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Subject: [D-Col] Fwd: Witbeck line questions - and an announcement
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 18:33:43 EST

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Subject: Witbeck line questions - and an announcement
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Hello List -

I'm back after a few years absence. Right now I'm asking for help on a line I'm researching for a new distant cousin who is new to genealogy, with no experience with Colonial Dutch research. I was able to put together the pieces of her family with a few days digging (and I'm still waiting for some new films to come in), but now I come to you all for both confirmations and corrections.

Beth's ancestor, Maria Witbeck, seems to be the daughter of Thomas Witbeck and Ariantje Witbeck of Claverack or Churchtown, Columbia County. Maria was the youngest of nine children. Her parents were cousins, both descendents of Hendrick Janse Witbeck, one from each of his two wives. Here are the two lines of descent that I've pieced together:

Thomas Witbeck's Line:
Jan Thomasz Witbeck m. Geertruyd Andries Lucassen
Hendrick Janse Witbeck bapt. 1653 (NA DRC) m. Helena Bout
Luykas (Lucas) H. Witbeck bapt. 1725 (Linlithgo DRC) m. Cathryne Carter bapt. 1727 (Zion Lutheran, Athens)
Thomas L. Witbeck bapt. 1752 (Albany DRC) m. Ariantje Witbeck

Ariantje's line:
Jan Thomasz Witbeck m. Geertruyd Andries Lucassen
Hendrick Janse Witbeck bapt. 1653 (NA DRC) m. Lyntje Pieters Winne
Jan Hendrickse Witbeck bapt. 1691 (Albany DRC) m. Ariantje Broersen Decker bapt. 1698 (Kingston DRC)
Henrich Janse Witbeck b. abt. 1729/30 m. Catharina Landman
Ariantje Witbeck b. abt. 1754/55 m. Thomas L. Witbeck

Thomas and Ariantje Witbeck had the following children:
Lena bapt. 1777, St. Thomas Lutheran, Churchtown
Lucas bapt. 1779, St. Thomas Lutheran
Henrik Janse bapt. 1780, St. Thomas Lutheran
Elisabeth bapt. 1782, St. Thomas Lutheran
Critje (Margaret) bapt. 1786, Claverack DRC
Clartje (Clarissa) bapt. 1787, Claverack DRC
Casparus bapt. 1789, St. Thomas Lutheran
Jacob bapt. 1791, Gallatin[ville] DRC
Maria bapt. 1793, Claverack DRC

Maria married in 1824 Samuel Soverhill of Newark, Wayne County, New York. She had one daughter, Clarissa, b. 1825. Her sister Clarissa also lived with her for at least twenty years (1850-1870). Maria died in 1870 but I have found no record of Clarissa's burial or death. Neither can I find a grave for her parents in the Columbia County cemetery records. I would be particularly interested in knowing more about Thomas and Ariantje and their death dates, in order to find a will. Clarissa Soverhill married Frederick Bowman, a Prussian immigrant. Nothing is known about Frederick, either.

On my own line, I'm proud to announce that my cousin Jane Arnold Jurik has achieved membership in the DAR through her descent from our ancestor Andries Witbeck of Columbia County (1752-1833). Later this year we hope to place a marker on his grave in Stuyvesant Falls to commemorate his service during the Revolution. If anyone would like to know more about this - espcially if you'd like to help! - please email me privately.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with the Witbeck puzzles.

Kari Skouson


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