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From: "Lorrie-Anne Monte" <>
Subject: Eagleton CT-NY-IN-MI
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 00:53:14 +0000

This is what I have of my line so far...
If you can connect at all, I would love to hear from you or if I made any
errors please feel free to tell me that also.

Eggleston, Eccleston, Ecclestone, Eglison, Eagleton, Eagleston etc Lineage

In this country
Bygod (Beget) Eggleston 1586-1674Mary Wall
-Joseph b.1651-?
--Joseph b.1677-d.1767Sarah Mott
---Isaac b.1713-d.1787Anna Browning
----Isaac b.1735-d.1780/90Mary Partelow
-----Isaac b.1757-d.1798Comfort Geer
------Allen Eagleton b.1790 or 1792 Hebron, Washington, NY
Married: Malinda Taylor b.1797 Holland, Erie NY-1870
Richard Eagleton b:Aug 1827 NY-d.26 Mar 1912
Married 1861 to Margaret P. b.Sept 1833 PA-d.26 Mar 1912 Lagrange, IN
*Mariah Eagleton Female b.1848 IN
*George A, Eagleton Male b. 1861
Married: Marietto E. Maitho b.1869
*Mae E. Eagleton Female b. 1863 Newton, Jasper, IL
Married: Charles Edgar Pettyjohn b.15 Apr 1861 Woodford, IL-d.1922
Elmore Earl Pettyjohn Male b.26 Jul 1887 Chicago, Cook, IL
Married: Lillianna Mary Katterman Female b. 1863 IL
Child: Phyliss Pettyjohn Female b.1910
Married: Doug Ockerman b. 19 Oct 1920
Austin Earl Pettyjohn
Married: Living Caldwell
Children: Phyliss J. Pettyjohn 1922
Iona M. Pettyjohn 1929
*Bell Phebe Eagleton b.1863 IL
*Frank Eagleton b.1866 IN
*Ida Elenora Eagleton b.1868 IN

Allen Eagleton b.1823 NY married Elizabeth Bishop b.1826 OH
*Frances Eagleton 1850 NY,
*Grump or Trump Eagleton 1856 IN,
*Richard D. Eagleton Dec 1857 IN-1930 MI
Married Alice M b.1871-d.1930
William A. Eagleton Jan 1889
Richard Glenn Eagleton. 1 May 1895 MI
1st Marriage: Mary C. 1890 and they had Mildred C. Eagleton 1919
2nd Marriage Frances M. 1905 MI and they had Betty J. Eagleton 1925 MI
*Hannah Eagleton b.1860 IN
*Elderetta Eagleton b. 1862 IN
*Charles H. Eagleton b.Jan 1866 MI
Betsey Eagleton b.1827 OH
Susan Eagleton b.1832 NY-20 Nov 1880 Goshen, IN
Married: 1851 in Yates County, NY
To: James Madison Hall b.7 Feb 1828 Penn Yann, Yates, NY-d.3 Apr 1918
Kendallville, Noble, IN
*Mary Addie Hall 1854-March 23, 1857 IN
*Lillian Hall b.1866 IN-1880
*Simmie Lula Hall b.21 Nov 1869 Lagrange, IN-12 Jan 1934 South Bend, IN
Married: Myron Ford b. 1865 IN
Glen L. Ford b.5 Mar 1888 Lagrange, IN
Married: Mary Murry
Retha or Beth B. Ford b.1918 Steuben, IN
Married: Robert Fagan
Child: Portia
Bessie (Elizabeth) Ford b.1894-d.20 Jun 1951 Southbend, IN
Married: Jack Billingsly b.?-d.1943 Southbend, IN
Betty Jean Billingsly
Married: ?
Children: Nelson Edward and David Malcolm
Margaret (Peggy) Billingsly
*Earnest Renan Hall b.25 Feb 1872 Lagrange, IN-d.1 May 1945 Portland, Jay,
Married: 25 Jul 1896
To: Rosa Elnora (Ella) Coolman) b. 28 Nov 1881 Huntington, IN-8 Feb 1922
Jay, IN
Thelma Maurine Hall b.9 May 1899-23 Aug 1899 Huntington, IN
Max Coolman Hall b.11 Jun 1900 Markle, Huntington, IN-12 Jul 1960 Killbuck,
Linnie Gail Hall b.4 Apr 1902 Markle, Huntington, IN-d.9 Sep 1955 Laleland,

Henry Eagleton b.July 1834 NY-15 Nov 1909 Clearspring, Lagrange Married:
Sarah Bishop had Child: Elisha Taylor Eagleton

James E. Eagleton b.1847 IN
Married.in 1873 to Josephine Dipley b.1855, Syracuse, NY-d.1877
*Lorin Homer Eagleton 1873 MI
Married: 19 May 1899 Traverse City, MI
To: Magdalena Kohler 25 Sept 1868 Sutton Bay, MI-8 Sep 1950 Traverse City,
Child: Ralph William Eagleton 29 Nov 1899 Traverse City, MI
Married: 26 May 1930
To:Pearlena Katherine Worm (Wurm)
Born:25 May 1910 Hannah, MI
Died: Feb 1996 Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI
Children: 3 living Eagletons
*Lillie B. Eagleton 1877 MI
*Charles Allen Eagleton b.7 Nov 1895 MI
Married in 1921 to Nora O. b.11 Jul 1901 MI-13 Jun 1994 Kalamazoo,
Kalamazoo, MI
Child: Barbra L. Eagleton Female 1922 MI

Frances M. Eagleton Female 1849 NY

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