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Subject: [DUTCH-COLONIES] Ysselstein
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 20:07:54 EST

I am new to this list. Upon researching the archives of the List, I have
discovered there is a lot to learn from you. I am a Yazel family historian for
the past 20 years and have researched all the lines of Yazel across the US
country. My many-great grandfather Jacob Yazel resided in Bucks County, PA in
1776 and appears in the census as " Jacob Yazel". I also know that a Jacob
Ysselstein resided as a church treasurer with a church in Bethlehem, PA at the
same time.

It is my theory that my Jacob Yazel ( 1758-1840) shortened his name at the
time of the Revolutionary War,....for what ever reason. I am trying to
connect him to the Ysselsteins. His name 'Jacob' fits the pattern of naming. Upon
reading the Archives I know that an Issac Ysselstein was in the area with 6
daughters. My Jacob had a son named Issac.

My ancestor Jacob Yazel's children have the same names of the Ysselstein
family, the first bearing Abraham. His wife's name is Ann Ursala Deger.

I am hoping that someone in this group can help me connect the 2 families of
Ysselstein and Yazel.

I have several questions as well:

1. How are Marten Cornelise Ysselstein and Cornelius Martense Ysselstein
related..per the Archives of Sept 2006 ??

2. Is there any 'Deger' family history in Dutch history 1600-1800's ???

3. Is there any movement of Dutch ancestry to western Maryland, as that is
where my Jacob choose to go.

4. And through the archives, I learn that the Ysselsteins were Tories, as
my Jacob Yazel proved to be in his life.

5. And lastly, I have exhausted our State Library in Columbus, Ohio for
this research. Where can I go to learn more ??

Thanks for any help !!

Paula Sprouse
Yazel Family Historian
Lancaster, OH

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