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Subject: Re: Schenectady Massacre; Burke & Doc. Hist.
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:11:21 +0000

Dear Jim and other list members, I am avidly interested in anything you
might have on Robert Livingston and his role in any of the Schenectady
Massacre events. The reason I ask is that I knew that my
Great-Grandfather Houghtalings family was from a secluded basketweavers
colony at Taghkanic. There is published speculation that the
basketweavers at Taghkanic were mixed blood Mohican/Dutch/Palatine
people. The Livingstons purchased Taghkanic from the Mohican Indian
people and owned the tract until 1929 when the Livingston estate turned
much of the Taghkanic property over to the state of New York for the
creation of the Taghkanic State Park. The property was donated with the
stipulations that if the Mohican Indian name or spelling of Taghkanic is
ever changed the property is to revert back to the Livingston family
estate. My family has a 300 year long tie with the Livingston estate on
both my maternal and paternal sides. My father was a historic
preservation specialist at the Livingston's Clermont Mansion which is
also managed by the state of NY as a historic site.

As you know I recently discovered that I also had ancestors related to
the Viele/Bout family that moved to the Livingston Manor in 1690
immediately after the Schnectady Massacre and am avidly interested in
the historical events that led to those families relocating to the
Livingston Manor where my Houghtaling ancestors were already in
residence. As far I know, the first firm historical documentation of my
families association with Taghkanic was a recent notation in the
Livingston Manor estate papers that the Brusie family (who married into
the Bout/Bont family moving from Schnectady in 1690) was already living
there in 1704. Any information would be sincerely appreciated.
Jim Elbrecht wrote:
> I wasn't able to see the Burke book referenced earlier, but I found
> another by him which appears to be a doctoral thesis & might be a
> fore-runner of ""Mohawk Frontier: The Dutch Community of Schenectady,
> NY 1661-1710"


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