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From: "joan francis" <>
Subject: Re: [D-Col] Jan De Vries Sr., and Jan De Vries Jr.
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 10:37:08 -0400
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Thank you Mr. Christoph - a difficult family to study. How may I acquire a
copy of your article ""The Freedmen of New Amsterdam"? Also, when you refer
to "Captain Jan de Vries" is he the same gentleman as "Capt. Jan Gerritsen
van Dalsen deVries, aka Jan Gerritsen de Vries, and Jan Gerritsen deVries
Van Dalfsen(Dalce)? Thank you so much for your response. Joan

Joan Sholl Francis

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Subject: Re: [D-Col] Jan De Vries Sr., and Jan De Vries Jr.

> Jan de Vries, senior and junior, were related. I quote from my
> "The Freedmen of New Amsterdam," which appeared in "A Beautiful and
> Place: Selected Rensselaerswyck Seminar Papers," edited by Nancy Zeller
> (1991):
> Captain Jan de Vries employed two black people on his plantation,
> d'Angola ... and Hillary Creole. De Vries had originally bought Hillary at
> Marinhao from one Juan Antonio Portuguese, an accused traitor. Since Juan
> Antonio's property was liable for confiscation, the Director General and
> Council [of New Netherland] referred the matter to [West India] Company
> headquarters in Amsterdam, which apparently ruled that the sale was legal.
> In August 1647 Hillary bore de Vries a son, who was baptized Jan and later
> called Jan de Vries, junior. When the elder de Vries died in 1651, title
> his estate apparently passed to his servants and their families. On March
> 31, Paolo and Hillary settled a 600 guilder debt of Captain de Vries by
> signing over title to Paolo's 1645 patent on behalf of themselves, Paolo's
> two children, and "the child of the said Vries, named Jan d'Vries, a
> It thus appears that not only were the adults free to inherit, but also
> several children. Later, a Hilary Criolyo was married on May 29, 1660, to
> Lovys Angola. Jan de Vries, jr., married Adriaentje Dircks from Albany in
> 1679. Jan is called a Negro at the baptism of one of his children and in a
> list of church members; his wife's race is not indicated.
> My footnotes to the preceding paragraph cite the New York Reformed
> Church Baptisms, v. 1, 23, 191; the church's Marriages, 26, 46; Yearbook
> the Holland Society of New York, 1916: 34; and A. J. F. van Laer, New York
> Historical Manuscripts, v. 3: 228-31, v. 4:333-34.
> Peter
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> From: joan francis <>
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> Date: Thursday, April 12, 2001 7:49 PM
> Subject: [D-Col] Jan De Vries Sr., and Jan De Vries Jr.
> >Question: Is Jan De Vries, Sr. married to Tietske Gerrits, the same as
> >Jacob De Vries b. ca 1635 in Drenth, Neth.? See data regarding the
> >Patent: "The three freed slaves, Jan De Vries, Sr. and Jan De Vries, Jr.
> and
> >Claus Manuel were owners of a share each, in full equality with the white
> >men." Per "Tappan 300 Years", W. Talman, et al; Tappantown Hist. Soc.,
> >Tappan, NY, Pg. 19. Thanks, Joan
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