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From: "Bruce E. Hopper" <>
Subject: [D-Col] Saddle River DRCh. membership list
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 09:39:00 -0500

In a recent perusal of the membership lists of the Saddle River Reformed
Dutch Church (Ackerman and Goff, 1944) I have encountered some entry
inconsistencies that I would like to display with the purpose of obtaining
list readers interpretation.

>From the most part, when members have come from another area, information
as to that area is attached to the appropriate person(s) by means of the
use of a hyphen, i.e.;

"Aug 29 1895 Mr. & Mrs. John D. Conklin-from Cong.Ch.Tallman,N.Y."

The above occurs on a single line.

Near the end of the list one finds the information presented in the
following [original format] manner:

"May 29, 1898 Kitty Duryea wife of Edward W. Eckerson
From Ref.Ch.of Wyckoff,N.J.
Mar. 2 1899 Maggie De Baun wife of Arthur Ackerman
Mrs.Louisa Messenger
Jun 1, 1899 John Snider

In the second example, the information concerning "origin" occurs as what
could be interpreted to be a "Heading". In Ackerman and Goff, it occurs
exactly in the middle of the page. This type of entry occurs 4 times on
only one page, i.e., p. 10.

I think that there are two possible interpretations - 1) the information
pertains to the entry immediately above, and 2) it refers to the one or
more of the following entries. I am inclined to believe that the first
interpretation is the correct one but would like to solicit the opinions of

Note: At some point the Saddle River DRCh. Membership lists are to be
offered for inclusion on the Dutch Door Genealogy site - thus my concern
for accuracy.

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