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From: "RMH" <>
Subject: [D-Col] Demarest/Dumaresque
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 15:23:02 -0400

Replying to the following -

"Did the combined wisdom of the members of this list ever come up with a
final conclusion to this question? If they did I missed it! From the posts
received my conclusion was that we had two separate people, John
DUMARESQ(UE) or DE MARIS/ Jan de MARETS who originated from the island of
Guernsey,(or maybe he didn't if he was really John MAILE,but the DUMARESQs
certainly did,) and Jacques DU MARTINE or Johannes MARTIER who married the
two ladies detailed herewith. I also have my doubts about DUMARESQUE and
DEMAREST being the same basic name. As I mentioned the DUMARESQ family came
from Guernsey. Where did the DEMARESTS come from? Anyone care to just
confirm that for me?"

John and all,

I checked the big Demarest genealogy in the New City Library, and on the
cover the possible spellings are given as: DeMara, Demaray, Demoray,
Demeray, DeMary, Demaree, Demeree, Dimorier, Demarest, Demerest, and
You will note that all except one begin with DE and none end in ESQ. The
"Jan de Marets" you mention puzzles me.

The intro to the genealogy, abridged, says that "Our common ancestor was
David desMarets, born in 1620 at Beauchamps, near Amiens, in the district of
Cambray, France. He was the son of Jean and Margrieta deHerville desMarets.
They moved to Middleburg, on the island of Walcheren off the west coast of
Holland (because of the religious persecution of Protestants), then to
Germany and in 1651 were living within the German Palatinate at Mannheim.
With a number of other French families from Mannheim they sailed down the
Rhine, and after a short stay in Amsterdam came to New Netherlands on the
ship Bontekoe (The Spotted Cow), skipper Jan Bergen, and the date April 16,
1663 may have been that of departure from Holland, or arrival in America.
The passenger list includes David deMaire from Picardie, his wife and

Now from Talman's "How Things Began in Rockland County":
"Jan Claus of Tappan...and 24 other Indians, sold about 7500 acres in 1677
to David Demarest Sr and his children. This took in most of what is now
Oradell, Bergenfield, Dumont and New Milford in New Jersey. For it the
Indians got a whopping good price that included 100 fathoms each of black
and white wampum, a large collection of kettles, blankets, match coats,
stockings, shirts, 15 guns, one pistol, 100 knives, powder, lead, assorted
tools, and four barrels of beer and an anker (about 10 gallons) of rum to
drink a toast to the deal."

"The Indians were something less than grateful, however. The Demarests
bought other land in that neighborhood and also traded for beaver skins, and
the red men complained to the authorities about David Demarest and his son
John, 'for their evil practices towards the Indians in selling them rum and
making them drunk'."

"In 1820 there are said to have been 7000 Demarests, who were Huguenots,
mostly in Bergen and Rockland counties."

Regina Haring, Nanuet, NY

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