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Subject: Re: [D-Col] Susanna Thomas/Sommers? (was: Henry Brassert/Brezier/Breser/Bresie
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 08:46:28 EDT

On 5/31/02 (Jerry Vandiver) writes:
These are the baptisms I have (and the marriage), who is missing?
Jerry, I put ** next to my additions. Ethel

1644 09 Oct; Henry Brezier, jm Uyt de Provincie van Essex; Susanna Wathens,
wid van Willem Wathens

**Children all b/p New Amsterdam/New York DRChurch
1645 Sep 29; Henry Brezier; Mary; Thomas Backer, Adam Tambour, Magarietje
Jans, Catharyn op Dyck [NYDC 2:19]

1646 Nov 18; Henry Bresier; Willem; Willem Blauwvelt, Olof Stephenszen Van
**Wit: Capt. Willem Blauwvelt, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt. [NYDC 2:21]

**1648 26 April; Hendrick Bresart; Rebecca; Joris Wolsie, Jan Daly, Jonas
Nuyting, Rebecca Wolsie. [NYDC 2:24]

** Abt 1650 Susanna

** 1653 9 Feb; Hendrick Breser; Breser; Thomas Hall, Jan Hutjesse, Mary
Graet, Anna Hals. [NYDC 2:33]

1655 Nov 21; Henry Breysjers, Susanna Henry; Machtelt; Joris Homs, Been Homs
[NYDC 2:40]

**1657 20 May; Hendrick Breser, Susanna Bresers; Mathaa; Susanna. [NYDC 2:45]

1659 Dec 14; Henry Breyser, Susanna Thomas; Sara; Lambert Moll, Immetje Ver
Sluys [NYDC 2:55]

1663 Jul 29; Hendrick Breyser, Susanna Thomas; Henry; Hillegond Pieters
[NYDC 2:70]

**1666 16 May; Herry Breser, Susanna Breser; Isac; Marritie Huyberts.
[NYDC 2:83]

1668 Nov 25; Henry Breser, Susanna Thomas; Abraham; Marritie Pieters;
** Herry Breser,Susanna Thomas; Abraham; Marritie Pieters. [NYDC 2:92]

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