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From: "Pamela J. Sears" <>
Subject: Re: Jacob Bries
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 18:40:52 -0400

Dear David, et al,

> I am looking for information on the family of Jacob Bries, b. ca 1681 in
> Somerset Co., NY. He married Mary Teller and had at least a daughter
> Elizabeth, b. 1707 in Somerset Co., NJ, who married Hendrick Fisher.
> Was Marretje Bries, wife of Jacobus Beerman his sister?
> David Lear

David, I suggest you access the article by William Hoffman that appeared
in TAG [Oct 1944 21:147-153]: "The Founders of the Bras(s), Brasser,
Bresser, Bries and Brazier families in America" under the title "Bries -
Long Island, Piscataway"

I have no knowledge of a Jacob Bries, b 1681 either on Long Island or in
Somerset County, NJ, nor does he appear in David Riker's New Netherland
Vital Records Directory (CD). William Hoffman's article may identify the
Marritje Bries who married Jacobus Beerman.

The wife of Hendrick Fisher of Somerset County, New Jersey, was
Elizabeth Bries, baptized 19 Oct 1703 at First Reformed Church Raritan
(Somerville), Somerset, NJ [SCHQ 2:41] Hendricksn, Folkert and
wife--Elisabet. Witnesses: Jan Thuenissen and wife. Elizabeth (Lishbe or
Lybetje) was the daughter of Volckert Hendrickszen (Bries) and his 2nd
wife Eliabeth Paulus, born soon after their removal from Brooklyn to the
Raritan. [Note: 3 children of Volckert Hendrickszen (Bries) and
Elizabeth Paulus were baptized at the Brooklyn Church prior to 1703].

Hendrick Fisher and Elizabeth Bries had 14 children, all baptized at
either the Reformed Church of New Brunswick or the First Reformed Church
Raritan in New Jersey. The first 4 were named Hendrick (bpt 8 May 1723
at New Brunswick); Elizabeth (bpt 15 Nov 1724 New Brunswick); Volckert
(bpt 1 Nov 1726 at Raritan); and Maria (bpt 14 May 1729 at Raritan);
only then followed by Neeltje (bpt 24 Oct 1731 at Raritan).

For a complete study of the children and of Hendrick Fisher himself, I
suggest you also access the Somerset County Historical Quarterly
(various numbers), but in particular Volume VIII, beginning on page 154
(although there are some errors contained therein).

Regarding Mr. Crosswhite's assertion that Georgia O'Keefe was a
descendant of Hendrick Fisher and Elizabeth Bries, I would like to know
the source he is using. Once again (as noted on John Camp's Notables
website), the "Field Genealogy Being The Record Of All The Field Family
In America, Whose Ancestors Were In This Country Prior To 1700. Emigrant
Ancestors Located In Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey,
New Hampshire, Virginia. All Descendants Of The Fields Of England, Whose
Ancestor, Hurbutus De la Field, Was From Alsace-Lorraine. Volume I." By
Frederick Clifton Pierce (1901) Hammond Press W. B. Conkey Company,
Chicago, ILL *_DOES NOT_* include the marriage of Jeremiah Field and
Sophia Sebring, and his line has not been positively identified by
anyone else.

Hendrick Fisher's daughter Elizabeth (baptized 1724) married John Field
in 1744, but they had no son named Jeremiah (only 2 daughters). Hendrick
Fisher's daughter Margaret (baptized 1743) married Teunis Field in 1770,
but they had no son named Jeremiah (and if they had, he would have been
too young to have married Sophia Sebring). [Note: the Field Genealogy
and the Somerset Co. Hist. Quarterly were both used as sources for the
Fisher/Field marriages above).

Best regards,
Pam Sears

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