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From: "D.E. Schillinger" <>
Subject: Eva VAN SICKLEN (d. 4 Dec 1774), Wife of Pieter GULICK - Who were her Parents?
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 22:40:25 -0600

Friends and Cousins,

How is everyone doing? I hope your research efforts are
proving to be productive.

Can any of you tell me: Who were the parents of
Eva VAN SICKLEN (d. 4 Dec 1774), wife of Pieter GU-
LICK, and what are some good primary and/or secondary
sources which document her parentage? This couple is a
set of my maternal 7th great grandparents.

This is the data I currently have:

Eva VAN SICKLEN married Pieter GULICK on 24 Oct
1718; he was the son of Jochem GUYLLYCK and
Jacomyntie VAN PELT.

Pieter GULICK and Eva VAN SICKLEN had a daughter,
Catelyntie GULIK, who was born on 5 Jan 1723; Catelyntie
married Jacobus WYCKOFF.

Eva died on 4 Dec 1774.

Although I have never seen the following source personally, I

have been told that according to . . .

Gulick, David E. Gulicks of the USA. Privately published.
Uncopyrighted, 1961. 491 pages.

. . . Eva's father was a Fernandus VAN SICKLEN, and her
sister was Ranscha VAN SICKLEN, who married Johannes

I have not been told that this source states the identity of
mother. To me, the situation gets somewhat confusing, be-
cause as I understand it there were more than one Fernandus
and Eva in the extended colonial VAN SICKLEN clan.
Another source of confusion is that I have seen multiple
tions as to who Eva's mother was, but none of these asser-
tions has been backed-up with good source documentation.

Apparently, there is still a need for someone to carry on
some original primary source research here. The main
secondary works of which I have heard are said to be
flawed with errors, including misidentifications of the var-
ious Ferdinands and Evas, and unsupported assertions that
are NOT based on primary sources. These flawed secon-
dary works are:

1. - "A History of the Van Sickle Family in the USA,"
by J. W. Van Sickle; Springfield, OH, 1880.

2. - Some works by a Gene Van Sickle, who has re-
sided in recent years in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In this confusing situation I need to ask: Are any of these
the parents of my Eva?:

1) A World Family Tree Maker file, evidently based on
"A History of the Van Sickle Family in the USA" by
J. W. Van Sickle, Springfield OH 1880, claims:

Ferdenandus Van Sycklen (Immigrant - not the Fernandus
mentioned above) married Eva Antonis Jansen Van Salee

Some of their children are said to be:

Ferdinandes Jun Van Sycklin, born 1663, Spouse Mary Lane
Eva Van Sycklin, born about 1670, Spouse John Berdan.

2) Another researcher has stated that a "Ferdinandus(3)
Van Sicklen, married Maria Laan, or Lanen."

3) A third researcher believes that Eva's parents were
Ferdinandus VAN SICKELEN & his wife Gertruy Minne-
Johannes. Gertruy is said to be the daughter of:
Minne Johannes VAN VOORHEES, and

I look forward to whatever information and documentation that

any of you can relay to me which may help me to learn more
Eva's ancestry. Until then,

- Dan Schillinger
Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA


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