Rochelle, in Westchester County,
yeoman, being in good health this December 12, 1758." I leave to my wife
Helena œ350, also a silver tea pot, riding chair and horse, side saddle and
bridle, "and my pinchbeck watch," and all goods she brought with her since
our marriage. Whereas I have already given to my son Samuel the Plantation
whereon he lately lived in Flushing, and I have also given to him another
Plantation lying in Flushing, upon the Little Neck Hills, both of which he
hath since sold for œ2,400, I mention this to show what estate I have
already given to him. I leave to my grand son, Joseph Rodman, son of my son
William, deceased, and to his male heirs, all my neck of land and meadow
which I bought of Anthony Lispenard, situate in New Rochelle, whereon I now
dwell, with all the houses and buildings, To him and his male heirs from
generation to generation forever, and in default of male heirs, then to my
son, Samuel Rodman. I leave to my daughter, Mary Hicks, 1/2 of a certain
Plantation situate in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, for which I have given
her a deed, and all my stock and movables on the same. I leave to my
daughter, Ann Hicks, during her life the use of the house and plantation
situate in New Rochelle, 1/2 of which I purchased of Joseph Causter, and
the other half of Philip Riche, and after her death the same is to go to
her children. I leave to my daughter, Sarah Bowne, œ300, and the reason I
give her no more is because I have given her considerable otherwise. I
leave to my daughter, Deborah Hicks, œ300. As to my daughter, Elizabeth
Lispenard, I have already given her my 1/4 of 2 grist mills adjoining to
the Neck whereon I live, and two lots in New Rochelle which I bought of
Isaac Secord and Philip Riche, and also a negro wench valued at œ70. I
leave to my grand children, Joseph, son of Samuel Rodman, and Joseph, son
of William Rodman, each a horse, and all my riding accoutrements, and
wearing apparell, plate buttons and buckles. My executors are to sell the
other half of my Plantation in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and also a house
and lot in the Manor of Pelham, lying between the land of Benjamin Bowne
and the heirs of Isaac Cantine, which I bought of Philip Riche. All the
rest of my estate I leave to my son Samuel and my daughters, Sarah,
Deborah, and Elizabeth. My negroes are to have the choice of their masters,
and and not to be sold to any one against their will. My negro man
"Ratcliffe" is to go to him who shall inherit my neck of land. I make my
father, Thomas Rodman, of Flushing, and my son Samuel, and my son in law,
David Lispenard, executors.

Witnesses, Susanah Willett, James Fowler, John Bartow. Proved, September 1,

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