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Subject: [D-Col] Children of Adriaen Vincent
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 23:27:35 EST

Here is the list that I have of the Children of Adriaen Vincent. This go on
forever so bear with me.
Annetje Vincent was born prior to 1640 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She married
Simon Fell, who was from Diepen in Vranckyck, France, 9 Sep 1656 (banns posted
children of Simon Fell and Annetje Adriaens Vincent all of the baptisms are
from the New Amsterdam DRC records.
Maria-Baptism records for 1656, 13 Dec; Simon Sel, Anita Vincent; Marie;
Matheus de Vos. Notaris, Pieterje Kip, Hester Van Couwenhoven, Maria Vinge.

Magdalena was bp 1660, 3 Jun; Simon Fell, Anna Vincent; Magdaleen; Willem de
Hester Vincent, Clara Steyns
Magdalena was married 3 times with the first marriage being to John Le
Montes, 26 Sep
1686 and the second was to Robert Griggs between 1693 and 1695 and the third
was after 1695 to Caleb Cooper. The children are listed in the Will below.

.Abstracts of Unrecorded Wills, Vol XI, Prior to 1790, pages 75 & 76:
In the name of God, Amen. May 24, 1726. I, HELENA COOPER, of New York, widow,
being in good health. All debts and funeral charges to be paid in some
convenient time. I
leave to my son, John Le Montes, a negro girl, Bella. To my daughter Rachel,
wife of
Dugall Campbell, a negro girl, Grace. To my daughter, Mary Cooper, a negro
boy, Peter.
To my dutifull and loving grandchild, Jennett Campbell, daughter of my
daughter, Rachel
Campbell, a negro boy, Matthew. I leave to my son, John Le Montes, all my
right to two
certain houses and ground on the west side of a street known by the name of
(???) street
[Little Dock street], and now in tenure of Robert Livingston, jr. The other
fronting the
Dock or wharf, and at part in tenure of Francis Vincent, and both being
between the
ground of Jacobus Van Cortlandt, and the ground of the widow Outman. The
which I have given on said houses, is to be paid out of my personal estate,
before any
division. I leave to my daughter, Mary Cooper 1/2 of a house and lot in New
York, on the
west side of Broad street, between the house and ground of Abraham Van
Duersen and
the house and ground of Mr. Witt, deceased, or his heirs. The other half I
leave to my
daughter, Rachel Campbell, during her life and then to her two children,
Jennett and John
Campbell. The mortgage upon this house and lot is to be paid out of my
personal estate.
All the rest to my three children, John Le Montes, Rachel Campbell, and Mary
and I make them executors.

Witnesses, Coenraet Ten Eyck, Simon Johnson. (One name illegible.) Proved,
19, 1728. The daughter Rachel was the child of her first husband, John Le

[NOTE.--The maiden name of Helena Cooper was Helena Fell. She married John Le
Montes, September 26, 1686. After his death she married Robert Griggs. After
he died she
married Caleb Cooper. The lot left to her son John, is now No. 78 Pearl
Street, and No.
44 Water Street. This was a water lot granted to Francina Hermans, who sold
it to John
Le Montes in 1687. It was afterwards owned by Governor Cadwallader Colden,
who gave
it to his daughter, who married Peter De Lancey. The lot on Broad Street is
now No. 80,
about half way between Stone Street and Marketfield Street.--W. S. P.]

Annetje was bp 1662, 15 Oct; Simon Vale, Annetie Vincent; Annetie; Jacques
Jannetie Jans.
Annetje married first Hendrick Jacobszen, 9 Oct 1684 the lic was issued in
the Province of
New York. 2nd marriage was to Thomas Lynes on 10 Nov 1695 (NA DRC)

Susannah was bp 1665, 25 May; Annetje Vincent; Susanna; Jaequis Casjou,
Susannah married Johannes Janszen and she died prior to 1704 when he married
second to
Anna Luersen

The last child I have is Simon, baptized 1667, 2 Nov; Simon Vel, Anna
Vincent; Simon;
Jan Gerdyn, Maria de Vos.

The next child of Adriaen Vincent is
Hester Baptism records for 1645: 16 Jul; Adriaen Vincent; Hester; Isaac de
Hester Simons. (hester Simons was the wife of Pieter Wolfeszen Van
Couvenhoven) She
shows up a few times in the different baptism of the Vincent family. I don’t
know what her
relationship is, but I have a hunch that she may be related to them through
the generation
before Adriaen Vincent (maybe a grandmother on the side of Adriaen’s wife).
Hester married Jan Gerdyn prior to 1666 and they baptized a son, Johannes
Baptism records for 1668, 8 Aug; Jan Gerdyn, Hester Vincent; Johannes; Adriaen
Vincent, Isa_ beth de Potter. and Johannes Gerdyn, Jr., married Dirckje Jans
and they
baptized a son Johannes Gerdyn, 1689, 4 Aug; Johannes Gardyn, Dirckje Jans;
Jan Vincent, Annetje Vincent.

The next child would be Jan Adriaens Vincent who was bp 1651, 15 Jan; Adriaen
Vincent; Johannes; Jacquis Thyssen, Jan Gerard, Hester Simons.
He married 23 May 1673 (banns posted) to Annetje Jans (Staats), daughter of
Pieters and Jan Pieterszen.
Their first child was Charles (The records say Cornelis, but I believe it
should be Charles
for the following reason (Baptism records for 1674,14 May; Johannes Vincent,
Jans; Cornelis; Cornelis Ewoutszen, Gabriel Mouvelle.) There is no Cornelis
Vincent to be
found, but Charles shows up all over the place. He was married to Rachel
Vermelje, who
was the daughter of Johannes Vermelje and Aeltje Waltron. Information from
the Will of
Rachel and her mothers Will
Abstracts of Wills Vol IV 1744-1753, pages 6 & 7:
Page 224.--In the name of God, Amen, April 3, 1742. I, RACHEL VINCENT, of the
Yonkers, in Westchester County, widow. Whereas, my late husband, by will, made
provision for my two sons, Charles and John Vincent, I give to each of my
said sons a
Spannish Dollar, or Piece of 8, in full for their portions. I leave my
daughter Hannah
Vincent, £40. I leave to my grand-daughter Mary Bertine, £10, when 21 years
of age, or
married. All the rest I leave to my 3 daughters, Rachel, wife of Stephen
Williams, Sarah,
wife of Benjamin Fowler, and Hannah Vincent. I make my brother, Isaac
Underhill, and
my friend, William Forster, executors.

Witnesses, Jacob Ryder, James Fowler, Joseph Vail. Proved before Israel
Esq., May 30, 1744.
( She makes her brother Isaac Underhill, this should be Isaac Vermelje)
Her mother’s will:
Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744, pages 145 & 146:
Page 166.--In the name of God, Amen, May 23, 1730. I, ALTIE VERMILLIE, of
Yonkers, in Westchester County, widow, being in health. I leave to my eldest
Abraham, £25, and one bed and furniture; "which said bed is my own proper
lodging bed."
I leave all the rest of my estate to my children, Abraham, Isaac, Johanes,
Rebecca, wife of
Peter Bussing, Rachel, wife of Charles Vincent, Hannah, wife of Johanes
Odell, and to the
children of my daughter Sarah, deceased, wife of Tunis Dolsen. I appoint my
sons, Isaac
and Johanes, and my son-in-law, Peter Bussing, executors.

Witnesses, Charles Warner, Edward Smith, Roger Barton. Proved, April 23,

Next child of Jan Adriaen Vincent was Marritie Baptism records for 1679, 22
Jan; Jan
Vincent, Marritie; Marritie; Otto Gerritszen, Marritie Pieters.
Then Adrianus, Baptism records for 1680, 7 Jul; Jan Vincent, Annetie Jans;
Pieter Janszen, Neeltie Jans.

The last child I have for Adriaen Vincent is
Francis Vincent born between 1640 and 1655, Going by the abstract of his Will
one can
put together a pretty good showing of his family.
First here is the
Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744, pages 97 & 98:
Page 490.--In the name of God, Amen. I, FRANCIS VINCENT, of New York,
This 11 day of September in the 6 year of George II, "being ancient and sick.
I leave to my
son Samuel, 6 shillings, and debar him from any further claim as eldest son
heir-at-law. To my daughter, Ann Gilbert, all my bed, sheets, pillows, etc.
"Also my
picture which was drawne to represent my person for ever." I leave to my
Francis Manny, the son of James Manny, deceased, my gun, sword, and watch. To
grandson, Stephen Maynard, part of my wearing apparell. All the rest of my
estate is to be
sold and the proceeds divided among my son Samuel, my daughter Ann Gilbert, my
daughter Elizabeth Maynard, my daughter Esther Salter, and my grand-daughter,
Madeline Manny. I make my daughter, Ann Gilbert, and Dr. John Dupuy, and
Leddell, pewterer, executors.

Witnesses, Abraham Jouneau, C. De Peyster, S. Johnson. Proved, April 10, 1733.

First we have daughter Ann, who was married first to James Manny prior to
1707 when
their son Francis, Baptism records for 1707, 6 Apr; James Manney, Anna
Franson; Jeremiah Maney,(James’ brother) Elizabeth Mainerd.(Anna’s sister
Vincent, who was married to Daniel Meynard). Now James Manny had a brother
Manny, who was married to Anna’s sister, Margreta Vincent.
Jeremiah Manny and Margreta Vincent had the following children baptized:
Jeremiah Manny born 1707 Baptism records for 1707, 30 Apr; Jeremiah Maney,
Finsang; Jeremias; Fransoa Finsang, Magdalena Maney.
Anna Magdalena Manny born 1709, Baptism records for 1709, 29 May; Jeremias
Margreta Fincang; Anna Magdalena; Daniel Odee, Anna Fincang wife of Jaemes
Now this Anna Magdalena Manny was mentioned in Francis Vincent Will along
with Anna
‘vincent’s son, Francis. (This Francis married Annetje Kip in 1734)

According to the Will of Francis there was a daughter hester, married to a
Also a son, Samuel and then from the baptism records we find a
John Vincent, Jr, married to Lea De Voe, daughter of Frederick De Voe and
John Vincent, Jr had a daughter, Anna, baptized Baptism records for 1706, 10
Feb; John
Vinsang Jr., Lea de Vow; Anna; Levi Finsang, Johannis Dykman, Anna Finsang
wife of
James Manny.
>From the baptism records you can see that the two families tie in. I don’t
know about the
Levi Vincent, who was married to Lea De Voe’s sister, Hester. But I have a
hunch that he
was not a son of Francis Vincent as he or his daughter, Sussannah Vincent,
who married
Cornelius Spier, son of Fran Spier and Dirckje Cornelise Van Houten. were not
in Francis’ Will. Here is a little note on the Spier family
The Early Spier Family by Janet C. Riemer
Cornelius Spier, son of Fran Spier and Dierckje Cornelise Van Houten, was
born 20
January 171_ and died 25 June 1785 (bible rec., Gardner Coll., RUL). He
Susanna Vincent who was born 3 February 1711, and died 13 December 1797, the
daughter of Levi vincent and Hester De Veaux (Bible rec.). The banns were
announced on
28 February 1735 (Ac) with the marriage on 18 March 1735 (Bible rec.).
Susanna was the
widow of Johannes Van Giesen, whom she had married on 29 April 1731 (Ac)
served in the Revolutionary War as a captain in the 2nd Reg. of the Essex
Co., Militia
(SJR page 411). His wil, dated 15 May 1784 and proved 15 Nov. 1785, names his
Susannah, daughters, Derrickye, widow of John Pier, Rachel, wife of Thomas
and Garetye, widow of Brant Jacobusse. His grandson, Jacob Pier, is also
named. Land in
the mountains of the Notch and on the Plain "had of late father" is described
Derrickye, born 27 July 1738 (bible)
Rachel born 6 Aug 1745 (bible)
Geerrje born 3 Oct 1748 (SRCR).

Now you all have discussed marritje Adriaens prior to this posting pretty
good and I don’t
have anything to add that would prove that Adriaen Vincent would be her
Although what Howard was hinting at her and Annetje Vincent being half
siblings to the
younger Vincents, but there is really not enough to go on there.

I know I went out on a limb with Charles Vincent being the son of Jan
Adriaens Vincent
and Annetje Jans, (and I hear the saws running already), but I have always
thought that is
was better to have something to prove wrong than not a thing to work withl.

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