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Subject: Re: [D-Col] Some 1600's shipwrecks (was: Penelope Stout----a legend)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 12:22:04 -0800
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Cor,does Meer mean ocean as in Van de Meer,and then what does Vanderveer
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Subject: Re: [D-Col] Some 1600's shipwrecks (was: Penelope Stout----a

> > Remember that the earliest time at which the
> Penelope Stout story was written down is apparently
> 1765 -- about 120 years after the alleged shipwreck.
> Immagine our writing today about an event in 1880 --
> say in the wild west. >
> Terribly valid point. One of the persisting legends
> in the early Delaware Vanderveer family history is
> that the family arrived aboard a vessel around 1638
> which ran aground at Sandy Hook (the one on the
> Delaware was approximately where New Castle is today,
> if memory serves) and that the family built a house
> from the timbers. Jacob B. Vandevere was about 90 in
> 1860 when he wrote his version down for cousin
> Benjamin Vandevere, and he recounts being taken out to
> the ships frame, which was near the present Market
> Street Bridge in Wilmington.
> The family eventually made their way back to Fort
> Amsterdam and returned after the Dutch took the South
> River from the Swedes. The ship is even given a name
> - de Eindracht! The extreme inaccuracies are too
> easily dismissed, but the legend persists.
> The bark de Eindracht did run aground at Sandy Hook -
> after it had been sold to Gov. Rising by the Dutch.
> It actually ran aground in 1655, during the taking of
> New Sweden. The immigrant Jacop Van der Veer was in
> the area, but as a soldier arriving with Peter
> Stuyvesant.
> After quite a bit of research, I found that I could
> put traditions from three separate sources together
> and come up with the legend. Since Jacob B. Vandevere
> was also related to the Stalcop's, Stidden's and
> Fransson's - the arrival of the Swedes in 1638, the
> shipwreck of Tymen Stidden in the Carribean and the
> grouding of de Eindracht could be brought together
> nicely. Jacob was born around 1770, around 110 years
> after events and reported them another 90 years later
> at the age of 90.
> Another ship wreck for the record (though not relevant
> to the topic of Penelope and Richard) was the St. Jan,
> a slave trader, off Manhattan in 1659. The "cargo"
> was lost and events investigated. The original
> journal and records name the skipper as Adriaen Blaes
> van der Veere and one of the Council was Hendrick
> Janszen Van der Veer (also Van der Veen).
> Jerry
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