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Subject: Will of Isaac Van Vlecq (Vleck)
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 16:02:19 EDT

Isaac's first wife was Petronella Van Couwenhoven, daughter of Jacob Wolferts
Van Couwenhoven. His second wife was Cornelia Beekman (Beeckman), daughter of
Wilhelmus Beeckman and Catalina De Boogs; Isaac's third wife was Catalina De
Lanoy, daughter of Abraham De Lanoy and Maria Lubberts.
Does anyone know about his children. He only list, Hester from his first
marriage and Magdalena from the second marriage. And from the third marriage
I believe are Cornelia, Abraham and Maria. Now I have baptisms for a
Catharina (and I have her Will in which she mentions several other siblings
that are not mentioned in Isaac's Will. I will post her Will at the end of
Isaac's Will.

Abstracts of Wills Vol I 1665-1707, pages 252 & 253:
Page 83.--ISAAC VAN VLECQ. In the name of God, Amen. Know all men by these
presents that I, James Van Vlecq, of New York, brewer, make this my last
will. "All of my wife's clothes of linnen, woolen, and the gold and silver
belonging to her body shall not be inventoried, much less appraised, and
shall be counted for her own goods without any contradictions." I leave to my
daughter Hester "a gold chain five double," and a new Testament tipped with
silver, and œ25 in consideration of her mother Petronella's portion. I leave
to my daughter Magdalena two pairs of gold pendants with crystals, and a gold
bodkin, and a gold ring, and a New Testament tipped with silver, and all of
the clothes of her mother Cornelia, now in being, and œ17 10 shillings in
money. Leaves to his son Abraham a large still kettle, and other things
connected with brewery. My wife Cattaline is to remain in possession, and the
children are forbidden to "say or do anything against their mother, all being
left to her discretion, and she is to bring them up as a pious mother ought
to do, and when they are married they shall be set out according to the
condition of the estate." After the death of his wife the whole to go to his
children, Hester, Magdalena, Cornelia, Maria, and Abraham. Makes Johanes Van
Cowenhowen, Cornelius Pluvier, and Wm. Beekman, or his son Henry Beekman, and
my brothers-in-law Abraham and Peter DeLanoy tutors and overseers.

Dated January 18, 1688.

Page 84.--Proved before Governor Benjamin Fletcher in New York, April 15,

 Abstracts of New York Wills Vol VII 1766-1771, page 136:
Page 168.--In the name of God, Amen. I, CATHARINE VAN VLECK, of New York,
spinster, being weak and sick. "My Body to be decently interred in the
Burying ground of the United Brethren, in this City, at the discretion of the
Directors of said Church." I leave to my nieces, Sarah Van Vleck, Catharine,
wife of Leonard Warner, and Catalina Ryckman, each œ50. To Samuel Pell and
John Montanye I leave œ50 in Trust for the Church called Unitas Fratorum, or
United Brethren, in New York. My executors are to sell all my estate, and of
the proceeds, I leave 1/4 to my niece, Sarah Van Vleck, daughter of Abraham
and Mary Van Vleck. All the rest I leave to Lucas Kierstede, and Catharine,
wife of Leonard Warner, the children of my sister, Mary Kierstede, late Mary
Groenendyck, deceased, and to Isaac, Catalina, Samuel, and Albert Ryckman,
children of my sister, Cornelia Ryckman, deceased, and to the other children
of said Abraham and Mary Van Vleck, viz., The children of John Van Vleck,
deceased, viz., John, Abraham, Catharine, Jacobus, Henry, Mary, and Cornelia
Van Vleck, and to the children of Isaac Van Vleck and his wife Catharine,
viz., Abraham, Isaac, and Lucretia. I make John Van Vleck, Lucas Kierstede,
Isaac Ryckman, and Henry Van Vleck, executors.

Dated February 6, 1762. Witnesses, William Pearson, James Arden, Jarvis
Roebuck. Proved, February 9, 1768.

[NOTE.--The burying ground of the United Brethren or Moravian Church was on
Pell street, on the west side of Doyer street.--W. S. P.]

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