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Subject: Re: [D-Col] The Van Salee Boys
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 18:54:47 EDT

Hello Frank (and other Van Salee cousins),

It's been interesting to read what's been posted over the last few weeks
about the Van Salees.

I've looked into Anthony a bit myself (but have not gone beyond secondary
sources), and there's one question for which I haven't found an answer: What
evidence links Anthony to his purported father, Jan Jansen? So far all I've
figured out is that his marriage record to Grietje says he was from a place where
Jan Jansen, the pirate, may have been at some time. I have actually backed
off on research on this line because I wasn't able to determine what evidence
supports this link. As I recall, everything I've read assumes that Jan Jansen
was Anthony's father.

Similarly, I recall that Henry Hoff, formerly of NYGBS, pubblished an article
a few years ago in the Record in which he stated (again, if I recall
correctly) that he had not found evidence linking Abraham to Anthony, or Abraham to
Jan Jansen.

These are colorful folks. I've been holding off studying them further because
I hadn't found how the connections were documented. I sincerely hope I have
overlooked the evidence for these connections. Can you, or any other Van
Salee descendant on the list, enlighten me?

Best regards,

Dave Morehouse
Hopkins, MN

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