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Subject: Dorlandt-Van Liew Genealogy
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 17:19:39 EST

I am interesting in obtaining help or information on the following:

Garret Dorlandt, the son of Lambert Janse Dorlandt, married Marritje ( ???)
about 1694 in Kings Co, LI. Their children were:

Harmptje b. 1694; Jan b. ca. 1703; Annetje b. ca. 1704, Garret b. ca. 1707;
Abraham b. ca. 1709; Lambert b. ca. 1711; Magdalena b. 1715. I am trying to
identify the surname of Merritje. Can any one help?

Lambert Dorlandt b. ca. 1711 (above) married Dyna Van LIew ( daughter of
Johnannes b. ca 1698, d. by 1767 -will dated July 28, 1767 in Flushing, NY
Lib26, p 128.). Lambert and Dyna were married before 1730 when she appears
in the records of the DRC in New Utrecht as a witness for Jan and Catrina
Dorlandt baptism, NYG&B Vol. 112, pg 210, Lambert's older brother. Lambert
and Dyna had a son Johannes (who is listed in Lambert's 1772 Letters of
Administrations - NJ Calendar of Wills, Lib K. pg 381- as Lambert's eldest
son) and probably a daughter Dyna. Dyan Van LIew died by 1735. In her
father Johanne Van Liew's will dated July 28, 1767, he left "140L to his
grandson John Dorland, the son of my daughter Dyna." I am trying to discover
where Johannes Dorlandt was baptised and the date of his birth as well as the
date of his mother Dyna's death.

John Dorland (above) and his wife Caterina Van Liew, niece of Dyna and
daughter of Johannes and Margarita Montfort Van Liew had a son Lambert who
was born in 1763 in Harlingen, NJ. He married a Martha Van Arsdale, (in
Kentucky spelled Thenosdol, Fenosdol). I cannot find which VanArsdale line
Martha descends from, because for one thing her name became English in
Kentucky. She was born in 1760 in New Jersey, but they could have married
also in the Conowago Colony as Lambert returned there from Kentucky for three
years 1787-1790. Their children were: John, 1787, Isaac 1795, Abraham 1796,
Garret1800 , and Catharine 1802. Isaac is not a Dorlandt name. Any

thankyou for your help.


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