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Subject: Re: [D-Col] Jannet Hoogaboom & Conrad Schmidt/Claverack NY 1740-1760
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 08:41:47 +0000
References: <200008260056.UAA22107@mailout3-0.nyroc.rr.com>

Dear John, Gloria and Lorine, I can't thank you enough for the
invaluable information that you have provided in these responses. The
amount of information is incredible. There are several other
geneological researchers in Claverack who will absolutely be joyous when
I send these messages on to them. For some people the amount of
"traffic" on this mailing list is to fast and furious at times for many
people to stay continually "posted" but the information provided on this
list is absolutely incredible! Thank you again for so much dedicated
effort--it is truely appreciated by many people!

John Van Buskirk wrote:
> Lorine, Karen and others. Along with the Hoogeboom you
> mentioned the Muller name. for me they are connected. see if this
> helps too.
> Descendants of Stephen Mulder
> Generation No. 1



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