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From: "Protzman, RL (Robert)" <>
Subject: Re: [D-Col] Re: Harmon ABell b abt 1811 in New York
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 14:45:57 -0500

Lorine, Mary,

I am a descendant of Stoffel Janse ABEEL. I have never seen any changes of
this family name into ABEL. I would not trust Pearson on this one, although
the way he bolds the first entry, I think he means this to be a separate
family from the ABEELs listed just above.

The Abeel and Allied Families, compiled by Henry Whitmore, 18 Rose St, NY,
1899 [Reprinted by Higginson Genealogical Books, Salem, MA. carries many
of the lines well into the Nineteenth Century, and the name is always
spelled ABEEL.

I believe that ABEL or ABELL is a completely separate family.

For ABEL, Pearson lists:

Abel, Jacob, and Elizabeth Humbert. Ch: Johan Hendrik, bp. Jan 13, 1754.

Abel, Andries, m. Annatie (Johanna) Marshall, Aug 24, 1771. Ch: Hendrick,
b. May 25, 1772; Annatie, b. June 19, 1774; Johannes, b. Jan 1, 1777;
Andries, b. Mar 12, 1779; Elizabeth, b. Apr 6, 1784; Geertruy, b. Oct 7,
1788; Peter, b. Apr 25, 1793.

I would look into this family as possible ancestors of Harmon ABELL, and dig
further into the Albany DRC records. I find no Harm(on) or Herm(an) among
my ABEEL descendants

Bob Protzmann

From: Lorine McGinnis Schulze [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 6:36 AM
Subject: [D-Col] Re: Harmon ABell b abt 1811 in New York

On 21 May 2002 at 10:36, mary k mccashland wrote:

> everyone,
> I am looking for birth, siblings, etc. information about Harmon
> ABELL who was born abt 1811 somewhere in New York. Several of
> us have always thought that he was of Dutch ancestry, but *all
> of his children* said that he was born in New York when they
> replied to the 1880 census. There was an adult
> baptism/christening of Harmon ABELL in Schagticoke, New York,
> into the Dutch reformed church. But I don't know if he was
> 'my' Harmon ABELL or not.
> 1st - does this sound like a Dutch name to any of you ??

Dear Mary,

You may wish to take a close look at the Albany settler,
Stoffel Janse ABEEL who came to Beverwyck as early as 1653. In
1670 he made his will, mentioning 4 children - 3 daughters and
a son Johannes.

You can read more about Johannes Stoffel Abeel at


Johannes and his wife, Catalina Schuyler, had several children
baptised in both Albany and New Amsterdam/NY Dutch Reformed

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