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<< Sharilyn, According to the 1995 "Encyclopedia of New York City" [Yale
University Press], "BLOOMINGDALE was the name used until the mid 19th
century for the upper west side of Manhattan. [The name] is a corruption
of the Dutch name "Bloemendael" or "Bloomendal" (vale of flowers). The
area was named for a town near Haarlem in the Netherlands and was largely
rural with a few farmhouses and villages. The Bloomingdale Road, opened
in 1703, ran between what is now 23rd and 147th streets and followed
roughly the same route of the present Broadway. The name Bloomingdale
became obsolete as farms and country estates gave way to urban
development..." Dorothy

* * * * * * * * * * *
Dorothy A. Koenig

Hopper Striker Mott wrote extensively on the families who resided in or near
Bloomingdale in his 1908 book. Mostly Dutch Descendants - Hoppers, Hoorns,
Harsin, Strker, Mott, Dusenbury are a few I remember.

Mott, Hopper Striker (1908), The New York of Yesterday, A Discriptive
Narrative of Old Bloomingdale, NYC.

It also contain a section on the marriages and baptism at the Bloomingdale
Ref. Dutch church in the 19th century. I know of a copy at NY GB . and also
Morristown NJ Public Library. I think the book had limited copies published.
Ree Hopper

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