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You think that one is bad- try a cousin of mine named Gross Hasbrouck! Then
there was another lady I ran into once named Encyclopedia Britannica- no
Jim Miller
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> In the course of searching for elusive Ellsworths, the records of the
Marble Church Cemetery surfaced. Vault 76 was purchased in 1831 by Verdine
Elsworth and Thaddeus Phelps, and a note said that Thaddeus Phelps married
1815 NYC Dorintha Ellsworth.
> The question was - was "Dorintha" the glamorized version of "Dorothy" -
and therefore Verdine's sister?
> It was necessary to obtain the microfilm version of "The Arthur T. Phelps
Family of America" , and what follows is a note that appeared after the
scant information about Thaddeus Phelps and Dorintha Ellsworth:
> "Thaddeus Phelps and PRESERVED FISH were the committee from NYC to
accompany Gen. Jackson, 27 Dec 1827, to celebrate the anniversary of battle
of New Orleans, 8 Jan 1815."
> Shades of Ima Hogg!
> Any thoughts on what would motivate someone to burden a poor babe with
that absurd name? I know that the Fish family was involved in NY politics,
i.e., Hamilton Fish.
> I also have that "Thaddeus Phelps, who lived at 109 Liberty Street, was
connected with FISH & Grinnell in their line of Liverpool packets, and was
well known as a citizen and a merchant".
> Comments and speculations invited! Regina Haring, Rockland County, NY
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