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Thanks so much for the Pyrant Easleys update. I didn't know Sarah Crenshaw
was a Kirby.

My line is John Pyrant Easley who married Caroline C. Breedlove in
Pittsylvania County, VA.

The note was too big for the list, so I am forwarding it. I am raising the
size limit.



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Date: 04/06/98 11:19 PM

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<< William Easley, son of Robert Easley (b 1655 in France, d. 1711) and
Anne Warham Parker (b 1659 in England, d 1720);
Robert Easley, son of Henry (Henri?) Esley (b abt 1630);
Henry Esley, son of Claude Esley;
Claude Esley, son of Jean Esley (b abt 1588) and Marguerite Provost (b
Jean Esley.

Does anyone have documentation that Robert Easley was born in France? Does
anyone actually have a document pertaining to him prior to Byrd's 1676
headright for his arrival in Virginia?

Does anyone have actual documentation on these claimed earlier lines
connecting to Robert.

I have read every line of the Henrico Co., VA, records. There is nothing
them that provides Ann Parker with a middle name of Warham--nothing at all.
If I had to guess about the origin of the name "Warham" in the family, I
**guess** that the Easleys asked Mrs. Byrd to be a godmother to the baby,
since her father was Col. Warham Horsemanden, she chose to bestow it on a
godchild. There seems to be no other imaginable connection between the
documented Easleys and anyone, anywhere, named Warham. On the other hand,
there are clear records that the Easleys were neighbors of the Byrds.

I'm including what I have on the various men named Pyrant Easley. None are
proven lines.



There have been numerous Easley men who bore the given name of Pyrant
(occasionally misspelled or misread as Byron or Briant). Logically, they
should belong in the line of descent of William and Mary (Pyrant?) Easley,
there is currently no firm information as to how they connect. They follow
here in more or less chronological order.
The possibility should be considered that either Subsection 2 or Subsection
represents a remarriage for the Pyrant Easley of Subsection 1. This
would be willing to consider the hypothesis that all three of these
represent the same man.



1. Pyrant Easley, b. before 1743--d. after 1798. m. Elizabeth .
Children not known. There is little information on this earliest man of
name. He owned land in the vicinity of that of William Easley (wife
Lavinia/Livana) of Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, and Pittsylvania Cos., Va., and
Rockingham Co., N.C.--the two men were perhaps brothers. The following
documentation has been located.

Halifax Co., Va., 1764. Deed from [sic according to informant] Pyrant
of Cumberland Co., Va.

Marian Dodson Chiarito, Halifax County Virginia Deed Books 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
1759-1767 n.p., 1986.
p. 116. Deed Book 5, 1764-1765, p. 217. 15 February 1764 Lewis Jinkins
Halifax Co. to Pyrant Easley of Cumberland Co., for L 26, 200 acres on
Cr., beg. at Robert Kent's cor. in Estis' line . . . Sampson's line . . .
woods, underwoods, swamps . . . Signed: Lewis (+) Ginkins. Wit: Thos.
Wynne, James Davenport, Obadiah Echols, James (+) Batty. Recorded 20
September 1764.
pp. 120-121. (p. 215). 15 February 1764 Lewis Jinkins (also Ginkins) of
Halifax Co. to Robert Kent of Cumberland Co., for L 44, 400 acres on Poplar
Cr., beg. at James Davenport's cor. oak in Bird's line...Estis' line...
woods, underwoods, .... Signed: Lewis (+) Ginkins. Wit: Thos. Wynne,
Davenport, William Sampson, Obadiah Echols, James (+) Battey. Recorded 20
September 1764.
p. 121. (p. 217). 15 February 1764 Lewis Jinkins of Halifax Co. to
Easley of Cumberland Co., for L 26, 200 acres on Poplar Cr., beg. at Robert
Kent's cor. in Estis' line...Sampson's line... All woods, underwoods,
swamps... Signed: Lewis (+) Ginkins . Wit: Thos. Wynne, James
Obadiah Echols, James (+) Batty. Recorded 20 September 1764.
p. 121. (p. 221). 15 February 1764 Lewis Ginkins of Halifax Co. to
Sampson of Cumberland Co., for L 60, 300 acres on Poplar Cr., beg. in
line...Winfry's line... All houses, orchards, fences... signed: Lewis (+)
Ginkins. Wit: Thos. Wynne, James Davenport, James (+) Batey, Obadiah
Recorded 20 September 1764.
p. 141. (p. 455). 26 February 1765 Lewis Jinkens of Halifax Co. to James
Davenport of same, for L 100, 700 acres on both sides of the Bold Br. & on
branches of Mirey Cr., beg. at Wendfree's (sic) line...Samson's
line...Easley's line...Robert Kent's line...sd Davenport's old
line... All appurtenances... Signed: Lewis (+) Jenkins. Wit: Richard
Parker, Richard Daniel, Richard Park, Jr., Ben Parker. Recorded 15 August

NOTE: See Halifax County, Virginia Deed Book 10 (1775-1778) (Miami Beach,
Fl., T.L.C. Genealogy, 1991), p. 47. Page 363. Jan 15, 1778 from Humphrey
Hendrick of H, to Daniel Gill of Amelia County, for 252 L., all that parcel
land in H containing 252 acres, granted to him by a deed from Charles
and bounded by the north side of Mirey Cr, Easly and Winfrey's lines,
Smith. signed - Humphrey Hendrick. Wit - John Hendrick, John Echols, Lucy
Anah Echols. Recorded Jan 15, 1778. Mary, the wife of the said Humphery,
Elizabeth, the wife of Charles Smith, relinquished dower right to this

NOTE: See Marian Dodson Chiarito, Will Book 1 1773-1783 Halifax County
Virginia (Nathalie, Va., The Clarkton Press, 1984). pp. 72-73. (p. 308).
JAMES DAVENPORT Will. . . . son Bedford Davenport half my land it joining
Thomas Davenports line & John Winferyes line . . . son James Davenport . .
daughter Rhoday Davenport . . . daughter Catrim Davenport . . . daughter
Mourning . . . daughter Anna . . . beloved wife Catrim Davenport . . .
of horses that was my son Josephs . . . Exr: my beloved wife Catrim
& son Bedford Davenport, William Kent & William Boyd. Dated 16 March 1780.
Wit: Alexander Kent, John Boyd, Robert Kent, James Kent. Probated 18 May
1780. Sec: George Boyd, gent. & Robert Kent.

Halifax Co., Va., Sept. Court 1764. Deed from Lewis Jenkins to Pyrant

Chiarito, Marian Dodson, List of Voters for Elections of Burgesses
Halifax County, Virginia (Nathalie, Virginia, The Clarkton Press, 1986).
"A List of the Poll taken at an Election of a Burgess in Halifax County 17
July 1765"--list taken by Hampton Wade. p. 10. Peyrant Easley.

Cumberland Co., Va., 1766, Court Order Book, 25 August 1766. Pyrant Easley
vs. Benjamin Hendrick.

Halifax County, Virginia Deeds 1767-1772 (Miami Beach, FL., T.L.C.
Genealogy, 1989).
p. 25. (p. 322). Jan 7, 1769 from Pyrant Easely of Granville Co, NC to
Robert Kent of H, 50 L, branches of Poplar Cr., including the manor
plantation, bounded by Eastes, Roert Kent, James Davenport & William
& William Sampson, Lewis Jenkins, about 200 acres. Signed - Pyrant (X his
mark) Easely. Wit - Adams Winders, Micajah Estes, Stephen Kent, Robert
Kent. Recorded Mar 16, 1769.

Granville Co., N.C.., 1769 tax list: Pyron Easley--1 white poll. (AGLL
Microfilm Series V131-0010, North Carolina State Department of Archives and
History). NOTE: not there in 1771 tax list. Ratcliff read the name as
"Byron" Easley.

Halifax Co., Va., 1769. Pyrant Easley of Granville Co., N.C. sold land in
Halifax Co.

Halifax Co., Va.. March Court, 1769, Halifax Co., Va. Deed from Pyrant
Easley to Robert Kent recorded.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., 1772. Notice in the Virginia Gazette.

Marian Dodson Chiarito, Entry Record Book 1770-1796 (Land Entries in the
Present Virginia Counties of Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin, and Patrick)
p. 19. (30 June 1772). Isaac Certain 400 ac on the branches of Banister
beg. at Pirant Easley lines on the uper side.

Marian Dodson Chiarito, "Oaths of Allegiance, 1777, Pittsylvania County,"
Virginia Magazine of Genealogy, vol. 23, no. 1, February 1985, pp. 3-11.
p. 7. Reuben Pain's List. Pryant Easley.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., 1778. Notice in the Virginia Gazette.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Deed Book 5,, p. 479, 21 March 1780. Between James
Allin of the County of Pittsylvania and Parish of Camden and Pyrant [or
Pieriant] Easley of the Co. aforesaid. For 5 lbs., 5 acres, more or less,
beginning at William Short's corner . . . . to a red oak Saplin in the said
Easley's Line, along his line to the first station . . . No witnesses

Pittsylvania Co., Va., tax list, 1782. 4 whites in household.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., tax list, 1785. 3 whites in household.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Deed Book 8, p. 359, 16 March 1789. From
Hutchings of the Co. of Pittsylvania to Pirant Easley [or Piant Easley] of
same co. For 60 lbs., 171 acres on the north side of Banister River.
Beginning at a Chestnut in Hutchings' line . . . crossing Piggs Road . . .
White Oak in Carter's line . . . conditional line between sd Hutchings and
Taylor . . . No wits. listed. Presented, acknowledged and ordered
Pittsylvania Co., Va. Court, 16 March 1789.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Court Records, Nov. 1791. Pyrant Easley is
guardian to Obediah Johnson Orphan of Moses Johnson deceased. Joseph Akin

Marian Dodson Chiarito, Entry Record Book 1770-1796 (Land Entries in the
Present Virginia Counties of Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin, and Patrick)
p. 98. (1794) Pyrant Easley 400 ac on the brs. of Banister Ri. lying
between his own lines James Allens Chattens Hutchings & Shorts Beg. at Wm.
Shorts cor. W. O. in James Allens lines Pr War.t Surv. d. 200 ac & the
ballance of the Entry void.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Deed Book 10, p. 115. January 1795. From James
Allen of the Co. of Pittsylvania to Pyrant Easley of same. For 60 lbs.,
acres. Beginning at a Plum tree on a branch in the said Easley's line,
Easley's old line North. . . and along John Chattin's line. No wits.
Recorded Pittsylvania Co., Va. Court, 16 February 1795. Rebecca, wife of
James Allen, relinquished right of dower.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Deed Book 11, p. 174, 10 August 1797. Between Rubin
Thacker of Pittsylvania and Pyrant Easley of the co. aforesaid. For 20
land which Reuben Thacker purchased of Alexander McGruder Smallen. Wit.:
Will Tunstall, W. Wright, Thomas Easley, Charles Carter. Nancy, wife of
Reuben Thacker, relinquished dower rights.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Deed Book 11, p. 298, 18 June 1798. INDENTURE. 18
June 1798. Between Pirent Easley and his wife Elizabeth of the County of
Pittsylvania and George Giles of Loudon.
For L 100 curr. of Va. - receipt hereby acknowledged - 171 acres, more of
less, in the County aforesaid on the North side of Banister River.
Beginning at a Chestnut in John Hutchings line, with sd line n--crossing
Piggs Road to a white oak, N-- W- with said line crowwing one branch to a
Maple, S-- W-- crossing sd branch to a white oak in Piggs line, N-- W--
crossing said branch to a Maple, N-- E-- to a white oak in Carter's line,
E-- with said line to a post oak, N-- E-- to a white oak, N-- E-- to
N-- E-- with Charles Carters line to a red oak in a Conditional line
Hutchings and Taylor, South with said line--- to a red Oak, S-- W-- along
Courthouse Road to a Chestnut, S-- W-- to a Chestnut, S-- W-- to a red Oak,
S-- W-- with said line Crossing Piggs Road to the beginning, including the
said 171 acres of land.Pyrant X Easley (Seal)
Wit: (None given)Eliza: X Easley (Seal)

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Court, 18 June 1798 Deed acknowledged by both
and Elizabeth, examined, relinquished her right of dower. Ordered



1. Pyrant Easley. m. 16 January 1805, Pittsylvania Co., Va., Sarah
Crenshaw, dau. of John Kirby, widow of William Winston Crenshaw. Sur.
Carter. m. by Rev. David Nowlin.

The following documentation provided by Elizabeth Easley Ross, R.D. #1, Box
403, Clayton, NC 27520.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Marriage Records, p. 9, 18 February 1787. William
Winston Crenshaw and Sarah Kirby, dau. of John Kirby who consents. Sur.:
Nathaniel Kirby. Married by the Rev. David Barr.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Deeds and Wills 10, p. 237. 1795. Will of John
[Kerby], dated 11 March 1795--probated 21 September 1795. Sons Nathaniel
Moses Kirby. Dau.: Judah Walker. Dau.: Sally Crenshaw. Wife (not

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Marriage Contract, 19 January 1804. Pyrant Easley
Sarah Crenshaw, widow of William W. Crenshaw. He signs with "X". Wit.:
Hopkins, Thomas Ragsdale, Jn. Thompson, Jos. Carton.



1. Pyrant Easley, d. c. 1816, Pittsylvania Co., Va. m. c. 1806,
Pittsylvania Co., Va., Mary "Mollie" Ferguson. m. by Rev. Richard Elliott.
This is the Easley line of Mr. George Lanier Easley of Chatham,
Co., Va.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., 1790. Jennings Thompson m. Elizabeth Street. m.
Rev. Richard Elliott. Bondsman: Pyrant [Pyant] Easley.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., 15 November 1802. Wm. Short sells land adjoining
Pyrant Easley and others on Banister River. To his son Isaac Short.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., 17 January 1805. Pyrant Easley purchased 250 acres
land from Wm. Short on Banister River. For 250 lbs. Wit.: Thos.
Jennings Thompson, Wm. W. Crenshaw, Abner Short. Signed: Isaac Short,
Short. From: Josephine Short Lynch, Short, an Early Va. Family.

Pittsylvania Co., Va., Deed & Will Book 11, p. 426. Will of Pyrant Easley.
Dated 1813. Probated 19 February 1816.
In the Name of God Amen, I Pyrant Easley of the County of Pittsylvania
at this time in good health and of disposing mind and memory, do make my
Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say, after the
payment of my Just Debts and funeral expenses, I give and bequeath unto my
beloved wife Molly Easley the following slaves to Wit, Suckey, Maria and
Mariah's Child Isaac, with the future increase of the said females, also
fourth part of my Household and Kitchen furniture, Stock and Horses,
Hogs and Sheep, and one fourth part of my plantation utencils to her, her
heirs and assigns forever. ITEM. I lend to my said Wife, during her
widowhood my negro man Dick, also the tract of Land whereon I now live, and
Case she Should marry, I then lend to her my tract of Land Calld Shorts,
during her life and the lone of the tract whereon I now live, as well as
of my negroe man Dick Shalt terminate so soon as she shall intermarry.
I give and bequeath to my Son John Easley the Lands on Cherry Stone Creek
its waters which I bought of Watson Johnson and Hinton and Anthony D. Haden
him and his heirs and assigns forever. ITEM. I give and bequeath unto my
Pyrant Easley my tract of Land whereon I now live, as also my tract of Land
Calld Shorts to him and his heirs and assigns forever reserving to my Wife
Molly Easley the interest loaned to her therein on the Conditions
And it is my Will and I direct accordingly that no part of the Lands given
my Son Pyrant which lye on the South Side of Banister, nor any part of the
Lands given to my Son John which lye on the West Side of Cherry Stone
except a sufficiency for plant patches, shall be Cleared, untill my Said
respectively at lawful age, and take possession thereof. ITEM. I give and
bequeath unto my Daughter Sally Easley, the tract of Land I bought of
Dabney lying a few miles north of Pittsylvania Courthouse Containing four
hundred and fifteen acres, also fifteen acres adjoining the same, which I
obtained by grant, to her, her heirs and assigns forever. ITEM. It is my
will and desire that so soon as the one fourth part of my Stock given to my
Wife shall be laid off and assigned to her, that my Executrix and Executors
hereafter named dispose of the ballance of my perishable estate on a
reasonable Credit, and out of the proceeds of the Sale thereof, pay to my
Daughter Sally Easley two hundred pounds in order to make her Legacy equal
thsoe of my Sons, and if the proceeds of such Sale Should be insufficient
raise that Sum, that then the deficiency shall be paid out of the profits
arrising from the rents of my Lands and hire of my negroes. ITEM. I give
bequeath unto my said Sons John and Pyrant, and my Daughter Sally and their
heirs and assigns forever, the balance of my negroes, including Dick, so
as my Wifes interest in him Shall terminate, with the increase of the
of them, as also the residue of my Estate of whatever description it may b,
be equally divided between them on my Son John arriving at lawfl age or my
Daughter marrying. ITEM. I give and bequeath unto my friend Jennings
Thompson, the sum of fifty poundds which he owes me to him and his heirs
assigns forever. -- Lastly I appoint my beloved Wife Molly Easley together
with my friends Thomas H. Wooding, William Tunstall and Jennings Thompson
Executrix and Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking
all wills by me heretofore made. IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto lent
hand and affixed my Seal this Day of one thousand eight hundred and
Signd Seald publishd and Declard by the said Pyrant Easley, as and for his
last Will and Testament in the presence of
W. Beavers, Wm Walton, M. Hutchings)Pyrant X Easley (Seal)
James Soyars, Thomas Ragsdale, ) mark
Nath Wilson)

Halifax Co., Va., Court 19 February 1816. Will presented, proved by the
Oaths of three Witnesses, Ordered Recorded. On motion of William Tunstall
Jennings Thompson, two of the Executors, who made Oath -----
Securities for Thompson: Moses Hutchings, Samuel Thompson
and Joseph Carter
Securities for Tunstall: James Johnson and "Others"
Bond: $ 10,000Certificate of probate granted.
Thereupon Mary Easley, widow of Pyrant Easley, by letter filed disclaims
provision made for her in the said will.
Liberty is reserved for the other Executors to qualify when they shall
Teste: Will Tunstall CPC

1.1 Pyrant/John Pyrant Easley, b. c. 1809--d. 1895. m. 23 January 1829,
Rockingham Co., N.C., Martha Ann "Anney" Whitworth, b.c. 1815--d. 1876.
Bondsman: William Whitworth. About 1850 moved back to the Halifax-
Pittsylvania Co., Va. area.
In a letter written 25 August 1927 by Drury B. Easley of South Boston,
Halifax Co., Va., he stated:

Somewhere about 1850 a man by the name of Pyrant Easley moved from North
Carolina to Near Pittsylvania C.H. My father born Aug. 18, 1806, and "old
man" Pyrant talked the matter over, but could not trace the relationship.
"old man" Pyrant was about my father's age. I often wondered where he got
name; some old French name I suppose. They always called us cousins;
my older and younger brothers knew them well. I never knew any of them
two who were killed in "Armstead's Brigade Pickets Division" to which I

1.1.1 Mary Ann Easley. m. 4 April 1850, Joseph Tarpley. Sur.: Pyrant
Easley, father.

1.1.2 Minerva Susan Easley. m. 4 September 1852 [one submission said 4
September 1051 sic], William J. Echols [or 1855, Joseph William Echols]. A
descendant, Robert Echols Goldsby, submitted this line to Ab. Comp. Amer.
Genealogy. The earlier lineage given for Pyrant Easley there cannot be

1.1.3 Sally Easley. m. 15 June 1855, Edward Emmeson/Emmason.

1.1.4 John Pyrant Easley. m. 12 November 1858, Caroline/Carolina C.

1.1.5 Henry Osborn Easley.

1.1.6 James Coles Easley. m. (1) 14 November 1866, Elizabeth O. Hall/ m.
(2) 23 December 1875, Pattie Fuller. Oscar Coles Easley. m. 14 May 1896, Caswell Co., N.C., Mollie B.
Hall. Henri Easley. Anne Easley. Rawleigh Martin Easley. m. 26 October 1903, Caswell Co., N.C.,
Fannie M. Duncan. Alonzo Herbert Easley, b. 1885(?)--d. 1941(?). m. 17 December
1904, Caswell Co., N.C., Kate Ragsdale. George Lanier Easley, b. 1905(?). m. Mary Martin. Mary Easley. Sandra Easley. Patricia Easley. Dorothy Easley. George Lanier Easley Jr., b. 1952 (?). m. Wanda Shields. James Robert Easley. Bernice Easley. Unmarried. Kathleen Easley. Calvin Coles Easley. Martha Susan Easley. Virginia Fuller Easley. Unmarried. Alonzo Herbert Easley jr. James Newton Easley. Hattie Easley. Solomon Pyrant Easley.

1.1.7 Frances Easley.

1.1.8 Ellen Easley. m. 16 October 1870, James T. Hall.

1.1.9 Robert Easley.

1.1.10 Edward Easley. m. 18 December 1884, Jennie F. Beck.

1.1.11 George Easley. m. 19 December 1872, G. T. Fuller.

1.2 John Easley. Was this the John Easley who d. c. 1836 in Pittsylvania
Co., Va.?

1.3 Sarah W. "Sally" Easley. m. 10 June 1824, Pittsylvania Co., Va.,
Hopkins, b. 1798, son of James and Mary (Carter) Hopkins. Sur.: John
After Sarah (Easley) Hopkins died, Reuben moved to Dubuque, Iowa. His
James Hopkins was b. 22 February 1765, Mecklenburg Co., Va.--d. 20 July
Pittsylvania Co., Va.

1.3.1 Mary Jane Hopkins. m. James Williamson of Caswell Co., N.C. Mary Williamson. m. . Cameron.

1.3.2 James Arthur Hopkins, b. 14 December 1826--d. 26 January 1876,
Caswell Co., N.c. m. Washinton, D.C., Mary Ann Kent.

1.3.3 John Williamson Hopkins, d. unm. Moved to Texas.

1.3.4 Samuel Hopkins, d. unm. Buried in Caswell Co., N.C.

1.3.5 Sarah C. Hopkins. No children.

1.3.6 Reuben Bryan Hopkins. m. Holmes. Moved to Mobile, Ala.

1.3.7 Cornelia Hopkins. m. Frank J. Barnes.


?.1. Richard S. Easley, b. 1760/1770--d. c. 1836, Franklin Co., Tenn. m.
(1?) Elizabeth ; m. (2) Nancy .

There was supposedly a Richard Easley, with wife Martha , resident
1786 in the area which later became Jackson Co., Ga. he settled on the
Tallassee Shoals of the Ocones R. 1797 there is a record that he was in
Jackson Co., Ga., coming from Effingham Co., Ga. A Richard Easley had 286
acres, 1797, Greene Co., Ga. It is not certain that these two references
to the same man. 1799 in Aaron Wood's Co., Ga. See William Stewart, Gone

Franklin Co., Tenn., Deed Book K, p. 369, 15 November 1827. R. S. Easley
Jackson Co., AL, from William Runnels and Joseph Sewell, executors of Moses
Runnells, deceased, of Franklin Co., TN. $2800, two parcels of land on the
boiling fork of Elk River.
Franklin Co., TN, Deed Book K, p. 370, 17 November 1827. R. S. Easley of
Jackson Co., AL, to George Wagner of the same county. $2800.
Franklin Co., Tenn., Deed Book M, p. 491, 29 November 1832. Richard S.
Easley of Jackson Co., AL, from James Montgomery of Franklin Co., TN. For
$525, land in Franklin Co., TN, on the boilingfork of Elk River, bounded .
. .
Wit: A.M. Cowan, John W. Holder.
Franklin Co., Tenn., Deed Book O, p. 357, 15 November 1827. R. S. Easley
from Henry Runnells.

Jackson Co., Ala., 1830 U.S. Census: Richard Easley.

The will of Richard S. Easley, dated 7 July 1836, and admitted to probate 5
September 1836, in Franklin Co., Tenn. Executor: Joseph Miller.
Squire B. Hawkins, Hugh Montgomery, and John Hopper. It named his wife
, b. 1780/1790--d. after 1840, and her part of the estate was left with
Wagner [or Wagoner] as trustee. She was probably a second wife, and not
mother of his children.

Nancy ( ) Easley, Richard's widow, made her will 9 November 1846,
Franklin Co., Tenn. She left her entire estate to Rachel Wagoner, daughter
George Wagoner, and appointed George Wagoner as Rachel's guardian for the
purpose of managing such estate and as executor of the will. This will was
admitted to probate 7 December 1846, Franklin Co., Tenn. Witnesses: A. B.
Gordon and G. P. Adams.

The will first named the following sons:

?.1.1 Pyrant/William Pirant/William Pyrant Easley, b. 8 February 1792--d.
May 1846 [James Daniel Easley said b. 1810--d. 1856]. Buried Easley
Covington, Ga. "Ran away from home in Virginia and went to Georgia."
in Walton Co., Ga. m. Priscilla Dismuke, b. 29 March 1798--d. 8 December
1873, dau. of Finney Dismuke. Supposedly a son of Pirant Easley according
James Daniel Easley, Three Centuries of Easley Genealogy, pp. 207-208. W.
Easley is listed among the buyers of Richard S. Easley's estate.

1820 census, Walton Co., Ga.

James Daniel Easley, Three Centuries of Easley Genealogy, pp. 207-208,
the following as brothers of William Pirant Easley. He missed a
they were his sons.

?.1.1.1 Daniel N. Easley, b. 22 October 1819--d. 12 May 1887, Georgia.
Four years, Civil War, CSA. In 1850 owned 11 slaves. Unmarried.

?.1.1.2 Henry Easley, killed in the Mexican War.

?.1.1.3 Richard S. Easley, d. 1864, killed at Harpers in Civil War. m. 8
December 1846, Sarah E. Guthry.

?.1.1.4 James Benjamin Easley, b. 22 June 1828. m. 1858, Samantha Eugenia
Gresham. To Rusk Co., TX. C.S.A. veteran.

?. Jettie Nevada Easley, b. 29 January 1866. m. December 1884,
L. B. Taliaferro.

?. James B. Taliaferro, b. 1 November 1885.

?. May Taliaferro, b. 5 May 1887.

?. Grace Taliaferro.

?. Edna Taliaferro.

?. Richard Taliaferro.

?. Frank Taliaferro.

?. Helen Taliaferro.

?. Gresham Taliaferro.

?. Frances Taliaferro.

?. Mary Cora Easley, b. 25 April 1867. m. James Allen.

?. Bonnie Allen, b. 4 April 1892.

?. Millard Allen, b. 11 May 1894.

?. James Allen, b. 21 August 1896.

?. Clayton Allen, b. 10 February 1899.

?. Emery Allen, b. 3 January 1902.

?. Lucy Allen, b. 13 January 1909.

?. Lola Lenora Easley, b. 18 January 1869. m. October 1909,
Dr. Harnesberger. No children.

?. Gauda Nevada Easley, b. 7 December 1870. m. J. T. Jackson.

?. Fred Jackson.

?. Era Jackson.

?. William Pirant Easley, b. 11 May 1872--d. 10 May 1921.

?. Mattie Alaska Easley, b. 22 May 1874. m. January 1906, J.
V. Lawrence.

?. Mary Lawrence, b. 27 October 1907.

?. Wilma Lawrence, b. 27 September 1909.

?. Nannie Lawrence, b. 31 June 1913.

?. James Eugene Easley, b. 8 August 1879. m. 8 January 1910, Irene
Hart. 1950s lived in Dallas, Tx.

?. James Benjamin Easley, b. 24 August 1911. m. 11 February
1933, Estelle Little.

?. Bernice Denelle Easley, b. 4 July 1940.

?. Sylvia Elaine Easley, b. 9 October 1943.

?. Bettie Martha Easley, b. 27 January 1945.

?. Mary Jane Easley, b. 4 May 19194. m. 4 August 1933, Herbert
D. Yaw.

?. Donna May Yaw, b. 19 July 1939.

?. Daniel Eugene Yaw, b. 24 October 1944.

?. Daniel Preston Easley, b. 7 September 1918.

?.1.1.5 Luther Easley, died in Civil War.

?.1.2 Benjamin Easley.

Franklin Co., Tenn. 1812 tax list.
Franklin Co., Tenn., 9 October 1817, Deed Book J., p. 287. John Easley
Benjamin Easley.

Franklin Co., TN, p. 238. I Benjamin Easley of the State of Georgia and
County of Campell of the one part, and G.W. Gils of the State of Alabama
County of Jackson of the other part. Witness that the said Benjamin Easly
Relinkesh all the Claims of my self or mother Elizabeth Easly that arehold
hom on a certain Negro boy named Jeff formerly belonging to Richard S.
for the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars the receipt whereof is hereby
acknoweldged this 15th Sept. 1836. B. Easly (seal) Wit: W.J. Hins, J.B.
Hawkins. Marginal note: Handed to Hugh Easly by request of G.W. Giles
16th 1836.

Franklin Co., TN, p. 239. G.W. Giles of Jackson Co.,Al, for $50 paid by
Benjamin Easley of Cambell Co., GA, a certain negro boy named Frank seven
years old, 15 September 1836. Wit. J.B. Hawkins, W.J. Hines, H. Easley.
Marginal note: Handed to Henry Easley by June 6th 1837.

Mr. T. R. Craig reported this man as Benjamin Easley, b. c. 1812, N.C. or
Tenn. m. Lucinda , b. c. 1818.

1850 census, Franklin Co., Tenn., with the following children. However, I
not sure that is the correct identification.

?.1.2.1 Elizabeth Easley, b. c. 1837.

?.1.2.2 John H. Easley, b. c. 1843.

?.1.2.3 Rebecca Easley, b. c. 1843.

?.1.2.4 Alfred S. Easley, b. c. 1847.

?.1.2.5 Rachael C. Easley, b. c. 1849.

?.1.3 Henry Easley, b. c. 1800, Tenn. m. Rachel , b. c. 1800,
Tenn. 1850 census, Franklin Co., Tenn. Franklin Co., Tenn., Deed Book 9,
232, 5 September 1856 [1836?]. To Henry and Nancy Easley from Geo. Wagner.

?.1.3.1 John Easley, b. c. 1828.

?.1.3.2 Elizabeth Easley, b. c. 1830.

?.1.3.3 Mary Easley, b. c. 1834.

?.1.3.4 George Easley, b. c. 1836.

?.1.3.5 Margaret Easley, b. c. 1838.

?.1.3.6 Benjamin Easley, b. c. 1843.

The will of Richard S. Easley then goes on to include the following

I give and bequeath unto my son Hugh Easly one negro boy named Edward.
I give and bequeath unto Missouri Giles wife of George Giles of Jackson
Alabama one negro boy named Jeff. Item I give and bequeath unto Polly
Thompson daughter of Esther Thompson one negro girl named Martha. The
last named objects of my bounty are the natural children of Esther Thompson
which I have always recognized still do, as my children. I have not heard
from Polly for some time, she may be married, if so the description here
will be sufficient designation.

This clearly indicates that Richard S. Easley had three more, illegitimate
but acknowledged, children by a woman named Esther Thompson. They were:

?.1.4 Missouri Easley [Thompson], b. 1810/20. m. George W. Giles. Lived
Jackson Co., Ala.

?.1.5 Hugh Easley [Thompson], b. c. 1810, Ga.--d. 9 August 1873. m. 15
August 1832, Madison Co., Ala., Margaret Ann Murell, b. c. 1814, Tenn. She
(2) Michael W. Sherry.

Franklin Co., TN, p. 237. 15 September 1836, Hugh Easley of Madison Co.,
to Benjamin Easley of Campbell Co., GA, for $50, 1/6 part in a certain
boy named Frank seven years old. Wit: John B. Hawkins, G.W. Giles, Jesse

?.1.5.1 Catherine "Kate" Easley, b. 1836, Madison Co., Ala. m.
Lambert and had children.

?.1.5.2 Hugh Easley Jr., b. August 1852--d. 1 December 1857.

?.1.6 Polly Easley [Thompson].


Henry Pyrant Easley. Moved from Tenn. to Utah in 1882. Probably connected
with the other "Pyrant Easley" lines. A daughter who wanted to exchange
Easley data was: Elizabeth E. Alexander, 1505 37th Avenue, Oakland, CA.
thought "the Easleys came from Penna. in 1764 or earlier."

Pyrant Ansly? 1830 census, Monroe Co., AL. 2 m under 5, 2 m 10-15, 1 m.
30-40; 2 f under 5, 1 f 5-10, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 20-3-, 1 f 30-40, 1

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