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From: "Lorine McGinnis Schulze" <>
Subject: [D-Col] Re: Some 1600's shipwrecks (was: Penelope Stout----a legend)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 13:56:30 -0500
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On 19 Nov 2002 at 9:36, Howard Swain wrote:

> First, I admit to being skeptical of all the dates above and
> would like to see evidence for them. But based on when their
> children seem to have had to have been born, I do feel that a
> marriage date for Richard and Penelope in the 1644 time frame is
> reasonable.
> I have found only 2 shipwrecks in New Netherland in the mid
> 1600's.

Hello everyone

I wonder though about the classification of "shipwreck". This
is family lore, legend, and possibly myth. How much was
accurately remembered? What exactly was meant? Did a ship sink
with a huge loss of life? Was a ship disabled and have to limp
into port with some damages? Was there some loss of life, but
not much? Perhaps a ship ran aground, and some passengers were

Ships aren't indexed in _Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in
the Office of the Secretary of State, Albany NY" edited by E B
O'Callaghah (printed 1865) but there are many mentioned. With a
skim of the years before 1644, I found reference to a few items
that I find interesting.

These would not be 'shipwrecks' as we might understand the
term but perhaps the 'shipwreck' mentioned in this legend was
something as simple as the following:

1638, Apr 19 Declaration. Crew of the Dolphin, respecting
stormy passage of that vessel from Holland and subsequent

1641 Sept. 6 Declaration. Petty officers of the ship Angel
Gabriel, that they had prevailed on the captain to steer for
New Netherland, in consequence of the disabled condition of
that vessel.

There could be more entries such as these - I only took a quick

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