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From: "Protzman, RL (Robert)" <>
Subject: Re: van der Beek, Babylonienbroek
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 07:21:07 -0500

Hello Gerrit,

It's good to have you in the Van der BEECK clan.

I am descended from Paulus Van de BEECK, through is dau, Hester paulus Van
der BEECK and Jeurian BLANCK, Jr. (the first native-born American
Silversmith). I have a large file of descendants of Thomas BADIE, father of
Maria BADIE, which I am willing to share. It is in Word for Windows 95
(7.0) text format.

Here's what I have on Mary BADIE and Paulus (and her two previous husbands):

11. Mary/Marie/Maria/Marryke Thomas/Thomasdr Badie/Baddie/Badye, b.
1608, Netherlnds; d. > 1690, ca. 1697; m1. ca. 1623, Jacob
Fernon/Farden/Verdon/ Verdonck/Vardon/ Fardon/Ferdon of France (b.
1600-1605, (France, Holland or Denmark), d. < 1636 (prob in Netherlands, may
have IMMIGRATED ca. 1630), son of Jan/Jean Verdon; m2. ca. 1636-7, New
Amsterdam, William Ariaense/Adriaensen Bennet (de Cuyper), of Gowanus (b.
prob < 1610, France, Holland or Denmark, of FRENCH descent; d. Mar 9 - Sep
9, 1644, (in Dutch-Indian War)), a Cooper, son of Adriaen Bennet; m3. Oct 9,
1644, NYDRC, Paulus Van der Beek/Van der Bec/Beec/Beecq/Diepenbeeck,
(IMMIGRANT Ancestor, ca 1643-45), (b. ca. 1623, from Bremen, Germany, d.
1680, Brooklyn (Flatbush DC)). She came to New Amsterdam, 1635-1638.

Mary probably came to America after 1634, and prior to her second
marriage. She probably came with her mother and step-father, Cornelis
Lambertse Cool. She may have come with her husband Jacob, who family
tradition says worked for the DWIC. He is reputed to have mde several trips
back and forth to America.

Jacob was Secretary of the Dutch West Indies Company. She was
wealthy and gave a silver communion service to the Dutch church of Brooklyn.
They came to New Amsterdam in 1630.

William was in New Netherland by 1636. IMMIGRANT. In 1636, he,
with Jacques Bentyn, bought 693 acres of land at Gowanus, from the Indians.
The house he built there may have been the first house built by a white man
in Brooklyn. In 1639, he purchased his partner's interest. About 1643, the
house was destroyed by the Indians.

Paulus was originally a farmer from Bremen, went to Curacao, then to
New Netherland, became a farmer on Long Island. Paulus was a surgeon for
the Dutch West India Company (He had served in Curacao and on the company's
ships). May 12, 1646, ground-brief for lot 14, a house with garden next to
lot of William Bredenbent (his step-father-in-law). He lived at lot 36,
Block C, on the Castello Plan map. He was a member (one of 19) of the
Convention, in 1653, which petitioned Gov Stuyvesant for more rights for the
colonists. [Volume II of History of New Hetherland by E.B. O'Callahan,
published 1848.] Deed, Mar 22, 1653, to the Deaconry of New Amsterdam for
the same. She and Paulus l in NYC until ca. 1655. In 1656, he resigned his
position of company doctor. He was a farmer of the burgher's excise on wine
and beer. He sold the same, but the brewers of New Amsterdam complained, in
Jan 1657, that this was a violation of the order in the Netherlands. A
Small Burgher - Apr 11, 1657. They later l in the Bennet house, in Brooklyn.
He was the first physician or surgeon in the small settlement (1660 - 31
families, 134 people) of Gowanus (Breuckelin), where he maintained a large
and prosperous farm, and practiced his profession. Farmer of the Revenue,
1656-1661. 1660, he is shown as farmer of the slaughter (butcher), in NYC,
in court records. Manhattan. 1661, Farming the excise on Long Island.
1662. Ferrymaster, Manhattan and Brooklyn in 1662. On Feb 3, 1662, he
hired carpenters to build him a house at Gowanus. On Sep 27, 1662, Maria
transferred from the NADRC to the church at Brooklyn. He bought plantation
lot #17 at Gravesend, Oct 24, 1663. 1665, L. Brooklyn. 1675, taxpayer,
Brooklyn. 1677, one of patentees of the Brooklyn patent. Aug 6, 1679, he
sold one half of the farm in Gowanus, formerly of William Bradenbent, to
Willem Huyken, for 3000 guilders. He resided on the farm late of Garret
Bergen, in Gowanus.

On Oct 3, 1684, Maria donated two silver beakers to the church at
Brooklyn. One of these beakers has been preserved. On Feb 28, 1694, Maria
signed a deed. Mabel Spell believed that Maria lived at least 87 years.
Maria inherited property from her mother, her step-father and two husbands.

Paulus was from BREMEN.

Rem Van der BEECK was the son of Johannes, as shown by his usually used
patronymic, Rem JANSEN. Interestingly, most of his children continued with
the changing patronymic pattern and became REMSENS. One or two branches of
his descendants took the permanent SURNAME - Van der BEECK, much to the
confion of those descended from Paulus.

Could you Johannes from BREMEN be Rem's father? If so, that produces both
these American families in BREMEN.

Everything that I have found so far fails to connect these two families.


Bob Protzmann

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