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From: Jerry Vandiver <>
Subject: Re: [D-Col] Some 1600's shipwrecks (was: Penelope Stout----a legend)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 15:55:18 -0800 (PST)
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--- Howard Swain <> wrote:
> > > Remember that the earliest time at which the
Penelope Stout story was written down is apparently
1765 -- about 120 years after the alleged shipwreck

> As to hostile Indians -- I'm not up on the history
of early NJ. Where there any Indian attacks or
massacres there in the 1640's? Especially in the
Monmouth Co. area. I had remembered the name
Murderer's Kill; but on looking it up I find it was on
the Delaware River.

I'm not really up on the geography, history, etc., of
New York or East Jersey, which is why I floundered so
much when I first started posting on this list ...

I just noted the dates being discussed and do recall
the incident where Maryn Adriaenszen attacked Director
Kieft occuring in 1642. A lot of pround ancestors in
that massacre - Planck, Damen, Bout (I think Bout was
the only one of the 12 against it), etc. There had
been a whole series of attacks back and forth and as I
recall (I am going solely from memory) the area was
roughly Bergen, New Jersey.

As to the Delaware - Murder Kill is also the name of
the Hundred where that creek lies.


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