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Subject: Re: [DUTCH-COLONIES] Who is Weyntie Elberts,widow of Aert Willemszen?
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 14:57:20 -0700
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Hi all,

As usual, Ethel has started a very interesting discussion.

Re. Elbert Elbertszen --
There is an interesting item on him in Van Tienhoven’s Nov 1650 answer to the
Remonstrance of Van der Donck. Van Tienhoven discusses the dozen or so men
who signed it.

“ELBERT ELBERTZEN, arriving in the country as a farm lad, was about 10 or eleven years in
Wouter van Twiller’s service, and has never had any land of his own. About three years
ago he married the widow of Gerrit Wolphertsen (brother of the abovementioned Jacob van
Couwenhoven), ...”
see: O’Callaghan, E.B., and Berthold Fernow, trans. Documents Relative to the Colonial
History of the State of New York. 15 vols. Albany: Weed, Parsons and Company, 1856-1887;
p. 432.

This ties in nicely with the record in Van Rensselaer Bowier Mss. showing him
coming sometime after Dec 29, 1637 on the Calmer Sleutel as I mentioned before
to be a farmhand for Kiliaen van R. Say for 3 years. Then 10 years with
Wouter van Twiller [I assume someplace on Manhattan] gets us to 1650.

Also, the 1687 Oath list for Kings co. (Flatlands) shows Elbert Elbertse has been in
this country for 50 years.

The Elbert Elbertsz. coming as a farmhand in 1637 is listed as 18 years old.
Elbert Elbertsen gave a deposistion in 1644. He is shown there as 24 years old.
NYHMs.: Dutch Register of the Prov. Sec. vol. II, p.231-232.

Sometime in the mid 1650s he moved to Amersfoort (Flatlands).
Interestingly, at that time Albert Albertszen (Terhune) also lived in Amersfoort.

An abstract of the will of “Elbert Elberts Stoothoffe” is shown in the TAG
article mentioned by Pam in vol. 45, p. 179. This mentions children
Gerrit, Heyltie, and Aegie.

Therefore, I believe Renee is right and that this baptism:
12 June 1650 Albert Albertszen; Heyltje; Aert Willemszen and wife
is really the dau. of Elbert Elbertszen. This gives us a nice mutual witnessing
between Elbert Elbertszen and Aert Willemszen and wife.
I have looked to see if I could find any evidence (other than this) that this
Heyltie might be a Terhune, but could find none.

But, as I said earlier, one would need to look in Nijkerk to determine for
sure whether Elbert Elbertszen Stoothoff was related to Weyntie Elberts and
if so, precisely how.


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Subject: [DUTCH-COLONIES] Who is Weyntie Elberts, widow of Aert Willemszen?

Who is Weyntie Elberts? Is she a Stoothoff ?

Weyntie Elberts married (1) Aert Willemszen, four children (2) Cornelis
Aertszen Van Schaik, no issue.

My ancestor Cornelis Aertsen Van Schaik married (1) Belitje Hendricks,
four children (2) Weyntje Elberts
10 July 1662, no issue found.

First marriage of Cornelis Aaertsen Van Schaik:
Cornelis Aertsen Van Schaik married (1) Belitje Hendricks 1 July 1649.
"16 June 1640 - Cornelis Arentss van Woerden, living in the Brouwerstraat,
30 years of age, and Belitgie Heyndrix van Aernhem, living in the
Jaelemerstraat?, having no parents, 28 years of age. They were married 1 July 1640
in Sloterdijk." [Marriage recorded in margin]. SOURCE: Register of Marriage
Banns, Amsterdam, Netherlands. DTB Amsterdam 454, p.165 - translated by
Peter Nouwt. [Hopper Genealogy Appendix D p.245]

Second marriage of Cornelis Aertsen Van Schaik:
"Cornelis Aertszen, Wedr. Van Belitje Hendricks, en Weyntje Elberts, Wede.
Van Aert Willemszen."
Banns: 10 July 1662. New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church [NYDC 1:28]

Ethel Kay Konight

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