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Subject: [D-Col] Kreest mystery solved
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 19:04:19 -0400

Writing from the Family History Library....

the mystery of Frederick Lubbertsen and her daughter Eljsbeth (was this
correct spelling?) and her use of "vander Kreest"

I noticed the Library microfilmed the ORIGINAL records where the marriage
took place (Reformed Dutch First Church of Brooklyn) and had a chance to
check the original record.

And asked the Library consultant, one a German-born who have good
familiarity with the old Dutch and a Dutch-born consultant.

They took one quick look and they said it isn't Kreest! I agreed because I
was able to look at other records on same page and clearly showed to be the

it's vander "REDDER". Knowing the Dutch usually don't have the spelling
"Redder" so check of gazeteer and turned up Ridderkerk, by Oostendam.
Both are in Zuid-Holland province.

Clearly Frederick knew Claes from Oostendam before coming to New

There are records for Ridderkerk going back to 1521.

Methinks the hunt is now on to find him in records there.

W. David Samuelsen

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