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Subject: [D-Col] Will-Abraham EMMONS
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 14:54:07 EDT

I didn't repeat the whole msg as its getting pretty long. This is what I
have as
compiled by Corwin Emmons Jul 1969, updated by Wilbur D. Emmons 1981 and
various other Emans-Emmons-Emens descendants. I use "Emens".
John EMANS Sr.m.(1) Sarah JANSEN; m.(2) Engeltie & a Cornelia is credited to
this m. His Will mentions John Jr.; Andries; *Abraham; Jacobus; Sarah and
Cornelia. Believe he had 2 more sons Hendrick & Anthony.

*Abraham EMENS m.(1) Rebecca STILLWELL 20 Oct 1693 & had
John EMENS 1694-1732 m. Rachel STOUT & Neeltjen Van AAKEN.
Nicholas EMENS 1696-1759 m. Citzen Van NEST.
Abraham EMENS 1697-1742 m. Abigail (BAXTER) BETTS.
Isaac EMENS 1699-bef 1782.
Catherine m. Abraham BIRDSALL. [suspect Rebecca here]

*Abraham EMENS m.(2) Gretie (Margaret) WILLEMSEN 17 Aug 1702 & had
Joseph EMENS bef 1713-bef 1801 m. Charity.
Jacob EMENS bef 1713-bef 1801.
Cornelius EMENS bef 1713-aft 1756 m. Cornelia HULSART.
Benjamin EMENS bef 1713-aft 1748 m. Rachel FENTON.
Daniel EMENS chr 11 Apr 1714-bef 1788 m. Aaltje HULSART.
Maria EMENS chr 20 Jan 1717 m. John Van NEST.

Aaltje Hulsart's parents were Benjamin Hulsart & Annetje LUYSTER.
John Emens Sr. was a close friend of Nicholas STILLWELL who came from
Surry,EN to VA in 1639. John Emens Sr may well have been s/o John EMAN
who came to James City,VA in 1624.

The 5 main Emmons Immigrants I have data on were
JOHN on the "Bonny Bess" to James City,VA 12 Sep 1624.
THOMAS from EN to Newport,RI c1639.
JOHANNES in Boston 1652.
ANDRIES on the "St.Jean Baptist" from HO to LI 21 Aug 1661.
WILLIAM from EN to Taunton,MA 1718.
In a message dated 7/5/00 1:03:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, RV4cats writes:

<< Re: Bergen's "Early Settlers of Kings County" Abraham EMANS/EMMANS did
have a son named Abraham but it's not determined if the mother is Rebecca
Stillwill or Abraham's 2nd wife, Margaret Williamson. Also, this younger
Abraham is noted as married to Annatie Luyster.

Mr. Bergen (if we choose to honor his writings) goes on to show the Abraham
who married Abigail (sup.) Stillwell as the son of JAN/JOHN Emmans and Sarah,
dau of Anthony Jansen. JAN/JOHN Emmans being the brother of Abraham who
married Rebecca Stillwell, both sons of the emigrant Andries IMANS who
arrived on the "De St. Jan Baptist" in 1661.

Then we have a will of an ABRAHAM with a wife named Sarah. I think perhaps
there either was a 2nd wife or else Bergen is wrong in his notation that
Abraham married Annatie Luyster. In this will Abraham mentions a son Abraham
and a dau Margaretta which would be in honor of his own parents were he the
son of Margaret Williamson rather than his father's first wife, Rebecca
Stillwell. Or maybe Margaret merely raised him? He names another dau Antie
who is apparently older than little Margaret. Possibly named for her mother,
Annatie Luyster, his first wife? Also, this Abraham names as witnesses,
Cornelius Emans and Richard Stilwell. Abraham had a brother named Cornelis
and Rebecca Stillwell had a brother named Richard. It really looks like this
will is that of the younger Abraham, son of Abraham with the 2 wives. His
cousin, also named Abraham, married Abigail (?) Stillwell. Both wills below.

I sure hope these small confusions can be corrected???? And, does anyone
know who is "Abigail (BAXTER) BETTS"?

 Abstracts of Wills Vol IX 1777-1783, pages 104 & 105:
Page 228.--"In the name of God, Amen, January 11, 1777. I, ABRAHAM EMANS, of
Gravesend, in Kings County. I leave to my wife Sarah the full possession of
all my estate while she remains my widow, except fishing nets and canoes,
which I give to my three sons, Abraham, Steven, and Johanes. I also give them
my horses and wagons and farming utensils. I leave to my son Steven œ25
before any division. I leave to my daughter Margaretta œ200. To my daughter
Antie œ200. My daughter Margaretta is to have as good a setting out as my
daughter Antie has had. I leave to my three sons all the rest of my estate.
And whereas we have at present times of Calamaties and Troubles by a lot of
rebelious People, who might destroy or take away my movable estate; if this
is so, my two daughters are to bear an equal share of loss. I make my three
sons, executors."

Witnesses, Cornelius Emans, Court Lake, Richard Stilwell. Proved, April 17,

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