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From: "Howard Swain" <>
Subject: Wife of David Gardiner, son of Lion
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 14:22:12 -0700

Hi all,

All secondary sources say that David Gardiner (b. 29 Apr 1636 at Saybrook, CT)
married Mary Herringman (or, in error, Leringman) on 4 June 1657 at
St. Margaret's Church in Westminster, England.

The Parish Register of St.Margaret's for the early years was published
by A. M. Burke in 1914. I have looked at this on LDS film #908,519.
And it does indeed show that on 4 June 1657 a "David Gardyner, gent."
married "Mary Heringman, widow."

But how do we know this is David Gardiner in England is the same as
the son of Lion then living at East Hampton?

Savage wrote in 1860-62: David Gardiner "went to London for educa.
m. 4 June 1657, Mary Lungman, a wid. of St. Margaret's Westminster"
I have found no document that says he went to England or was in England.

In 1890 C. C. Gardiner in his book on the family has the wife's name as
Mary Leringman. He also found documents in the East Hampton Town Records
that David witnessed in May 1656 and June 1658 (and apprently none in between).
So, he _could_ have been in England in June 1657.

In 1914 the parish register was published as described above.

In 1927 John Lion Gardiner published a book on the Gardiner family.
He apparently made use of the newly printed parish register to at last
get her last name right.

David's wife does not appear to be mentioned in the wills of his parents.
And David died suddenly without a will. In the document describing
how his sons divided up his estate, David's wife (their mother) is not
mentioned. In short, I can find no NY document that mentions even
her first name.

I should add that in looking at the printed parish records, I find that a
John Herringman and wife Mary had dau. Mary born in 1654 and son
Aaron born in 1656. Later in 1656 both the child Mary and John Herringman die.
This appears to be the family of the widow Mary Herringman who
married a David Gardyner in 1657. But if so, what happened to son Aaron?

So, is this another "names the same" mistake? And is the wife of David
Gardiner actually unknown? It sure seems to me that the present view
is unproven.

Does anyone have any further evidence?


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