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From: Aggi-Rose Reddin <>
Subject: [D-Col] Dey family
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 22:26:06 -0400

I've been following this thread with some interest, as I count myself
among the many descendants - through Lydia Dey & Samuel Kierstead. Thanks
in particular to Wayne for your latest contributions! I posted your notes
to the Kierstead list to which I belong & rec'd some feedback which seems
to be in conflict with what has been posted to this list. To whit...
"In William Kenneth Rutherford's book, "Genealogical History of Our
Ancestors", he has ten pages on the Dey's (Deuy's). It appears to be
thoroughly documented. He even cites a lawsuit where Anneke Jans sued
Laurens Duyts. The name changes, which was not uncommon in those days of
"son of", etc. In brief form, here is what he shows:

Laurens Duyts (1610-1668) m. 1638 Ytie Jansen (1620-1665)
Hans Laurenzen (b. 1644) m. 1670 Marritje Satyrs (b. 1650)
James Hans Dey (1671-1745) m. 1695 Mary Molenaar (b. 1675)
Lydia Dey (b. 1700) m. 1719 Samuel Kierstede (1697-1733)

He later shows that James Hans Dey had the following children by Mary Molenaar
Elizabeth Dey
Mary Dey
Catherine Dey
Lydia Dey

Margaret married James Hans Dey about 1705 and they had the following
James Dey Jr.
Sarah Dey
Lawrence Dey
Margaret Dey
Isaac Dey
John Dey
William Dey "

The above from Don Keirstead. An earlier posting to D-Col gives a date of
marriage for James Hans Dey & Margaret Dey of 3 Aug 1699. Is there a
primary source for that data, as it differs from Rutherford's information ?

Also, can anyone confirm whether Marritje Satyrs was the daughter of Jan
Snyderken, as I have seen in various files? Had she been married previous
to her marriage to Hans
Laurentszen [Dey/Duyts]? Many thanks for further comments. Aggi-Rose

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