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By land, river, Gulf of Mexico or a combination of all different ways of
travel. One of my families (Samuel JOHNSTON & Mary Susan GOBER) came
from Mississippi westward to the Mississippi River, got on the steamboat
Robert E. Lee, went down the Missippi River, across the Gulf of Mexico,
landed near Galveston, TX, then by land to Anderson Co. Texas. This was
the 1880's.

In 1857, another (James D. REID & Permelia WILLIAMS) went by land from
Lincoln Co. Tennessee east to the Mississippi River, then by boat down
the Mississippi, across the Gulf to Indianola, TX, then by land to
Anderson Co. TX.

In 1824, another line, George & Drucilla CARTER, moved by land from Pike
Co. Mississippi to Sabine District Texas. They crossed the rivers by
ferry when available or homemade rafts.

Wanda Bowlin Davis - Kerrville TX -

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I read that some East Texas early settlers left Alabama and traveled by
to Galveston in the 1850s. Does this seem correct? Does anyone know if
travel from Galveston to East Texas would have been "up river" rather
than by
wagon? I thought the migration from Alabama would have been by wagon.
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