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Subject: [EAMES] Cpt. Jesse Eames of Dutchess County NY 1829
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Eames Burial Ground

The " Eames Burial Ground" is located off a major hiking trail in the Mills-Norrie State Park in Staatsburg, New York. This cemetery is located about half way between the Norrie Point end and the Mills Mansion end of the trail. In 1789 Captain Jesse Eames and Captain Isaac Russell bought lot number six of the Pawling Purchase from Christian Bergh and settled on the land, where they spent the remainder of their lives. This burial ground was used by the Eames family and contains the follow eleven known gravesites:

1. Cox, Eliza Abby (Hughes), wife of A. E. Cox, M. D., & daughter of David M. & Marcia (Selkrig) Hughes, died 14 Mar 1860, age 38 years and 5 months.

2. Eames, Dorothy, wife of Captain Jesse, b. at Sherbridge, Conn., died 08 Mar1813, age 71 years.

3. Eames, Henry, son of Captain Jesse, born at East Sudbury, Mass., 10 Nov 1783, died 08 May 1833.

4. Eames, Jesse Jr., son of Captain Jesse & Betsey, born in Framingham, Mass., 26 Jun 1764, died 17 Aug 1793, age 29 years.

5. Eames, Captain Jesse, born at Farmingham, Mass., died 07 May 1829, age 90 years.

6. Hughes, Angelo, Jr., son of David M. & Marcia (Selkreg) Hughes, died 06 Feb 1831, age 1 years 9 months.

7. Selkreg, Betsey, wife of Captain John, born at Sudbury, 12 OCT 1778, died 22 Aug 1825, age 47 years.

8. Selkreg, John, born at Wolcott, 31 Jan 1774, died 06 Dec 1829 age 55 years.

9. Selkreg, John W., died age 11 wks. 1 days.

10. Selkreg, Mary L., died age 2 wks., 5 days.

11. Wooldridge, John, born in Essex Co., England, died 14 May 1829, age 76 years and 11 months.

This cemetery was restored by a boy scout working towards his eagle scout ranking. Many stone are broken and some are missing.

My interest in this cemetery stems from John Wooldridge. He is believed to be the father of John Wooldridge, of Chenango County, New York, who is one on my direct ancestors. I am curious about the relationships between the Eames, Selkreg and Wooldridge families and am trying to determine what that relationship was. It appears that John Wooldridge may have married one of Jesse Eames's daughters. The known daughters by his first marriage are accounted for. If he married Polly Eames, a daughter by the second marriage, it would have been both their second marriages. Polly Eames married 1st a man whose last name was Spencer. The names of John's wife or wives are still unknown and he may have married an unknown daughter of Jesse's 1st marriage? Polly could not have been the mother to his two older sons who were born 1788-1790 as she was born in 1781. His tombstone reads: "John Wooldridge born at Essex Co. Eng died at Staatsburgh May 11, 1829 aged 76 years & 11 months. !
This would make his birth date 11 May 1752. It appears that John Wooldridge had two sons who lived in Dutchess County: William T. Wooldridge of Pine Plains and John W. Wooldridge who moved on to Smyrna in Chenango County, New York by 1820. Census records also indicate there were daughters.

Captain Jesse Eames was a soldier of the Revolutionary War and served Massachusetts during that war. He was born 14 July 1738-39 in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts and died on 07 May 1829 in Staatsburg, New York. He commanded a company of Militia at the Lexington Alarm. He married Betsy Bent who died in Framingham on 14 Feb 1776, leaving him with six children:

Timothy Eames b. 09 Sep 1762
Jesse Eames b. 05 Jun 1765 and lived in Staatsburg, NY
Betty Eames b. 01 May 1766 died at the age of 10 years
Ezra Eames b. 05 May 1768 and lived in Albany, NY
Polly Eames b. 19 April 1771 died at the age of 5 years
Sally Eames b. 03 May 1773 married Ezekiel Mulford and lived in Staatsburg, NY

According to the town records Captain Jesse "Ames" married a second time on 08 Apr 1777 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts to Mrs. Dorothy Brown of Sturbridge. The intention to marry was filed in Framingham. Her maiden name was not recorded. They had children:

Bette Emes b. 12 Oct 1778 in Wayland/East Sudbury, MA
Polle Emes b. 21 Aug 1781 in Wayland/East Sudbury, MA
Henry Emes b. 10 Nov 1783 in Wayland/East Sudbury, MA

East Sudbury separated from Sudbury and later became known as Wayland, Massachusetts.

Note: This Bette Emes was the Betsy Selkrig, wife of John Selkrig. It is possible that this Polle Emes may have married 2nd to John Wooldridge or he may have married an unknown daughter of the first marriage. If this conjecture is true this would connect these three families. Proof of these marriages has not been found.

Jesse Eames made a will in 1813 and it was probated just after his death in 1829. In it he names sons, Jesse, Ezra and Henry and daughters, Sally Mulford, Polly Spencer and Betsy Selkregg. In the codicil to this will dated 1825 he indicates that daughter, Betsy Selkreg had died.

According to records found at www.rootsweb.com Jesse Eames was the son of Henry and Ruth (Newton) Eames of Framingham, Massachusetts. Henry Eames was born on 28 Apr 1698 and died on 16 May 1761 in Framingham, Massachusetts. Henry married Ruth Newton who was born on 11 Mar 1721/22 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Their children were:

Phineas Eanes b. 1723
Mary Eames b. 1725
Henry eames b. 1726
Ruth Eames b. 1727
Gershom Eames b. 1728
Hannah Eames b. 1731
Timothy Eames b. 1732
Betty Eames b. 1734
Lydia Eames b. 1736
Jesse Eames b. 25 Jul 1738/39
John Eames b. 1734

Henry Eames was the son of John and Elizabeth Eames. John Eames was born on 06 Oct 1642 in Dedham, Massachusetts and died on 14 Dec 1733. Elizabeth's maiden name has not been found. John Eames married 1st, Mary . and their children were

Mary Eames b. 1676
Martha Eames b. 1678
Margaret Eames b. 1681

John married 2nd on 04 Jun 1659 Elizabeth . and their children were:

Pricilla Eames b. 02 Feb 1682/83
Elizabeth Eames b. 11 Apr 1685
John Eames b. 04 Jan 1687
Thomas Eames b. 22 Jul 1694
Mary Eames b. 04 Jan 1697
Henry Eames b. 28 Apr 1698
Abigail Eames b. 09 Mar 1705

John Eames was the son of Thomas and Margaret Eames.

The 1790 census of East Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts contains:

Jesse Eames and family

The 1790 census of Sherburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetss contains:

Isaac Russell and family

The 1800 census of Clinton in Dutchess County, New York contains:

John Selkregg and family
Jesse Ames and family
Isaac Russell and family

The 1810 census of Clinton in Dutchess County, New York contains:

John Selkregs and family
Jesse Emes and family
Isaac Russel and family

The 1810 census of Amenia in Dutchess County, New York contains:

John Wooldrig and family
John Woldridge and family

It is not clear if this is an error or if there were two separate families?

The 1820 census of Clinton in Dutchess County, New York contains:

John Selkrig and family
Jesse Ames and family
Isaac Russell and family
John Wooldridge and family

John Selkreg, Jesse Eames and John Wooldridge all died in 1829.

John Selkreg was born 31 Jan 1774 in Wolcott, New Haven County, Connecticut. Wolcott was known as Farmingbury before it was known as Wolcott. John Selkreg died on 06 Dec 1829. John's known children were:

John W. Selkreg died young
Mary L. Selkreg died young

Note: John Selkrig's tombstone gives his birth year as 1774 not 1775.

According to records found at www.rootsweb.com John Selkreg's parents were John and Irene (Hopkins) Selkrig who married on 29 Nov 1764 in Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut. Irene was the daughter of Isaac and Mercy (Hickox) Hopkins. John and Irene (Hopkins) Selkrig had children:

Silvia Selkrig b. 30 Sep 1765 in Wolcott, CT
Chloe Selkrig b. 05 Mar 1767 in Wolcott, CT
Osee Selkrig b. 17 Oct 1768 in Wolcott, CT
Jesse Selkrig b. 17 Oct 1768 in Wolcott, CT
Irene Selkrig b. 06 Jun 1771 in Wolcott, CT
John Selkrig b. 31, Jan 1775 in Wolcott, CT
Orpha Selkrig b. 21 Feb 1777 in Wolcott, CT
Mark Selkrig b. 05 Jun 1780 in Wolcott, CT

This John Selkrig was the son of William Selkrig/Selkrigg who married Judeth Mallaree on 10 Dec 1733 in Waterbury, CT. Selkrig/Selkreg is of Scottish origins and is believed to derive from a parish known as Selkirk. William Selkrigg was probably born in Scotland but the location has not been determined. William and Judeth Selkrigg had children:

John Selkrigg b. 05 Jun 1734 in Middletown, Connecticut
Nathaniel Selkrigg b. 03 Apr 1735 in Middletown, Connecticutt
Allyn Selkrigg b. 11 Sep 1738
Marion Selkrigg b. 08 Jan 1739/40
Mellesent Selkrigg b. 06 Dec 1742
Else Selkrigg b. 11 Nov 1744
William Selkrigg b. 15 Feb 1746/47
Sarah Selkrigg b. 12 Mar 1750/51
Meriam Selkrigg b. 08 Jan 1752
William Selkrigg b. 24 Apr 1753

Captain Isaac Russell, also a Revolutionary War Soldier for Massachusetts, and his wife are buried in the St. James's Church Cemetery north of the village of Hyde Park, Dutchess County, New York. He died in 1821. Hyde Park is also a township in Dutchess County, which includes Staatsburg.

Isaac Russell was born on 08 Mar 1749-50 in Sherburne, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He was the son of Thomas and Hannah (Coolidge) Russell. On 05 Feb 1778 in Sherburne he married Hannah Fairbanks. Isaac Russell died on 28 Feb 1821 and his wife on 06 Jun 1845 and are buried in Hyde Park, New York. His Revolutionary War Pension file indicates that he had 10 children and names only those living as of 1845 and they were:

James Russell of Hyde Park, New York
Isaac Russell of Rhinebeck, New York
Rhoda Amerman or Ammerman
Martha Paulding.
Records found at www.rootsweb.com give the known children as:
Isaac Russell b. 1778
Hannah Russell b. 01 May 1788 in Staatsburg, NY
Isaac Fairbanks Russell b. 1790 in Dutchess County, NY
James Russell b. 24 Sep 1779
Rhoda Russell b. 28 Apr 1781
Polly Russell b. 15 Apr 1783
Persis Russell b. 15 Mar 1785

Thomas Russell was born on 26 Jun 1705 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts and was the son of John and Elizabeth (Palmer) Russell of Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Thomas married Hannah Coolidge in apr of 1732 in Sherburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Their son was:

Isaac Russell b. 11 May 1750 in Sherburn, Massachusetts

John Russell was born on 01 Aug 1662 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts and was the son of John and Sarah (Champney) Russell also of Woburn. John died on 26 Jul 1717 in Woburn. Their children were:

John Russell b. 20 Sep 1683
Joseph Russell b. 03 Oct 1685
Stephen Russell b. 25 Aug 1687
Elizabeth Russell b. 21 Jun 1690
Samuel Russell b. 16 Jul 1692
Sarah Russell b. 15 Oct 1694
Ruth Russell b. 16 Jan 1699
Jonathan Russell b. 07 Nov 1700
Mary Russell b. 02 Mar 1703
Thomas Russell b. 26 Jun 1705

John Russell was born about 1641 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts and was the son of John and Elizabeth (Baker) Russell. John Russell married Sarah Champney on 31 Oct 1661 in Woburn. John Russell died on 21 Dec 1680 in Boston, Massachusetts. Their children were:

John Russell b. 01 Aug 1662
Joseph Russell b. 15 Jan 1663
Thomas Russell b. 05 Jan 1666/67
Samuel Russell b. 03 Feb 1668
Sarah Russell b. 10 Feb 1671
Elizabeth Russell b. 19 Feb 1673
Jonathan Russell b. 06 Aug 1675
Ruth Russell b. about 1679

Note: Some records indicate John Russell was born in 1646 but it is not likely as he would have not married and be having children by 1661/62 as he would have been only 16 years old at that time.

This John Russell was born about 1616 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Elizabeth Baker was born about 1619 in Penton Grafton, Weyhill, Hampshire, England. John Russell and Elizabeth Baker were married on 13 May 1645 in Woburn, Suffolk, County, Massachusetts. There known children were:

John Russell b. about 1641
Mary Russell b. about 1645 in Charleston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Samuel Russell b. about 1647
Joseph Russell b. 06 May 1650 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

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