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From: "Perry Streeter" <>
Subject: [D-Col] RE: BARBER Edward m. Marike TIJS; NYC; 1714
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 22:11:09 -0500
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As always, thank you for a most helpful response! I have already updated my
documentation and found additional leads on the Edward BARBERs in Somerset &
Hunterdon Counties, NJ...

In the New York RDC records, I also found the following 29
December 1714 marriage record: "Decemb. 7. zeggeden; Thomas
Barber, j.m. V.N. York met Helena Brouwer j.d. V. Goanes; Decemb.
29." Loosely translated, Thomas Barber, a single man from New York
City, was married to Helene Brouwer, a single woman from Gowanus
[now Brooklyn, Kings County, New York]. According to Maitland Dirk
Brower's database, "Descendants of George Harvey Brower," at
RootsWeb.com's WorldConnect Project, Thomas Barber was born circa
1688 and was a resident of Brooklyn; he married Madaleentje-3
Brouwer, baptized at Brooklyn on 2 April 1692, daughter of Adam-2
Adamse Brouwer (Adam-1) and Maritje Hendricksen. On 23 October
1730, "Thomas Barber, Wed'r Van Lena Brouwer v. Nieuw York & Mary
Wolc, Wed. van William Salomonas van Boston, biede woonende alhier"
(New York RDC). As grooms in the same church in the same year were
Edward and Thomas Barber brothers or otherwise closely related?
As Dorothy Koenig noted, no mention of Edward Barber is found
in Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey after 10 September 1732.
By 19 September 1732, an Edward Barber was residing in Somerset
County, New Jersey:

1732, Oct 10. Burt, Benjamin, of Somerset Co., Int.
Admin. granted to John Mills, cooper. Fellow bondsmen:
Peter VanNest, John Freasuer (Frazer), of County
aforesaid, and Alexander Mackdowall, of Perth Amboy. Lib
B. p. 305.
1732, Oct 27 Inventory (filed 3 Sept 1740), Ledger
book-debts 18 1/2 pages... Made by John Fraizer, Jan
Hendryse, Andresies TenEyk.
Inventory or List of Book Debts outstanding, due to
Heirs of Benj. Burt: ...
1732... Sep 19, Thos. Sollins, Edwd. Barber (New
Jersey Colonial Documents--Calendar of Wills 1730-1750,
p. 78-79)

According to Fred Meek, an Edward Barber, born in 1685, died
in Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1743. Was this Edward Barber
identical with the one who married Marike Tys in 1714 and/or the
one who resided in Somerset County in 1732?
In 1753, we find another association between Matthias Barbar
and Nathaniel Foster in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The
inventory of the estate of William Barber of Lebanon Township was
taken on 16 January 1753 by Nathaniel Foster and Andrew Bray. On
18 January 1753, Jemima Barber declined her right to the
administration of William's estate "in favour of her father, John
Burroughs" (New Jersey Colonial Documents--Calendar of Wills 1751-
1760). On 6 March 2002, Fred Meek provided important further
details that connected Matthias Barbar not only to William Barber
but to an Edward Barber as well.

Only one other person is mentioned in the will. In
the inventory it says William owned four bushels of wheat
from Matthias Barber. Did Matthias owe him wheat because
William had an interest in the land Matthias farmed?
This mention of Matthias along with the mention
Nathaniel Foster (a [probable] brother [or possibly the
father] of Jane Foster, wife of Matthias) makes William
Barber of Trenton [sic, Lebanon Township] a probable
brother of Matthias Barber of Sussex County.
William's wife was Jemima Burroughs [disputed
below], a daughter of John Burroughs, who was acquainted
with Edward Barber.

Indeed, "four Bushel of Whete of matthias Barber" are included
in the Administration Bond & Inventory on the Estate of William
Barber, Hunterdon County 1753 (File 328J). William Barber must
have also been born circa 1733 or earlier.
At first glance it would certainly seem that Jemima
(Burroughs) Barber was the widow of William Barber. Certainly
there was a connection between Jemima and William but it may not
have been that of husband and wife. According to the on-line B-Be
Surname Index of Colonial Families of Philadelphia, (edited by John
W. Jordan, published by Lewis Publishers of New York in 1911 in 2
volumes) at http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/pa/philadelphia/
bios/cfofphil/b-1.txt, Jemima Burroughs, daughter of John
Burroughs, married Joseph Barber rather than William Barber (page
1670). If there is no error in the original work or in the
transcribed index, then the nature of the connection between Jemima
(Burroughs) Barber and William Barber is unclear.

For the full complete document see...


Perry ()

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Subject: Re: [D-Col] BARBER Edward m. Marike TIJS; NYC; 1714

Dear Perry, Thank you for reminding me that I had discussed the ancestry
of Marike Tijs in a message to this list on 5 April 2001. To save those
interested a trip to the D-C archives, Marike Tys was the daughter of
Peter Tyssen and Barbara Jans. Peter was the youngest son of Mattys
Jansen Lanen [Van Pelt] and his second wife, Adriaentje Hendricks.

I checked the marriage of Edward Barber and Marike Tys and found that they
were married by license in the New York Dutch Church on 3 Dec 1714 (not
the 13th of December).

I found 4 children of Edward and Marike baptized in the Freehold/Middleton
DRC in Monmouth County, NJ. I did not find a daughter Sarah baptized in
that church in 1731, and the only child known for certain to have been a
son was little Peter Barber born in 1715. I indicate witnesses where

24 Apr 1715 "a child"
11 Dec 1715 Peter Peter Tiisen and [Barbara Jans]
1 Oct 1727 "a child"
10 Sep 1732 JannetjeAbraham Thyse, Jannetje Thyse

"Marike, wife of Ed. Barber" first joined the Freehold church "on
confession" of faith in January 1724. She is listed again in the
membership list of the Freehold church in 1731, "Maria Berber, wife of
Edwert Berber."

I found no further evidence of Edward and Maria at the church after the
baptism of their daughter Jannetje in 1732.

Because of his name I asume that Edward Barber was of English origin.
Since he was not a member of the Dutch church, perhaps he worshipped at an
English-speaking church, and it is possible that other children were
baptized in their father's church.

The oldest child of Edward and Maria must have been conceived before their
marriage. It's a tight squeeze, but it is possible to baptize the second
child in the same year.


On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Perry Streeter wrote:

> >From the much-appreciated research of Don Barber...
> Edward BARBER, 168?; m. NYC, NY 13 Dec 1714 Marike Tijs (aka Marie Tysse);
> resided in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ. Children:
> 1. Peter, b. 1715; m. Anne -----.
> 2. boy, b. 1727
> 3. Sarah, b. 1731
> Source =
> Does anyone have more information on this couple, their parents, or their
> children? Tijs and Tysse are both Dutch or German nicknames for Matthias.
> If this couple followed naming traditions of the era, Edward BARBER may
> been the son of Peter BARBER. Assuming that Marike/Marie's last name is a
> patronymic, she was the daughter of a Matthias -----. It follows that
> Edward and Marike/Marie may have named their second son Matthias BARBER.
> 1715-1727 is a large gap between children. Perhaps there were other
> children, currently unknown, born to this couple or else Edward BARBER
> have been married twice.
> I am researching innkeeper Mathias BARBAR/BARBER of (then Roxbury, now)
> Washington Township, Morris Co., NJ and Hardwick (then Sussex, now) Warren
> Co., NJ. Matthias was born in the 1720s by some accounts and certainly
> prior to 1733. He was associated with a Peter BARBER in Morris County
> before 1763. Could Mathias have been the second son of Edward and
> Marike/Marie (Tijs/Tysse) BARBER? For much more detailed information
> http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~streeter/BARBAR.TXT
> All corrections and additions will be greatly appreciated!
> Perry
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