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Subject: Re: Looking for EASLEYS
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Whew! This was a big one that exceeded our size limit. Therefore, I will
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From: Veasleyd <>
Date: 04/06/98 08:59 PM

In a message dated 98-04-06 20:46:00 EDT, you write:

<< William Green Easley b. abt 1846 Missouri -- parents both b. in
+ Sarah Elizabeth Kelling b. abt 1849 ?? -- parents both b. in Tennessee

Kyla, I'm afraid that this is another "unconnected" line, but the following
data should give you something to work with. This family came out of
Mississippi, not out of Missouri. Virginia


?.1 William M. Easley, b. 1800-1804/19 January 1804, TN--d. 2 March 1888,
Alcorn Co., MS. 1880 census said his parents also b. TN. Came before 1850
Tishomingo Co., MS by way of Alabama. 1850 U.S. Census, Tishomingo Co.,
1850 bought land from Sarah Smith (in the Tishomingo Co., MS, 1850 census,
Levi Smith and wife Sarah were on p. 35r, #480/480). 1883 sold land to
Charles and Albert.
m. (1) Nancy , who d. c. 1840;
m. (2) Charlotte Smith, b. c. 1824/15 August 1823, TN--d. 1 February 1879,
Tishomingo Co., MS.

NOTE BY VED: See possibly, Miller Easley m. 1820-25, Maury Co., TN, Nancy
Duncan. NOTE: Alexander, Virginia Wood, and Rose Harris Priest, Maury
County, Tennessee Marriage Records 1807-1837. [Columbia, TN]: Mimeograph,
1962. p. 24: Page 44. Miller Earley to Nancy Duncan, Zion Record, Jan. 1,
1820. NOTE BY VED: Seems too early for a man b. in 1804.

NOTE: Information written by Mrs. J.H. Lamm in 1968 indicated that this
family moved back and forth from Maury Co., TN, to Tishomingo Co., MS. No
documentation provided.
Tishomingo Co., TN, formed 1838; Alcorn Co., MS, formed 1870 from part of

NOTE BY VED: The 1830 and 1840 computerized census indexes of Alabama do
provide any clear identification for this man. It might be worth looking
the William "Easbey" indexed in Pike Co., AL, in 1830, since an Allen
is indexed in the same county. However, a much more logical migration path
from Tennessee into Mississippi would be across the northwestern corner of
Alabama: not down in the southeastern portion.

NOTE: James D. Easley, Three Centuries of Easley Genealogy, has some
incomplete information on this line, pp. 180-184, under the heading, "The
Hampton-Carruthers-Easley Family of South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi

1840 Federal Census, MS: not yet checked.

Stanford, Laverne, comp., 1837 State Census, 1845 State Census, Tishomingo
County Mississippi. Ripley, MS: Old Timer Press, 1981.
1837--no Easley entries.
1845, p. 26 [p. 21, col. 2]: Charles McCewn, G.W. Graham, Samuel Rankin,
Dinson, Wm. Easley (6 males, 3 females), Daniel Easley (4 males, 2
James Smith, Drura Boshears, Berry Boshears; James Maner, Anderson Butler,
John Hill, Pattrick Dial, Henry Boshears, John McHugh.

1850 U.S. Census, 4th District, Northern Division, Tishomingo Co., MS:
M432, Roll 382, p. 36, #486/486: Wm. Easley, 50, white, male, farmer,
b. TN; Charlotte, 24, b. TN; William, 18, b. AL; Lucinda, 14, b. AL; Levi,
b. AL; Jasper, 8, b. MS; Louisa, 7, b. MS; Gilbert, 6/12, b. MS; L.D.
21, male, b. AL. [Miss. Gene. Soc. Bull., undated photocopy, transcribed
William's age as 59; Charlotte's age as 26; gave the date as 16 October
p. 71.]

1850 U.S. Census, 4th District, Northern Division, Tishomingo Co., MS:
M432, Roll 382, p. 36, #487/487: Danl Easley, 55, male, b. TN; Richd, 19,
AL; Lorenzo, 15, b. AL; David, 13, b. AL.

1860 U.S. Census, Tishomingo Co., MS: NARS M653, Roll 593, p. 97,
William Easley, 55, male, farmer, $1000/$1000, b. TN; Charlotte, 37, b. TN;
Newton, 12, b. TN; Gilbert, 10, b. TN; Martha, 8, b. TN; Nancy, 1, b. TN.

1870 U.S. Census, Town 1, Range 5, Alcorn Co., MS: NARS M593, Roll 720, p.
260r, #8/8: Easley, Wm., 66, male, white, farmer, $1000/$975, b. TN;
Charlotte, 40, b. TN; Newton, 31, b. TN; Gilbert, 20, b. MS; Jane, 16, b.
Nancy, 12, b. MS; Charley, 10, b. MS; Albert, 6, b. MS.

NOTE BY VED: Have not checked 1880 census of Alcorn Co., MS, for him.
not obtained probate record for him.

Information received from Verla H. Hand, 127 East Villanova Dr., Claremont,

Those working on this line included: Mrs. Cornelius E. Easley; Alvesta
Powell, 1222 N. Ross, Tyler, TX 75701; Wanda Perry (Mrs. Wayne K.) Arnold,
1209 Mulcahy St., Rosenberg, TX 77471; other address, Wanda Perry Arnold,
Reinecke Rd., Victoria, TX 77905-2616 (1995).

?.1.1 Samuel F. Easley, b. 5 September 1824, TN--prob. d. in Wise Co., TX.
m. 8 February 1848, Alcorn Co. [sic], MS, Mary A. S./C. Montgomery, b. c.
1827, TN. 1854 sold land to William Easley. According to family
he went c. 1860 to Wise Co., TX. J.D. Easley said he came to Wise County
his brothers just before or just after the Civil War, and settled in the
southeastern part of the county near Paradise. He and his wife died after
or three of their children were grown.

NOTE: Not in TX census index for 1860 or 1870.

1850 U.S. Census, 4th District Northern Division, Tishomingo Co., MS: NARS
M432, Roll 382, p. 38, #508/508: Saml Easly, 27, farmer, $80, b. TN; Mary
23, f. TN; William, 1, b. MS; Elizabeth Montgomery, 60, f, b. TN; Peter
Montgomery, 15, m, b. TN. [Miss. Gene. Soc. Bull., undated photocopy, gave
75, date 17 October 1850.]
NOTE: Residing next door to the household of David Montgomery.

?.1.1.1 William G. Easley, b. c. 1849. m.c. 1877, Sarah E. , b.c.
1861, TX.

1880 U.S. Census, E.D. 128, Wise Co., TX: NARS T9, Roll 1333, p. 175r,,
#185/185: Easley, Wm. G., white, male, 32, farmer, b. MS, parents b. TN;
Sarah E., 19, wife, b. TX, parents b. TN; Lula D., 2, dau., b. TX.

?. Lula D. Easley, b.c. 1878, TX.

?.1.1.2 Peter H. Easley, b.c. 1856, MS.

1880 U.S. Census, E.D. 128, Wise Co., TX: NARS T9, Roll 1333, p. 175r,
#188/188: Peter H. Easley, white, male, wr, farmer, b. MS, parents b. TN;
Bud, 22, brother, b. [MS? MO?], parentsb. TN; Adaline, 17, sister, b. TX;
Susan, 15, sister, b. TX; Ezra, 13, brother, b. TX.

?.1.1.3 "Bud" Easley, b.c. 1858, MS [or MO?].

?.1.1.4 Adaline Easley, b.c. 1863, TX.

?.1.1.5 Susan Easley, b.c. 1865, TX.

?.1.1.6 Ezra Q. Easley, b.c. 1867, TX.

?.1.2 John Quincy Easley, b. 17 July 1826, AL--d. 28/29 March 1899, Boyd,
Wise Co., TX. Bur. Friendship Cemetery. m. 3 February 1846, Alcorn Co.
Tishomingo Co.), MS, Jane McHughes, b. June 1818/c. 1827, TN--d. Parker,TX,
bur. Friendship Cem., Boyd, Wise Co., TX. dau. of John McHughes. Held land
miles from the TN line, bought in 1848 from Washington and Louisa Graham.

1850 U.S. Census, 4th District, Northern Division, Tishomingo Co., MS:
M432, Roll 382, p. 37, #496/496: John Easley, 25, male, farmer, $75, b.
Jane, 23, b. TN; Willm, 5, b. MS; John, 2, b. MS. [Miss. Gene. Soc. Bull.,
undated photocopy, said p. 73, dated 16 October 1850.]

1860 U.S. Census, Tishomingo Co., MS: NARS M653, Roll 593, p. 94,
John Easley, 34, male, farmer, $600/$400, b. AL; Jane, 34, b. TN; William,
b. MS; John, 10, b. MS; General, 7, b. MS; Levi, 2, b. MS; Nancy E., 2, b.
MS--the last two noted as twins.

1870 U.S. Census, Town 1, Range 5, Alcorn Co., MS: NARS M593, Roll 720, p.
260, #2/2: Easley, Jno., 43, male, white, farmer, $400/$385, b. AL; Jane,
f, b. TN; Marion, 13, m, b. MS; Lewis [sic], 12, m, b. MS; Nancy, 12, f, b.
MS; Mary, 10, f, b. MS; Benton, 4, m, b. MS; Sam, 2, m, b. MS; John, 22, m,
MS; Mat, 20, f, b. MS.

1880 U.S. Census, E.D. 128, Wise Co., TX: NARS T9, Roll 1333, p. 184,
#224/224: Easley, John Q., white, male, 52, b. AL, parents b. AL; Jane,
wife, b. TN, parents b. TN; Levi, 21, b. MS; Mary, 19, b. MS; Bluton, 14,
MS; Samuel, 13, b. MS; Charles, 8, b. TX; Loftis, Nancy E., 21, daughter,
MS; Loftis, Wm. F., 1, grandson, b. TX.

?.1.2.1 William Green Easley, b. c.1845/27 April 1847, Alcorn Co., MS.--d.
9 February 1905, Healdton, OK. m. 1 November 1885, Chico, TX, Nancy
Nelson (Bible Rec.).

1880 U.S. Census, E.D. 128, Wise Co., TX: NARS T9, Roll 1333, p. 174,
#163/163: Easley, General M, white, male, 24, farmer, b. MS, parents b.
Nancy, 17, wife, b. TN, parents b. TN; Wm. G., 34, boarder, b. MS, parents

?. Nancy Ellen Easley. m. Herrin.

?. Verla Herrin. m. Hand.

?.1.2.2 John Randolph Easley, b. 19 December 1848, Alcorn Co., MS--d. 10
December 1927, Iowa Park, TX. m. Martha Briley, b.c. 1850, MS.

1870 U.S. Census, see in household of his father. No children listed on
1880 census.

Grandfather of Wanda Perry Arnold.

?. William Thomas Benton Easley, b. 1867 or 1876, Ripley,
Lauderdale Co., TN.

?. Caroline A. E. Easley, b. c. 1875, MS.

?.1.2.3 General Marion Easley, b. c. 1853/1856/1857, Alcorn Co., MS--d.
1935, Lindsey, OK. m. Paralee Klebarger [family group sheet sent by Verla
Hand gives her name as Paralee Inkleborboges].

1880 U.S. Census, E.D. 128, Wise Co., TX: NARS T9, Roll 1333, p. 174,
#163/163: Easley, General M, white, male, 24, farmer, b. MS, parents b.
Nancy, 17, wife, b. TN, parents b. TN; Wm. G., 34, boarder, b. MS, parents

?.1.2.4 Nancy Elizabeth Easley (twin), b. 2 September 1858, Alcorn Co.,
MS--d. 18 June 1934, Gladstone, N.M. m. (1) Wise Co., TX, Taylor Loftis;
(2) John H. Yarbrough.

?. Wm. F. Loftis, b.c. 1879, TX.

?.1.2.5 Levi A. Easley (twin), b. 2 September 1858, Alcorn Co., MS--d. 3
September 1944, Wise Co., TX. Bur. Garvin Cemetery. m. 31 January 1889,
Co., TX, Mary Anna "Mollie" Read, b.c. April 1867, TX.

1900 U.S. Census Soundex Index, E.D. 144, 4-12, Wise Co., TX: Levi Easley,
b. September 1858, MS; Mollie A., b. Apr. 1867, TX; Arminta, b. Dec. 1893,

?. Arminta Easley, b. December 1893, TX. Compiled some Easley
records on this family.

?.1.2.6 Mary Lucille/Lucinda Easley, b.c. 1860/61, Alcorn Co., MS--d.
Chico, Wise Co., TX. m. George Steel/Steele.

?.1.2.7 Benton Monroe Easley, b. c. 1866, Alcorn Co., MS--d. 1925/7 March
1928, OK. m. Josie McLamore. Family group sheet of Verla hand says he m.
Nancy McLemore, Gracemont, Caddo Co., OK.

1900 U.S. Census Soundex Index, E.D. 144,3-81, Wise Co., TX. Easely, Bent
M.,b. Oct. 1866, MS; Nancy J., b. Apr. 1875, TX; Lessie J., b. Aug. 1895,
John W., b. Dec. 1896, TX; Gracie, b. July 1898, TX; Jane, b. June 1818, TN

?. Lessie J. Easley, b. August 1895, TX.

?. John W. Easley, b. December 1896, TX.

?. Gracie Easley, b. July 1898, TX.

?.1.2.8 Samuel Andrew Easley, b. 19 June 1868, Alcorn Co., MS--d. 13 May
1942, Boyd, Wise Co., TX. m. 10 January 1896, Miria/Myra B. Smith, b.
1874, MS.

1900 U.S. Census Soundex Index, E.D. 144, 4-18, Wise Co., TX: Easley,
Samuel A., b. June 1868, MS; Mirvia B., b. Jan. 1874, MS; Jessie M., b.
1896, TX.

?. Jessie M. Easley, b. January 1896, TX.

?.1.2.9 Charles Carroll/Clementine Easley, b. c. 1873/b. 16 February 1872,
Cooke Co., TX--d. 13 November 1945, Lawton, OK. m. at Lawton, OK, Mary
Elizabeth "Bessie" McClamore, b. February 1878, MS (sister to "Bent's"

1900 U.S. Census Soundex Index, E.D. 144, 4-4, Wise Co., TX: Easley, Charly
C., b. Feb. 1873, TX; Bessie, b. Feb. 1878, MS; Levi W., b. July 1899, TX.

?. Levi W. Easley,b. July 1899, TX.

?.1.3 L. D. Easley (male), b. 12 August 1829, AL--d. after 1870. m.c.
Mary A. , b.c. 1839, TN.

NOTE BY VED: Check hypothesis that his name may have been Lorenzo Dow
after the evangelist--particularly since brothers commemorated the name of
Jasper Newton.

1860 U.S. Census, Civil Dist. No. 9, Obion Co., TN: NARS M653, Roll 1267,
103,#411/411: L.D. Easley, 30, white, male, farmer, $75 personal property,
AL; Mary, 20, f, b. TN; Wm. C., 5, b. MS; John M., 2, b. KY.

1870 U.S. Census, Dist. No. 9, Obion Co., TN: NARs M593, Roll 1552, p.
#41/41: Easley, L.D., 41, male, white, farmer, $100 personal property, b.
Mary A., 31, f, b. TN; William J., 13, b. MS; John, 11, b. KY; Newton C.,
t. TN; Empsie, 3, male, b. TN.

?.1.3.1 William C./J. Easley, b.c. 1855/57, MS.

?.1.3.2 John Easley, b.c. 1858/59, KY.

?.1.3.3 Newton C. Easley, b.c. 1861, TN.

?.1.3.4 Empsie Easley (male), b.c. 1867, TN.

?.1.4 William Green Easley, b. 1 August 1831, AL m. 10 March 1852, Alcorn
Co., MS [sic, but Alcorn County was not founded until much later--probably
Tishomingo Co.], Margaret McHughes. 1857 owned land, sold to William
To Wise Co., TX. Two of his daughters b. 1867 and 1869 in KY. According
J.D. Easley, "Green Easley's wife died about the time Sam and his wife
The children of the two families went to Oklahoma and then to the Indian

According to Verla H. Hand, he m. (2) Malvern, Hot Springs Co., AR,
. And, he is buried at Malvern, Hot Springs Co., AR.

1860 U.S. Census, Civil District No. 9, Obion Co., TN: NARS M653, Roll
p. 103, #412/412: W.G. Easly, 28, white, male, farmer, $100 personal
property, b. AL; Margaret, 23, b. TN; Martha E., 7, b. AR; Wm. C., 2, b.
Levi Easley, 23, white, male, farmer, b. AL; Olly F., 20, f.

1870 U.S. Census, District No. 4, Fulton Co., KY: NARS M593, Roll 462, p.
270, #5/6: Easley, W.G., male, white, works on farm, $400 personal, b. AL;
Margaret, 34, b. TN; Martha E, 19, b. AR; Wm. C., 12, b. MS; Mary C, 7, b.
Eliza G., 3, b. KY; James, 3/12, b. KY; Watson, Jack, 19, male, mulatto,
on farm, b. KY.
NOTE BY VED: Perhaps he was working for a wealthy farmer named R.E. Finch
whose name appeared on the same page.

1880 U.S. Census, E.D. 128, Wise Co., TX: NARS T9, Roll 1333, p. 189,
#313/313: Easley, Wm. G., white, male, 48, farmer, b. AL, parents b. AL;
Margarett, 46, wife, b. MS, parents b. MS; Mary C., 16, b. MS; Louisa, 12,
KY; Leanna G., 10, dau, b. KY.

?.1.4.5 Martha Allen/E. Easley, b.c. 1853, AR.

?.1.4.2 William Carroll Easley, b.c. 1858, MS.

?. Mattie Easley.

?. Hattie Easley.

?. Ivy Easley.

?. Myrtle Easley.

?. Nodie Lee Easley.

?. Sybil Easley.

?. Mabel Easley.

?. Ila Easley.

?. Emmitt Easley.

?. Lillian Mildred Easley.

?. Bary Easley.

?.1.4.3 Mary Charlotte Easley, b.c. 1863/64, MS. m. Tadlock.

?. Molly Tadlock.

?. Clifford Green Tadlock.

?. Elton Tadlock.

?. Thomas Carroll Tadlock.

?. Walter Jackson Tadlock.

?. Bertha Tadlock.

?. William Burl Tadlock.

?.1.4.4 Louisa Easley, b. 10 July 1867, either Tiptonville, TN, or AR. m.
Collie. had children. 1870 census says Eliza G. Easley, b.c. 1867, KY;
census says Louisa Eas;ley, b.c. 1868, KY.

?.1.4.5 James Easley, b. 1870, KY.

?.1.4.6 Leonna/Leanna G. Easley, b.c. 1870, KY.

?.1.5 Lucinda C. Easley, b. 29 November 1834, AL. m. 26 June 1856, Andrew
W. Davison.

?.1.6 Levi Easley, b. 13 February 1837, AL--bur. at Sulphur, Love Co., OK.
m. 4 January 1859, Olivia/Olive Frances Carruthers, dau. of Hugh and Ellen
(Hampton) Carruthers of S.C and Obion Co., TN. Hugh Carruthers supposedly
made the move from South Carolina to West Tennessee with his widowed
and later moved to Denton County, TX. Levi Easley was a school teacher;
C.S.A. 10th MS. Inf.
Supposedly moved from Kossunth (Corinth, Alcorn Co.), MS to near Mt.
Enterprise, Rusk Co., TX, c. 1872. Then moved from Mt. Enterprise in Rusk
to Dexter, Grayson Co., TX; Wise Co., TX; Palo Pinto Co., TX; Parker Co.,
two miles north of Whitt, where he bought a farm; and then to Jack Co., TX,
where he bought another farm. c. 1886 moved to Oklahoma.

1860 U.S. Census, Civil District No. 9, Obion Co., TN: NARS M653, $oll
p. 103, in household of his brother W.G. Easley, #412/412.

POSSIBLE ENTRY: 1870 U.S. Census, Town 1, Range 5, Alcorn Co., MS: NARS
M593, Roll 720, p. 260r, #12/12: Easley, Levi, 35, male, white, farm hand,
AL; Polly, 34, b. MS; Ellen, 8, b. MO?; Bill, 6, b. MO?; William, 1, b. MO.

1880 U.S. Census, E.D. 126, Wise Co., TX: NARS T-9, Roll 1333, p. 74r,
#166/166: Easley, Levi, white, male, 43, constable, b. AL, parents b. AL;
Olive F., 35, wife, b. TN, parents b. TN; Lenora B., 14, dau, b. TN; Wm. H,
son, 10, b. TN; John F., 8, son, b. TX; Bedford F, 6, son, b. TX; Levi,
b. May, son, b. TX.

?.1.6.1 Lenora B. Easley, b.c. 1866, TN.

?.1.6.2 William H. Easley, b.c. 1870, TN. m. .

?. Verney Easley. Res. San Francisco, CA.

?. Hershall Easley. Res. TX and LA.

?. Lester Easley. Res. Los Angeles, CA.

?. Linnie Easley. Married, husband's name not given.

?. Lorain Easley. m. Foss.

?.1.6.3 John Franklin Easley, b. 13 May 1870/c. 1872, near Henderson, TX.
1897 moved to Leon, OK. Res. Ardmore, OK. m. 24 June 1896, Betty Dudley
Calhoun, GA, b. 2 July 1872--d. 3 July 1936. He was owner and editor of
Ardmoreite, a daily newspaper.

?. Maurine Dudley Easley. m. Albert Rieson. Her husband operated
a radio station.

?. John Easley Rieson. m. Jean Lowenstein of Ardmore, OK.

?.1.6.4 Forest/Bedford F. Easley, b.c. 1874, TX. m. .
Res. Phoenix, AZ.

NOTE BY VED: Check to see if named for General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

?. Herbert Easley. Res. Phoenix, AZ.

?. J. B. Easley. Res. Oakland, Calif. Worked for the Veterans

?. Willie Easley. Res. Phoenix, AZ.

?. Bobbie Easley. M.D. 1951 an intern in New Orleans.

?.1.6.5 Levi Easley, b. May 1880, TX.

?.1.6.6 Edward Easley. m. .

?. Easley (dau.). m. Gordon L. Smedley. Res. Fort Worth,

?.1.6.7 Easley (dau.).

?.1.7 Henry Easley, b. 30 March 1839--d. 30 September 1839.

?.1.8 Louisa Easley, b. 9 January 1842, MS. m. before 1860, John C.
b. c. 1836, MS.

?.1.8.1 Charlotte Butler, b. c. 1859.

?.1.8.2 Marion Butler, b. c. 1861.

?.1.8.3 Lizzie Butler, b. c. 1863.

?.1.8.4 Matt Butler, b. c. 1865.

?.1.8.5 Nancy Butler, b. c. 1867.

?.1.8.6 Thorue/Thorne Butler, b. c. 1870.

?.1.9 James Easley, b. 16 November 1843--d. 6 January 1844/1845/54.

?.1.10 Jasper Easley, b. 15 October 1845, MS-d. 23 October 1851.

?.1.11 Newton Easley, b. 8 January 1848, MS. m. after 1870 in Alcorn Co.,
MS, Lavina P./Vinnie/Viney Nichols, b. April 1853, MS.

1900 U.S. Census Soundex Index, E.D. 142, 7-48, Wise Co., TX: Eas;ley, N,
Jan 1848, MS; Lavina P., b. Apr. 1853, MS; Mattie E., b. Oct. 1875, MS;
William B., b. Feb. 1878, MS; Sallie L., b. Dec. 1880, TN; Nichols, Sallie
sister-in-law, b. April 1864, MS.

?.1.11.1 Mattie E. Easley, b. October 1875, MS. m. Ford. Res.
Tipton, OK.

?.1.11.2 William Berry Easley, b. February 1878, MS. m. 1902, Emma Bell
Fitzgerald. Res. Cotton Dale, TX.

?. Arthur Newt Easley, b. 1908. Res. Butler, OK. m. 1929, Ora
Mae Thompson. Res. Snyder, OK.

?. Valgene Easley, b. 1932, Snyder, OK.

?. Cary Easley, b. 1938, Butler, OK.

?. Maldrus Easley, b. 1914.

?. Earl Easley, b. 1917.

?.1.11.3 Lou Easley/Sallie L. Easley, b. December 1880, TN. m.

?.1.12 Gilbert Easley, b. 4 February 1850, MS. m. 5 November 1876, Alcorn
Co., MS, Martha L. Nichols, b. c. 1852, TX/b. January 1857, MS.

1900 U.S. Census Soundex Index, E.D. 135, 12-74, Wise Co., TX: Giblert
Easley, b. Feb. 1850, MS; Martha, b. Jan. 1857, MS; Thomas, b. June 1879,
Erma D., b. August 1885, TN; Albert, nephe;w, b. 1883, MS.

?.1.12.1 J. L. Easley. Res. Snyder, OK.

?.1.12.2 Thomas Easley. b. 1879, MS.

?.1.12.3 Erma D. Easley, b. August 1885, TN. Dee Easley. m.
Res. Tipton, OK.

?.1.13 Martha Jane Easley, b. 2 August 1852, MS.

?.1.14 Sarah Frances/Francis Easley, b. 1856--d. 1858.

?.1.15 Nancy E. Easley, b. 13 December 1858, MS--d. 25 July 1930, MS. m.
December 1877, Alcorn Co., MS, Abram Berry Nichols, b. c. 1856, MS.

?.1.15.1 Mattie Bruce Nichols, b. c. 1879, MS.

?.1.15.2 Alma Nichols.

?.1.15.3 Sallie Nichols.

?.1.15.4 Martha Lee Nichols.

?.1.16 Charles Easley, b. 4 January 1861, MS. m. (1) Lottie Butler, d. 15
November 1945; m. (2) Ann Mariah Cox; m. (3) Ida Fisher. Had several sons
OK and TX.

1900 U.S. Census Soundex Index, E.D. 143, 8-30, Wise Co., TX: Chas.
b. June 1861, MS; Albert, b. Dec. 1882, MS; William, b. Nov. 1884, MS;
J., b. Feb. 1887, MS; Newton,b. Feb. 1889, MS; George, b. Apr. 1899, TX.

First marriage:

?.1.16.1 Albert Easley, b. 1882, Tipton, OK/December 1882, MS.

?.1.16.2 William Columbus Easley, b. November 1884, MS.

?.1.16.3 Frank J. Easley, b. February 1887, MS.

?.1.16.4 Newton Easley, b. February 1889, MS.

Second marriage:

?.1.16.5 George Easley, b. April 1899, TX.

Third marriage:

?.1.16.6 Lottie Easley.

?.1.16.7 Edna Easley.

?.1.17 Albert Easley, b. 13 July 1864, MS--d. Paradise, Wise Co., TX. m.
(1) 9 October 1883, Alcorn Co., MS, Lamenda McGlothlin (div.); m. (2) Betty
Nelson, widow of Willis Nelson.

?.1.17.1 Gilbert Easley. m. . Res. Tipton, OK.

?. Hoyle Easley. Lived in Calif.

?? ?.1.18 James Easley, b. c. 1873, MS.

1850 census, Tishomingo Co., MS (16 October 1850, p. 74).
Pruit, A., 80, b. TN.
Easly, Jane, 30, b. MS.
Susan, 10, b. MS.
Martha, 9, b. MS.
John, 4, b. MS.
Nancy, 6/12, b. MS.

Meeks [transcribed as Murks, Miss. Gene. Soc. Bull., undated photocopy],
John, and family
wife Hasky??, 35
Benjamin Easley, 20, male, farmer, b. TN.

Hughes, Thomas P. Jr. and Jewel B. Standefer, Alcorn County, Mississippi
Cemetery Records. Memphis, TN: Thomas P. Hughes, Jr., 4140 Chanwil
Memphis TN 38117, 1971.
p. 211: Tuscumbia Baptist Church. Located 8 miles west of Corinth on
Highway 72. Alcorn County.
p. 212:
Easley, Charlotty, wife of W.M. Easley, b. Aug. 15, 1823, d. Feb. 1, 1879.
Emical/Emcial Easley, b. 31 January 1866--d. 8 March 1939. Supposedly a
grandson of William M. Easley: possibly a son of Samuel F. Easley.
Tempie Anne Dickson Easley, b. 10 February 1867--d. 27 January 1943.
Surry Pedro Easley, b. 28 December 1889--d. 18 April 1890.
Joshua Elton Easley, b. 22 November 1891--d. 6 March 1928. As Joshia E.
Easley, marker says TN. Mech. 105 Engrs 30 Div. Mar. 6, 1928.
Nicie Virginia Easley, b. 16 March 1893--d. 30 June 1893.
Floyd Winsle/Winkle Easley, b. 30 October 1894--d. 4 January 1904.
Muriel Parlee Easley, b. 21 November 1894/97.
Easley, W.M., b. Jan. 19, 1804, d.Mar. 2, 1888.

Sam Easley, age 21. m. Mira Nelson, age 18, 10 January 1896, Alcorn Co.,

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