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From: "Bruce Hopper" <>
Subject: Re: [D-Col] Van Houten Progenitor's Family
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 07:29:25 -0400
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Dear Barbara and all,

The suppositions you now make for the existence of two recordless children
forMiachiel Janszen & Fitje Hartsmans Wessels are similiar to those being
posed for Roelof Cornelissen and Gerritje Van Nes. There is a 5-year time
from from when the got married [1643] to the first baptism record of Hemlich
in 1648. As the second baptism records refers to a Cornelise, baptised in
1951. A note from Cynthia suggests the likelihood of an eariler Cornelis
who died after the birth of Helmich [1648] and before the birth of the
second Cornelise [1851]. As it seems likely that Roelof and Gerritje were
in Amesfoort, L. I. around that time [Roelof was a soldier in the Dutch army
at New AMsterdam in 1648 acording to Ackerman, 1945] perhaps one needs to
look for a burial record of a Cornelis Roelofse somewhere in that area
between the dates 1648 and 1651. Does anyone know how many cemeteries there
might have been in the area at that time.


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> Dear Bruce and others,
> The same situation happened in the Vreeland family. Michiel Janszen &
> Hartmans Wessels first lived in Rennselaerswyck, from 1638-1646. They had
> these children (order taken from Nicholas Garretson Vreeland's & Louis
> Vreeland's genealogies, and church records):
> 1. Jannetje, b Rennselaerswyck (she was born sometime between 1638 when
> parents arrived, and 1643, when she would have been 16 at her marriage to
> Dirck Teunissen Van Vechten, Dec 1659); no records found
> 2. Elias, b Rennselaerswyck (he was born sometime between 1638 & 1643,
> he would have been 18 at his marriage to Grietje Walings Jacobse Aug 30,
> 3. Enoch, bp Jan 20 1646/47 (RDC New Amsterdam)
> 4. Pryntje, bp Oct 24, 1649 (RDC New Amsterdam)
> 5. Hartman, bp Oct 1, 1651 (RDC Bergen record # 198)
> 6. Ariaentje, bp Mar 08, 1653/54 (RDC New Amsterdam)
> 7. Johannis, bp Oct 1, 1656 (RDC New Amsterdam)
> 8. Cornelis, bp Jun 25, 1658 (RDC New Amsterdam)
> 9. Cornelis, bp Jun 3, 1660 (RDC New Amsterdam)
> Patronymics suggests that their first son should be named Jan/Johannes,
> their second, Hartman. Yet we know Enoch was bp 1647, and Elias was most
> probably born before Enoch. It would not surprise this writer if there
> 2 other sons born in Rennselaerswyck, first one Johannis (b before Elias,
> bef Oct 1 1656), and the second one, Hartman (b. after Johannis, d. bef
Oct 1
> 1651). The later Hartman and Johannis were thus named for their brothers
> died earlier. Unfortunately, since there are no baptismal records left
> those early days in Rennselaerswyck, we will never know for sure.
> In addition, the birth order suggests that Michiel Janszen's mother was
> Pryntje, and Fitje Hartman's mother was named Jannetje.
> -- Barbara Erwin-McGuire
> Vreeland researcher
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