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From: "Peter R Christoph" <>
Subject: Re: [D-Col] Harmon ABell b abt 1811 in New York
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 09:35:19 -0400
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As Lorine has noted, the Abeel family name is a good possibility. It is also
sometimes written O'Bail, reflecting an English speaker's attempt to
represent the Dutch pronunciation of the name.

By 1834 all the Dutch Reformed churches in the area were conducting services
in English, and in many small communities were (and still are) the only
church in town. No matter what your nationality, if you went to church,
that's where you went.

An adult baptism would depend upon the minister's definition of how he chose
to regard the individual. I would think that even an early adolescent would
be considered old enough to understand what was going on, and speak for
himself, and thus be an adult. In an infant baptism, the parents or sponsors
have to disavow the devil, recite the creed, and so forth on behalf of the

Schagticoke land patents were purchased from the city of Albany. Other
neighboring lands would have included van Rensselaer manor lands which would
have been acquired by lifetime lease from the manor, and not recorded in
county deed books. The manor records can be found at the New York State
Library, although some were burned in a fire at the State Capitol in 1911.

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Subject: [D-Col] Harmon ABell b abt 1811 in New York

> everyone,
> I am looking for birth, siblings, etc. information about Harmon ABELL who
> was born abt 1811 somewhere in New York. Several of us have always
> thought that he was of Dutch ancestry, but *all of his children* said
> that he was born in New York when they replied to the 1880 census. There
> was an adult baptism/christening of Harmon ABELL in Schagticoke, New
> York, into the Dutch reformed church. But I don't know if he was 'my'
> Harmon ABELL or not.
> 1st - does this sound like a Dutch name to any of you ??
> 2nd - would it be likely for someone who was not Dutch to be baptized /
> christened into the Dutch reformed church in 1834 ??
> 3rd - how old would a person have to be, to be considered an adult for an
> adult christening ??
> 4th - I find no land records in his name yet he was a farmer. If he
> did not own his land, what kind of records would exist for the rental (or
> whatever) of the land ??
> 5th - finally - of course - anyone else connected to this character ??
> I am already on the Rensseler list - contemplating having to join each
> list for every one of the counties in New York. Suggestions ??
> thanks,
> Mary McCashland
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