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Subject: Re: Van Salee Genealogy
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 16:53:29 +0000

Van Salee Genealogy

I have gotten several e-mails requesting further information on the descent of
certain notables from the Van Salees.

The statement that the Van Salees were ancestors of the Vanderbilts, Whitneys,
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Humphrey Bogart is found in a treatment of the
Van Salee family at a Public Broadcasting Site:


This has been copied onto a number of other sites. The material appears to have
originated as a PBS program in the Frontline series based on research by
Professor Leo Hershkowitz of Queens University. According to this website
Jacqueline Kennedy recognized her Van Salee genealogy but insisted that the Van
Salees were Jewish. Anthony Van Salee's Koran, however, has apparently survived
and was sold at auction.

Humphrey Bogart's ancestry is on-line at


The author here has backed down a little and only will say that Antje Van Sickle
was perhaps the daughter of Ferdinand II Van Sickle. Apparently there is no
dispute that Anthony Jansen Van Salee's daughter Eva did indeed marry
Ferdinandus I Van Sickle in 1660. Their children were Ferdinand II, Margrietje,
Lambert, Reiner and Johannes. Several classic genealogies have Antje Van Sickle
as daughter of the younger Ferdinand. Antje married Hendrick Vanderveer and
became an ancestor of Humphrey Bogart.

In any event, Claes Cornelissen Van Schouw was definintely an ancestor of
Humphrey Bogart.

Best wishes,
Frank S. Crosswhite

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