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Subject: Re: Children of Mauritz Goetschius and Esther Werndtlin?
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 16:56:59 EDT

This family has been discussed various times over the years here on the List
and I seem to have collected pages of Notes contributed by various Goetschius
descendants. What disturbs/confuses me the most are the various dates of birth
for the children of the above couple, how many there were and their proper

<< From List A [May 29, 1735] --List of Switzers who arrived in Philadelphia
on the ship called Mercury, Captain William Wilson.
Qualified May 29, 1735.

GOTSCHY, Esther, 44 (1691)...Mother
GOTSCHY, Anna, 24 (1711)...Anna Katharina?
GOTSCHY, Barbara, 18 (1717)...Maria Barbara?
GOTSHY, Hendryk, 17 (1718)...Johann Heinrich?
GOTSCHY, Ester, 16 (1719)
GOTSCHY, Rodolph, 12 (1723)
GOTSCHY, Mauritz, 10 (1725)...Johannes Mauritius?
GOTSCHY, Beat, 8 (1727)...Petrus/Peter?
GOTSCHY, Magdalena, 6 (1729)...Mary Magdalena?
WUERTZ, Conrad, 26, married Anna, supposedly on 28 Oct 1734 in Neuwied
(Germany), an intermediate stop on the way toward Rotterdam. John Conrad Wertz had
been born on 30 Nov 1706 in Zurich, Switzerland; had been an assistant to Rev.
Mauritz Goetschi. >>

When one does the math, these people would have been born as shown above in
paras and Conrad Wuertz would have been born (1709).

Then, more Notes from Ethel K: (Thanks Ethel)
<< Rev. Moritz Goetschy, the son of Rodolph Goetschy and Magdalena Kolloger,
was born in Zurich on 26 September 1686. Moritz married Esther Werndlin on
July 25, 1710. Moritz and Esther moved to Berneck, a little village in the
northeast corner of Switzerland, where Moritz served as deacon under Pastor Cramer
from 1710 to 1720. Here in Berneck the first four children were born to
Moritz Goetschy and Esther Werndlin. The Taufbuch (baptismal register) shows as
follows: Maria Barbara born 2 February 1715, Anna born 12 August 1716, Johann
Heinrich born 4 March 1718 and Rudolf born 30 October 1719. >>

None of these baptismal records match the ages on the ships list other than
Johann Heinrich born 4 March 1718 whom I presume is the above "Hendryk"?

Also from Ethel:
<< In 1720 Moritz received a call to Salez, his first pastoral charge, an
even smaller village in the broad valley of the Rhine about forty miles south of
Lake Constance. The Goetschy children are listed in the Salezer Kirchenbuch
[Salez Churchbook] as follows: Beat [Peter] born 18 Sept. 1721, Johannes
Mauritius born 20 October 1723, Maria Magdalena born 5 August 1725, Steffan born 30
March 1727, died 4 July 1727, and Anna Katherina born 21 February 1729.
Daughter Esther’s birth, probably in 1720, was not found either in Berneck or in
Salez. . >>

Again, the recorded dates do not match the ship's list nor do the names
exactly. I'm especially concerned that *Johann Heinrich born 4 March 1718 * and
*Johannes Mauritius born 20 October 1723* are entirely different children, one
being the "Hendryk" on the ships list and the other being the "Mauritz" on the

And, which "Anna" married Rev. John Coenrad Wirtz/Wuertz, the one born 1716
or the one born 1729?

And, in History of New Paltz, NY and Its Old Families 1678-1820 by Ralph
Lefevre, Pg.465 is found " snip...Rev. Johannes Mauritius
Goetschius....snip....was a native of Switzerland....snip....a younger brother of Rev. J.H.
Goetschious....". This satisfies me that Rev. Johannes Mauritius Goetschius is the same
person as the *GOTSCHY, Mauritz, 10* on the ship's list and Rev. J.H.
Goetschious (Johann Henricus) is the same as *GOTSHY, Hendryk, 17 * also on the ship's

Am I getting my ducks in a row? Please, additions and corrections most

In a message dated 7/27/2006 10:08:41 PM Mountain Standard Time,
The Petrus - Peter- Piatus/Beatus Goetschi(us) question:

> Maybe you need to compile all the descendants of Rev. Johann down to the
1760 timeframe and look at all the guys named Peter who could fit.

"Rev Johann" (Heinrick) is only one line of this family. It would be better
to back up one more generation and compile the descendents of Johann's father,
Rev. Moritz Goetschi(us). He had at least three other sons besides Hendrick.

See D-Col posts Feb 2006 for more on this family. But once again: Rev. Moritz
Goetschy (the elder) had four sons, Hendryk, Rodolph, Maruritz jr., and

The family arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship "Mercury" in May, 1735,
with Rev. Moritz Goetschy, wife Esther Werndtlin, daughters Anna, Barbara, Ester
and Magdalena, and Rev. John Conrad Wertz, husband of Anna. Rev. Moritz
Goetschi(us) died soon after arriving in port at Philadelphia.

Johann Heinrich Goetschius, the oldest of the sons, was age 17 on arrival
(born c1718). If the ages given on the ship's list are right, Rodolph was born
about 1723; Maruritz jr. was born about 1725; Beatus/Pietus was born ca 1727.

Rev Moritz Goetschi(us)'s son Joh. Heinrick acted as a lay minister for a
while in the area of Skippack, Montgomery County, Pennsylvaiia, and was ordained
a few years later. According to a translation of a letter written in 1736 by
Esther, widow of the elder Rev. Mauritz Goetschi,"the three younger boys are
bound out until they are 21 years old" to repay their passage costs [translated
by Ruth & William
Heidgerd, c 1968]. These "three younger boys" were Rodolph, Mauritz jr, and
Beatus. Beatus, the youngest, would be 21 about 1748. It was about that time
when Hendrick and brothers and family moved on to the area of Schraalenburg.

Before moving to northern NJ, Heinrick probably married his first
wife, Anna Maria Hallman (Heilman) at or near Trappe PA. His younger
brother, Beatus aka Piatus, did marry his wife Catherina Elisabeth
Jurger there, not long before the family relocated to northern NJ.
That record does exist:

Good luck,
Liz J

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