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From: Dorothy Koenig <>
Subject: Re: [D-Col] TICE Family
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 15:34:06 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear Andy, Yes, I think the TICEes and TYSSENs of Monmouth County, NJ,
duing this time period are LANEs in "disguise". They attended the
Freehold/Middletown DRC in Marlboro, NJ. A study of the baptismal records
of that church as published in "The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey"
has enabled me to give you a context, but I have not been able to make a
definitive identification of your Peter Tice (below).

As you know, the immigrant Mattys Jansen Laenen Van Pelt, was married
twice. HIs first wife -- Maryken Guisberts -- died at Texel en route to
the new world. After his arrival, Mattys married 2) Adriaentje Hendricks.

Gysbert Tyssen Lane was the son of Mattys' first marriage and was born in
the Netherlands. Peter Tyssen Lane was the youngest child of Mattys'
second marriage. Gysbert (of the first marriage) was born in 1647; Peter
(of the second marriage) was born about 1674. So Gysbert and Peter were
half-brothers. Gysbert Tyssen Lane married Jannetje Adriaens Smith, the
daughter of Adriaen Lamberts Smith and his first wife, Willempke Jans.
Peter Tyssen married Barbara Jans.

Gysbert and Jannetje had a daughter Willemke (named for her maternal
grandmother). Peter and Barbara had a son Mattys (named for his paternal
grandfather). Mattys Pieterszen Lane was known as Mattys Petersen.

About 1698 Willemke Lane married Willem Hendricksen, and about 1700 they
had a daughter named Gezina "Geesie" Lane. Geesie married Mattys
Petersen, her mother's (half) first cousin. The children of Tys
(pronounced "Tice") Petersen [Lane] and Geesie Hendricksen were the ones
in Monmouth County who assumed the surname TICE or THIESSEN or TYSEN.

So the two lines of descent from Mattys Jansen Laenen [Van Pelt] that came
together in the TICE family were these:

Mattys Jansen Lane Mattys Jansen Lane
and 1) Maryken Gysbertsand 2) Adriaentje Hendricks
Gysbert Tyssen & Jannetje Adriaens Peter Tyssen and Barbara Jans
Willemke Gysberts Lane Mattys Petersen
& Willem Hendricksen and *Geesie Hendricksen*
*Geesie Hendricksen* and
Mattys Petersen

Because they show up as baptismal witnesses in the next (younger)
generation, I believe these to be the children of Pieter Tyssen and
Barbara Jans:

1. Mattys m. Geesie Hendricksen
2. Marikem. Edward Barber
3. Abraham m. Sara Willems
4. Jannetjem. Patrick Higgins
5. Johannes/John

Here are the baptisms of some of the children of Matthias Pieerszen and
Geesie Hendricksen that took place in the Freehold/Middletown DRC, NJ.
I have included the baptismal sponsors when recorded:

26 May 1717 BarbaraPeter Tiisen and wife [Barbara Jans]
23 Nov 1718 PeterEdward Barber and wife Marike [Lane]
ca1720 John(baptism not found)
13 Jan 1723 Williamno witnesses
10 Jun 1733 Maryno witnesses
10 Jun 1738 DanielDaniel Hendrickson, Eyda Reinerse

At baptisms of their children baptized in 1753 Peter is identified as (son
of Tice, i.e Tys [Mattys]) as is John identified as the (son of Tice).

So the Peter born in 1718 was married to Christina Erickson, and John (his
brother) was married to Antje Schenck.

Peter "Thiesson" and Christina Erickson had a daughter "Sara" baptized on
19 Jan 1752 and a daughter Liedea [Lydia] baptized on 22 Jul 1753.

I can only wonder if this is the *same* Peter Tice who was married to Anne
Grey. The published baptismal records show dates slightly different from
the ones you listed.

1764 Elizabeth
16 Nov 1766 John
19 Jun 1774 Peter

"Peter Tysse and Eenne Gree" were the parents of "Eelesabeth". "Peter
Tyson and Anne Grey" were the parents of John and Peter.

My best *guess* is that Anne Grey was Peter Tice's second wife and that he
was born in 1718, the son of Mattys Pietersen [Lane] and Geesie
Hendricksen. If this was indeed the case, Peter Tice would have been the
great-grandson of Gysbert Tyssen Lane through his mother as well as the
grandson of Peter Tyssen Lane through his father.


On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, Andrew A. Hendricks, M. D. wrote:

> Would appreciate help in understanding the origins of thie TICE family. Is PETER TICE the grandson of Gysbert Tyseen Laen van Pelt. or is this a different family?
> PETER TICE b. Abt. 1730 d. Aft. 1774
> m. ANNA GRAY living Monmouth County, NJ
> (1) Elizabeth Tice
> September 15, 1761 (baptized October 15, 1764 Reformed Dutch Church of Marlboro, NJ) m. Mathias Hulshart son of Mathias Holsaert and Anne Mathews on July 29, 1781
> Reformed Dutch Church of Marlboro, NJ
> (2) John Tice baptized November 26, 1764
> Reformed Dutch Church of Marlboro, NJ
> (3) Peter Tice baptized June 24, 1774
> RDC Marlboro, NJ
> Any help greatly appreciated.
> Andy
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