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From: "Daniel Staats" <>
Subject: Re: Staats
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 12:02:35 -0400

As I explained to Margery, I feel that I am descended from the Gowanus
line. Whereas the date we have for our Abraham coming over is 1642
the place mentioned is Gowanus. The family then moved to Amwell Rd in
Hillsborough Township in 1710. The family also is listed in Belle
Mead and Griggstown.
I will give you what I have for the early period and see if you can
make sense of it.

Two cousins (from the recent discussion on the list who knows what
these cousins were--brothers, brother-in-laws, cousins, nephew and
uncle, etc.) named Abraham Staats and Joachim Staats came from
Barrevelt Gelderland, Holland to Gowanus in 1642. In 1710 Abraham's
son Pieter b 1670 came to NJ and settled in Hills on Amwell Rd
Hillsborough Township (our paper says county but we have seen the
recent info and it must have meant township). Pieter had two brothers
Isaac b 1707 and Jan Pieterse no date given. Isaac and Jan we either
brothers to Pieter or his cousin. Since our line comes through
Pieter, I have no further information on Isaac or Jan Pieterse Staats.

Pieter had a son John R. Staats b 1710 d 1805 who married Gertrude
Quick. He is buried at Belle Mead. They had the following children:
Col. Peter Staats b 1738 d1798, Col. John S. Staats (one of these two
were killed at the Battle of White Plains), Abraham Staats, Isaac R
Staats (my line) b 1751 d1833 married Scitie van Neste lived at
Griggstown, NJ, Marie Staats, Phoebe Staats, and James Staats b 1785

Isaac and Scitie had the following children:
John R. Staats, Abraham Staats lived Amwell Rd, Rynier J Staats b 1805
d1877 married Marie Ditmas b 1806 d1/20/1866 lived at Griggstown, and
Maria Staats who married Abraham Cruser.

Rynier and Marie had the following children:
Abraham married Eliz. Bow??lived at Fairfax, VA, Peter D. married Eliz
Narina lived at Griggstown, Martin N. b 4-15-1835 d 1-28-1911 married
Sara Hoagland b 2-25-1841 d 4-28-1910 lived at Griggstown.

Martin and Sara had the following children:
Edward b 1876 d 5-17-1878, Sydney Ogden b 5-29-1880, Schuyler C. b
3-19-1868 d 1920 married Thresa Voorhees lived at Griggstown, H.
Walter married Matilda Moore lived at Griggstown, Frederic Staats b
6-5-1870 d 5-6-1942(my ggranddad) married Hattie Amelia Davis b
11-17-1875 d 4-10-1951 lived at Griggstown RFD Belle Mead.

Frederic and Hattie had the following children:
Frederic Earle Staats b 9-5-1898 d 4-28-1968 married Frances Wise b
11-7-1899 still living, Francis Lloyd b 3-1-1900 d 8-8-1938, Mildred
Pearl b 9-19-1901, Gladys Davis b 4-7-1903, Sylvia Marjori b
11-6-1910, Donald M. b 1-10-1909 and Vicent C. b 7-18-1918.

Frederic E. Staats and Frances had the following children:
Margery Claire b 8-19-1924 and F. Earle b 8-20-1829 married Louise
Barfield b 10-15-1930 live at East Point, GA.

Earle and Louise had the following children:
Deborah L. b 4-19-1950, Frederic Earle b 6-20-1951, David P. b
7-25-1952, Daniel D. (me) b 11-5-1954 married Shelia Rollins b
1-10-1957, and Melodi b. 12-20-1956.

Daniel and Shelia had the following children:
D. Matthew b 3-11-1980 and Rebekah J. b 8-11-1981.

Bob I hope this helps you help me sort out the family. As I said I
really think my Abraham is a different one from the Albany Abraham.
Thanks for the help.

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