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From: "Protzman, RL (Robert)" <>
Subject: Re: [D-Col] Hoornbeeck/Hornbeck
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 11:36:20 -0600


I got way behind in my E-Mail. Here's what I have on the Warnaar HOORNBEEK
line, including children and grand-children:

13. Anne/Anna/Anneken/Annetje de HOOGHES, b. ca. 1650, Albany (Colony of
Rensselaerswyck); d. 1688, NY; m. 1670, Hurley, Ulster Co, NY,
Warner/Warnaar Hornbeek/ Hornbeeck/HORNBECK, (b. ca. 1645, Netherlands; d.
1715, Rochester, Ulster Co, NY) son of Joos(t) van Hoornbeecke (of Gent,
Flanders) and Sara Warnaar, prob at Kingston and l there, later (after his
marriage) at Hurley, NY. He was the first resident of Wawarsing (then part
of Rochester) having leased 30 morgans from Peter Jacobsen, of Albany.
Member, Porlids Militia, 1670. IMMIGRANT, poss on "The Golden Otter". He
may have had realtives, Tobias and Gillis (possibly brothers). He m2. ca.
1690-2, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY, Margriet/Grietje Tyssen Ten Eyck (b. ca.
1658, bp. Oct 22, 1659, NADRC; d. > 1710), dau of Coenraedt Ten Eyck and
Maria Boelen. He was a farmhand of Gertrude Andriessen Bradt, widow.
During these years Warnaar was, court 28 times, 6 years. Various charges
were for leaving the stockade, Wiltwyck without permission, for driving a
grain wagon for Mrs. Bradt without military guard, for complaing about and
being involved in, a 'fraction' concerning the boarding of English soldiers,
the settlers homes.

14 to 18 children

131. Antoni/Anthony HORNBEEK, b. 1668-91, Hurley, bp.; d.
1710, Minisink; nfr.

132. Eva/Evaatje HORNBEEK, b. Hurley, Ulster Co, NY, bp.
Jun 18, 1671, KDRC (wit ___ Swartwout, Aert Martensen, Efje de Hoghes, Anna
de Hoges); m. Jul 16, 1696, Kingston, Cornelis Bogert/Bogard (b. ca. 1674,
Coxsackie, Ulster Co, NY).

1321. Annetje/Antje/Anna BOGERT/BOGARD, bp. May 9,
1697, KDRC (wit Roeloff Swartwoud, Eva Swartwoud)

132x. ? poss Gysbert/Gaisbert BOGARD.

1322. Warner BOGERT/BOGARD, bp. Feb 6, 1704, KDRC
(wit Lodewyck Hoornbeek, Catharina de Hooghes)

1323. Jacob BOGERT/BOGARD, bp. Sep 22, 1706, KDRC
(wit Adam Swart, Pieternella File)

1324. Johannes/John BOGERT/BOGARD, bp. Sep 11, 1709,
KDRC (wit Johannes Hoornbek, Marritje Boogaart)

1325. Anthony BOGERT/BOGARD, bp. Jun 29, 1712, KDRC
(wit Salomon Davids, Annetjen Hoorn-beek)

133. Lodewyck HORNBEEK, b. Jul 9, 1676, Hurley; m. Jul 9,
1696, KDRC, NY, Marytje Vernoy, (b. Apr 16, 1672, NYDRC, (sp. Nicolaes de
Lapleune and Marritie Cornelis)), dau of Cornelis Vernoy and Annetie

1331. Cornelis HORNBEEK, bp. Aug 15, 1697, KDRC (wit
Cornelis Vernoy, Annetje Vernoy); dy.

1332. Hanittie/Anna/Antijen HORNBEEK, bp. Mar 17,
1706, KDRC (wit Anthony Hoornbeek, Rachel Vernoy); d. < 1763,, bro Cornelis'

133t. Joel HORNBEEK.

133x. Lodewyck HORNBEEK.

133y. Johanna HORNBECK.

1333. Johannes HORNBEEK, bp. Jun 20, 1708, KDRC (wit
Johannes Vernooy, Maria Hoornbeek)

1334. Sarah HORNBEEK, bp. Nov 12, 1710, KDRC (wit
Cornelis Vernoy, Sarah Ten Broek).

1335. Margriet HORNBEEK, bp. Apr 19, 1713, KDRC (wit
Jacob deWit, Margrieta de Wit)

1336. Seeletjen HORNBEEK, bp. Jun 3, 1716, KDRC (wit
David du Bois, Cornelia Vernoy);

1337. Cornelius HORNBEEK, b. 1697, Kingston, NY; d.
Apr 23, 1763 (w) - Aug 15, 1763 (p), Rochester, NY; m. 1717, Kingston,
Ulster Co, NY, Annetjen/Anattie Oosterhout, (bp. May 1, 1698, KDRC (KB#
1020)), dau of Teunis Oosterhaut and Arriantje Roosa, of Rochester, Ulster
Co, NY.

134. Warner HOORNBEEK., m. Grietje Tyssen.

134x. Marritje HOORNBEEK, bp. Kingston.

135. Cornelis HOORNBEEK,

1351. Lodewyck HOORNBEEK, d. ifw.

136. Joost HOORNBEEK, b. ca. 1667-89, Hurley, Ulster Co, NY;
m. Oct 28, 1707, Aagje Van Vliet.

137. Sara/Sartje HORNBEEK, b. Hurley, bp. Apr 24, 1681, KDRC
(wit Tomas Swartwoudt, Margryt Post);m. Oct 18, 1702, KDRC, Stephanus
Willemse Titsoort (b. 1680; d. May 10, 1751).

1371. Anna TITSOORT, bp. Sep 10, 1704, KDRC (wit
Gerrit van Vliet, Geertruy Tietsoort)

1372. Willem TITSOORT, bp. Sep 22, 1706, KDRC (wit
Joost Hoornbeek, Pieternella File)

1373. Maria TITSOORT, bp. May 13, 1711, KDRC (wit
Niclaas Blan-Jan, Maria Hoornbeek)

138. Johannes HORNBEEK, b. Hurley, bp. Dec 9, 1683, KDRC
(wit Johannes de Hooghes, Antoni Swartwout, Lysbeth Gardenier); d. inf.

139. Johannes/John HORNBEEK, b. Apr 20, Hurley, Ulster Co,
NY, bp. May 3, 1685, KDRC (wit Johannes de Hooghes, Antoni Hoornbeeck,
Margrieta Post); d. 1767, Hampshire Co, VA; m. banns Aug 12, 1716, KDRC
(Hoes # 357), Orseltjen/Urseltje Westbroek (bp. Nov 6, 1687, KDRC (Hoes #
532) (sp. Marietje Rutsen, Derick Wesbroeck), dau of Johannes Wesbroeck and
Magdalena Jans.

1391. Benjamin HORNBEEK, bp. May 19, 1717, KDRC (wit
Juriaan Kwik, Rebekka Tjetsoort); d. childhood.

1392. Annaatjen HORNBEEK, bp. Jun 15, 1718, KDRC
(wit Johannes Westbroek, Lena (Magdalena) Janse Dekker); m. Apr 9, 1738,
KDRC, Jeems Simson.

1393. Dirk/Richard HORNBEEK, bp. Jan 10, 1719/20,
KDRC (wit Dirk Westbroek, Catelyntjen Oosterhout); m. KDRC, Jenneke

1394. Elisabeth/Liddie HORNBEEK, b. (Rochester),
Kingston, NY, bp. May 13, 1722, KDRC (wit Jan Vaarten, Tryntjen Oosterhoud);
d. Moorefield, Auga Co, VA; m. Dec 28, 1739, KDRC, Kingston (Rochester Twp),
Ulster Co, NY, Hendrick/Henry Kortright/ Cortright/Cutright (b. Aug 1717,
Kingston, Ulster Co, NY, bp. Sep 22, 1717, KDRC (sp. Louwrens Kortregt and
Zara ten Eyk)), son of Petrus/Pieter Hendricksen Kortright and Marytjen Van
Garden, g-son of Hendrick Jansen Kortright Van Beest. Manor of Fox Hall
(Kingston, NY?). The family and children went to VA with Henry West (later
became Hampshire Co, WV). At least four of her brothers went with them,
Richard, Daniel, Samuel, Jonathan, Abraham and possibly Isaac. 1753, Ensign
of Foot. About 1760 (?), moved to VA and had several children there.

1395. Benjamin HORNBEEK, bp. Jun 28, 1724, KDRC (wit
Corn. a Kampen, Megtelt a Kampen); d. 1804; m. (prob) Jun 6, 1739,
Wawarsing, Ulster Co, NY, Janneke Kortright.

1396. Daniel HORNBEEK, bp. Sep 25, 1726, KDRC (wit
Egynas du Mond, Catrian Schuyler); d. ca. 1778, Hampshire Co, VA; m1. Mary
_____; m2. Magdalene _____.

139x. Samuel HORNBEEK, b. ca. 1728, Kingston, Ulster
Co, NY; d. Nov 15, 1815, Bourbon Co, KY; m. 1762, Hampshire Co, VA, Dorothea
"Dolly" Harness.

1397. Jonathan HORNBEEK, bp. Feb 1, 1729/30, KDRC
(wit Jonathan Westbroek, Annetjen Westbroek); d. ca. 1758, killed by Indians
during seige (massacre) of Fort Seybert, Pendleton Co, WV; m. Sep 21, 1751,
Wawarsing, Ulster Co, NY, Sarah Vernoy.(bp. Feb 6, 1732, Rochester Twp, NY),
dau of Johannes Vernoy and Jenneken Louw. She m2. John Westfall.

1398. Abraham HORNBEEK, bp. Sep 17, 1732, (twin)
KDRC (wit Niclaas Louw, Janneken Kortreght, Ysaak van Aaken, Rachel de Wit);
d. 1758, during the seige (massacre) of Fort Seybert; m. Catherine Terwilge.

1399. Ysaak/Isaac HORNBEEK, bp. Sep 17, 1732, (twin)
KDRC (wit Niclaas Louw, Janneken Kortreght, Ysaak van Aaken, Rachel de Wit);
d. Feb 19, 1799, Bullitt Co, KY.

139a. Lena/Eleanor HORNBEEK, bp. Feb 10, 1733/4,
KDRC (wit Johannes Wessebroek, Magdalena Wessebroek); m. Cornelius Cutteract

13a. Maria/Marietje HORNBEEK, b. Hurley, bp. Feb 19, 1687/8,
KDRC (wit Roulof Swartwout, Maria de Houes, Harmer Rutsen); d. Marbletown,
Ulster Co, NY; m. Nicholas Blanchan (b. Jul 2, 1682).


13b. Mathys HORNBECK, b. Nov 14, 1693, Kingston, Ulster Co,

13c. Tobias HORNBECK, b. Sep 1, 1695, Kingston, Ulster Co,
NY; d. 1771, Sussex Co, NJ; m. Feb 16, 1728/9, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY,
Elizabeth Pietersz Louw (b. Oct 21, 1702, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY).

13c1. Matheus HORNBECK, b. Mar 29, 1730, Kingston,
Ulster Co, NY; m. Jul 21, 1772, Mary Miller.

13c2. Thobyas/Tobias HORNBECK, b. Jun 24, 1733,
Kingston, Ulster Co, NY.

13c3. Elisha HORNBECK, b. Feb 2, 1733/4, Kingston,
Ulster Co, NY; d. 1790, Wawarsing, Ulster Co, NY; m. Oct 27, 1757,
Rochester, Ulster Co, NY, Tryntje/Catherine Hardenbergh. (b. Jul 29, 1739,
Rochester, Ulster Co, NY).

13c4. Warnaar HORNBECK, b. Jun 19, 1737, Kingston,
Ulster Co., NY; d. Jan 14, 1806; m. Mary Freer.

13c5. Gideon HORNBECK, b. Jun 3, 1739, Kingston,
Ulster Co., NY; d. ?; m. Tryntje Bruyn; m2. Aug 12, 1775, RDC, Rochester,
Ulster Co., NY, Abigale Davis.

13c6. Maria HORNBECK, b. 1743, Kingston, Ulster Co.,
NY; d. Jan 24, 1811, Wawarsing, Ulster Co., NY; m. ca. 1764, Rochester,
Ulster Co., NY, Lawrence Hornbeck.

13c7. Joel HORNBECK, b. 1748, Kingston, Ulster Co.,
NY; m. Sep 18, 1773, Rochester, Ulster Co., NY, Annatje Osterhout Swartwout.

13d. Evert HORNBECK, b. May 15, 1698, Wawarsing, Ulster Co.,
NY; d. ca. 1754, Sussex, Morris Co., NJ; m. 1730, Eleanor Cuddeback
(Magdalena Codebec) (b. Jan 31, 1711/12, Kingston, NY; d. ca. 1780, NJ).

13d1. Joseph HORNBECK.

13d2. Benjamin HORNBECK, b. ca. 1738, Minisink, NY;
m. Rebecca Wells.

13d3. Magdalena Warnaar HORNBECK, b. Nov 30, 1745,
Minisink; d. ca. 1837, Owasco, Cayuga Co., NY; m. 1765,Daniel Ennis.

13d4. Evert HORNBECK, b. Mar 24, 1750/51,
Shipekunk, Ulster, NY; d. Mar 29, 1806, Minisink, Orange Co, NY; m. Esther
Cuddeback (b. Apr 29, 1765, Montague, Lewis Co, NY; d. > 1806).

13e. Jacobus HORNBECK, b. Jun 9, 1700, Rochester, Ulster Co,
NY; d. Hampshire, WV; m. Sep 16, 1733, Kingston, NY, Margaretta Helme (b.
1713, Dutchess Co., NY.

13e1. Simon HORNBECK, b. Feb 2, 1734/35, Kingston,
NY; d. Dec 17, 1800; m. Jan 1759, Margaret Alkire (b. 1740; d. 1801).

13e2 Margaretta HORNBECK, b. Feb 13, 1736/37,
Kingston, NY; d. 1831, Grayson Co., KY; m. 1743, Fayette Co., PA, John
Artman/Erdman (b. Fayette, PA; d. 1816, Grayson Co., KY).

13e21. Jacob Artman, b. 1763, Fayette, PA;
d. Sep 1852, Randolph Co., Missouri, MO.

13e3. Michael HORNBECK, b. 1741; m. Clemency Amos.

13e4. Anthony HORNBECK, b. Jun 21, 1741.

13f. Marritje HORNBECK, b. Jul 12, 1702, Kingston, Ulster
Co., NY, bp. Jul 12, 1702, KDRC; d. 1741; m. 1736, Minisink, NJ, Johannes

13g. Lea HORNBECK, b. Sep 22, 1705, Kingston, Ulster Co.,
NY; d. > 1739; m. > 1733, Seerles Denniston.

13h. Rachel HORNBECK, b. Jun 20, 1708, Kingston, Ulster Co.,
NY; d. > 1736, Minisink, NJ; m. Jan 17, 1726/27, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY,
Jacob Dekker.

I have additional generations, if you are interested.

Bob Protzmann

You wrote:

Sun 8/20/00 2:57 PM

[D-Col] Hoornbeeck/Hornbeck

Hi, I found some information on the OLIVE TREE Genealogy Homepage,
and I am hoping someone can help me. I tried e-mailing this person, but
the letter came back...user unknown! This is the information:
Warnaar Hoornbeeck an Immigrant came to America in 1660, on the ship
de Vergulden Otter. I'm hoping he is my ancester. Perhaps someone has
the names of his children and grandchildren, etc. :)

I am searching for Marretjen Hornbeck/Hoorenbeeck's parents and
grandparents. Marretjen, b. 07-12-1702 in Rochester, Ulster, NY. She
married Johannes Hooqteeling/Houghtailing/Hoogteeling. Marretjen is my
Does anyone have a tidbit of info on Marretjen Hornbeck or know of
someone who might?
I would like to find some "cousins" willing to share info with me!
Has there been a book written on this family that I may purchase?
Warm Regards,

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