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From: Barbara de Mare <>
Subject: Re: [DUTCH-COLONIES] Which Abraham LOTT?
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 21:25:30 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks, Pam, for checking them out for us all.


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Barbara and Liz,

Liz wrote:

> I found the following and am wondering just which Abraham LOTT was
> the offender here.

> From the "Minutes of the Commissioners for Detecting and Defeating
> in the State of New York", Albany County Sessions, 1778-1781,
> edited by Victor Hugo Patsits, State Historian, Volume I:1778-1779,
> p.125: "Received a Letter from Major Goes informing that he sent
> to us under Guard Abraham Lot and Charles Simmon who were
> concerned in the Robbery at Van Ness's at Kinderhook -- <snip>

To which Barbara replied:

> Abraham Lott (1722-1794) is the right age. One of his three wives
> was Maria Van Alstyne, of a Kinderhook family. I don't know the
> Dutch form of Maria, but I think this one is definitely worth
> checking further as a possibility. My sources for this person:
> <snip>

I don't think this Abraham P. Lot, nor his cousin Abraham Lot (his wife
was Geertruyd Coeymans), both living in New York City, were candidates
to have snuck off to Kinderhook to commit robbery.

From "The Lott Family in America" by A. V. Phillips; pub. by Edwards
Bros., Inc., Ann Arbor. Michigan 1942

Page 29
Abraham Lott (wife was Geertruyd Coeymans)

He commenced a mercantile business in the city of New York which he
carried on for many years. He occasionally officiated as Clerk of the
Colonial Assembly, and was subsequently appointed Treasurer of the
Colony of New York, Dec. 12, 1767, which office he held until the year
1776. Both Abraham and Abraham P. Lott, were April 13,1784, members of
the Chamber of Commerce, when it was incorporated by the New York
Legislature, after the British evacuation. (n13)

Page 30
Abraham P. Lott (married Cornelia Rapalje, Jannetje Goelet, Maria Van

Abraham P. Lott and Mary his wife convey to Isaac Roosevelt; in 1775, he
was appointed Colonel of the 3rd N.Y. City Regt. (Mil. Ret); Delegate to
the 3rd & 4th Provincial Congresses, Member of Assembly 1777 thru 1783.
In 1783, he joined in an address to Gov. Clinton and Geo. Washington;
1786, Abraham P. Lott, Esq., Alderman, Maiden Lane; Member of the Gen.
Soc. Mechanics & Tradesmen; May 3, 1790, Abraham P. Lott, conveys land
to Rev. Isaac Blauvelt, of Fishkill, "son-in-law" property which was "in
trust" to Abm P. Lott.

Mary Van Alstyne was the daughter of Mattheus Van Alstyne (bpt Albany),
who was another prominent merchant of New York City, and she was
baptized in the New York Reformed Dutch Church. Yes, she had many
cousins in Kinderhook, but they were not closely associated.

I do not know which Abraham Lott robbed the Van Ness's in Kinderhook,
and the Van Ness surname is not listed in the book by Mr. Phillips.

Pam Sears

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