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From: "Terps iMac" <>
Subject: cemetary list info
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 10:19:26 -0600

thought that there were enough peopl interested that I'd post this info

Readings taken October 25, 1996 by Derick Bradt Van Schoonhoven, Lead
reader, and by Richard Williams, Waterford Historical Society, and by
Sharon Daley, G.E. Silicone representative

1. Here lies the body of GUERL VAN SCHOONHOVEN
who was born on the 9th of Mar. 1718
and died the 14th day of Oct, 1783
(most of his descendants know him as "Guert")
died February 21, 1814 in the 70th year of his age
(stone broken down and in poor condition, but this is known to
descendants to be the wife of Jacobus, above, and daughter to
Gerhardus/Gerrit Clute/Cloet and Machtelt (Heemstraat) Clute/Cloet)
4. Here lies the body of GRADUS CLUTE
of Half Moon who died Dec 12, in 1803
in the 69th year of his age
5. In memory of GRADUS
son of Nicholas & Catherine CLUTE
died May 5, 1827 in the 17th year of his age.
6. In memory of ALIDA
wife of Gradus Clute
died May 20, 1825 84 year
wife of A. Clute
b: May 9, 1820 d: July 17, 1840
Dau. of Albert & Mary
d: Oct 7, 1844 1yr 10mo 8dy
Wife of Storm A.L. Becker
died Nov 5, 1863 age 89
died June 3, 1804 in 29 yr
11. In memory of ALBERT BECKER
died Apr 14, 1816 in the 84 year of age
12. In memory of LANEY
wife of Albert Becker
died Dec 17, 1819 in her 81 yr
13. In memory of MARGARET
dau of John and Elizabeth Becker
died Oct 12, 1826 age 1 yr
Born Oct 15, 1778
Died Dec 14, 1856
wife of Nicholas Clute
died Sept. 5, 1852 in her 73 year
died Apr 11, 1832 in 19 year of life
17. In memory of MARGARET
wife of Anthony Leversee
Dec 29, 1823 55yr
18. In memory of ALIDA LEVERSEE
died Mar 10, 1820 in 19 yr of her age
19. In memory of ANTHONY LEVERSEE
who died ???? 1807 45yr
20. In memory of CORNELIA LEVERSEE
who died Jun 15, 1806 in the 15 year age
wife of Malangton Lighthall
died Dec 25, 1835 in the 69y 14d
22. In memory of ALIDA
wife of Nanning H. Visscher
who departed her life 28 Mar 1814 aged 64 years
23. In memory of NANING H. VISSCHER
who departed his life 10 Nov 1808 aged 68 y 11 mo
24. In memory of MARIAH
wife of Abraham Fonda
who died 27 Apr 1801 79 yr & 9 mo
I visited there toward the end of the summer in 1998, and some of the
stones have things written lower down below the grass line, like Bible
verses, etc. but Derick VanSchoonhoven didn't transcribe those, and I
didn't have time when I was there. Even more of the stones have been
broken down, and you'd know why if you saw what they use to do mowing
around the stones with!
-from Joy, granddaughter to Annie Frances (VanSchoonhoven) Hobbs,
SEARCHING for a newspaper article or similar proof about a marriage of a
James VanSchoonhoven to an Annie Frances Stevenson/Stephenson circa
1871-1877 in the environs of Albany, NY. Clues available: His father
was an elder in the Second Street Presbyterian Church, His
half-brother, Rev. Lansing VanSchoonhoven was a pastor somewhere in
the area. Annie Frances Stevenson had been brought when aged 3 (born
Sept 25 1852, came to this country from England circa 1855) by a Rev.
and Mrs. Wentworth, who presumeably ministered in a local church as
well. Even Annie's death certificate does not reveal that she had
gained any knowledge of whom her real parents were. Anybody in the
Albany/Troy/Waterford area want to help look?

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