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Children of Robert Edward’s and Margaret (Crulin) are:
25 i. Edward 11 Edward’s.
26 ii. John Edward’s, born 1683.
27 iii. Robert Edward’s, born 1685.
28 iv. Hayden Edward’s, born 1687.
29 v. Henry Edward’s, born 1688.
+ 30 vi. Thomas Nathaniel Sr. Edwards, born October 14, 1690 in Edward’s
Glamorganshire; died November 02, 1775 in
London/Swansea, MD.
31 vii. Richard Edward’s, born 1694.
32 viii. William Edward’s, born 1697.
33 ix. Peter David Edward’s, born 1701.

Generation No. 11
30. Thomas Nathaniel Sr.ll Edward’s (Robert HaellO, Thomas Nathaniel9,

William8, Joshua7, Richard Jr.6 Edwardes,
Richard5, William4, Robert3, John2,
Johnl) was born October
14, 1690 in Edward’s Hall, Glamorganshire, and died

November 02, 1775 in London/Swansea, MD. He married Elizabeth Isobell

Downing March 12, 1713/14 in Lleanymyceck, Wales,
daughter of George Thomas

Notes for Thomas Nathaniel Sr. Edward’s:
Thomas Sr emigrated in 1750 or 59. Point of origin was England. In the
year 1759
three brothers (Thomas Sr., Edward, & Henry
Edward’s) came to what is now
called New York City,
New York and settled on Manhattan Island.
Thomas purchased land, but at that time, although land purchased at a
title was not absolute unless acknowledged by the Crown of England;
generally accorded in recognition of service to the Crown; and it was
Thomas's services rendered the English Government during the Great
and Indian Wars that the Crown recognised Thomas's purchases and gave
him absolute title thereto. The Crown of England made Thomas Sr
title at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Thomas Sr., although
was active in supporting the British Government, and became personally

responsible for goods bought in New York City.
He remained a true
British subject to his death.
Thomas and his two brothers came to America some time between 1740
and 1750...it was claimed that Thomas Nathaniel gave the first lease
directly to Trinity Church in 1744, which was about the time records
show he arrived in this country. (Book: "Andrew Edward’s, Rev. Sol."
by Mabel Scruggs Sommerfield, 1969)
About this time Thomas Sr died and his oldest son, Robert, administered
the estate that was granted to Thomas Sr by the Crown of England said
property lying on Manhattan Island. Said land was leased by Robert to
various parties in the year of 1778. This information was taken from
Hall of Records and History of New York City, New York.
Thomas's occupation was that of a merchant.
According to Barbara Mayberry's info Thomas died on November 2, 1781
in Swansea, MD (Info received August 29, 1997)
(Received from Donald Nelson thru the internet)
According to Anthony J. Christensen, P.O. Box 768, Spanish Forks,
Utah 84660, in December 1991.
"The ancestry of Thomas Edward’s is still in dispute. Unfortunately,
are no extant civil nor parish records found which establish positively

his geneology. Some say that Thomas was the son of a clergyman of the
Church of England who sailed to New York in the early 1700's. Others
say that Thomas was the son of ThomasEdwards who was the son of
Thomas Edward’s who married Elizabeth Hall in New York in the year
The ancestral claim that appears most plausible, however, is related
It can neither be verified, proven nor documented. It has simply been
down from generation to generation among some of the branches of
Thomas' family, and has become generally accepted as perhaps the most
accurate ancestry of Thomas Edward’s." "Thomas was born in 1690 in
South Wales and was the son of William Edward’s who was born in 1620,
and who sired Thomas in his old age. William was the son of Joshua
of Wales who was titled a baron during 1661. It is said that Thomas
a good deal of wealth from his grandfather Joshua. The title of baron
by Joshua Edward’s was no doubt the origin of the claim made by
James Adams Edward’s, six generations later in Tennessee that one of
his ancestors was a duke of Wales." "Family historians claim that our
Edward’s forebears descended from the ancient Welsh kings of
The first to assume the surname of Edward’s was Robert, the son of
Edward Ap Thomas Ap Llewellyn, and was lineally descended from
Einon Efell, Lord of Cynlleath in Montgomery-Cyclamate.
They had a son John Edward’s who purchsaed Less Strange.
Years later the Edward’s family came in to possession through marrige,
of the large estate near Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales, which came to
known as `Edward’s Hall.' The Edward’s family occupied the mansion
the estate for several generations until it fell into disrepair and
finally abandoned in the early 1700's." "After the new world was
discovered, many with the surname of Edward’s left the cankering
mother country, seeking a new life on the promising shores of America.
They sailed from Wales, England, Scotland, England and other ports,
and settled along the shores of the new colonies from New England
on the north, to Georgia on the south. The Edward’s name included
among those who first settled the Virginia colony. A William and
Arthur Edward’s were among those killed in the Indian massacre at
Jamestown in the year 1662." "In the Virginia colony alone, the number
of Edward’s immigrants was numerous. Colonial passenger and immigration
lists preserved through the years identify twenty-one males with the
of Edward’s who landed in Virginia between the years 1626 and 1643.
That number, however, represents only a &action of those by the name of

Edward’s who actually came to the Virginia colony."
Following information provided by Claudia Edward’s Morawski
(e-mail 98-03-04, on file), taken from the book "The Union County
History Book" of Union County, South Carolina, entry #158 & # 165.
The info was found in the desk of J.C. Edward’s upon his death in 1923.

it was sent to her by her cousin Robert Edward’s, and there is no proof

of any info later than Reps Edward’s.
To add to his holdings Thomas, bought &om Indians 5,000 acres of land
along the Hudson River. Between 1778 and 1781 he died, having remained
loyal to England during the Revolution, furnishing grain and food for
British Army.

Notes for Elizabeth Isobell Downing:
Elizabeth died at age of 88 years. Her occupation was Lady of Edward’s
Another source Reg & Gloria Wetz provided the following info: Elizabeth
was born in 1692 in Cardiff, Wales and died on June 8, 1742 in
Port Savanah, Chatham County, Georgia. She was buried in Wales.

Marriage Notes for Thomas Edward’s and Elizabeth Downing:
A Paper certified by A.L. Rice, Rector on April 29, I 878 from records
of Lleanymyceck Church in Wales. Correspondence with present Rector
to further verify states the old records are no longer legible enough
to verify.

Children of Thomas Edward’s and Elizabeth Downing are:
34 i. Robertl2 Edward’s, born February 14, 1715/16 in Glen Morganshire,

Wales; died Abt. 1780 in At Sea while returning to Wales.
He married Mary Hult 1758 in New York, America.

Notes for Robert Edward’s:
Robert was a Sea Captain, Soldier, and Sailor.
(From the database of Clinton Edward’s in TN forwarded info
from Jimmy Edward’s, 2109 Lebanon Rd, Nashville, T'N, dated 24 Aug 94)
Robert Edward’s, the eldest son of Thomas Edward’s and Isabella
came to America about 1750. It is said that he ventured up and down the

eastern seaboard investing and trading in real estate. One of his real
estate investments included the acquisition of a parcel of real estate
the New York colony on Manhattan Island. During June of 1778,
Robert leased that parcel, containing seventy-seven (77) or more acres,
to John and George Cruger for a ninety-nine year term. In return, he
his heirs were to retrieve a yearly rental fee from the property, and
at the
end of the ninety-nine years, the land together with all improvements
was to revert to the heirs.( info from geoff Pinkerton, Eleanor Lucas)

This is copied from a typewritten copy of a lease, dated June 1, 1778.

Copy of the Robert Edward’s Lease, Manhattan Island, June 1, 1778.
" Know All Men By These Presents, that I, Robt. Edward’s on this day
to John and George Cruga, 77 acres, 3 rods, and 32 perches, beginning
a stake set in the ground at high water mark near Bosteveds?, Kittege
running east along Prince Street, one thousand feet, then nort(sic)
westerly in
a zigzag course along part of old Jans land to Christopher Street, 2550
Thence south along the Hudson River following the line of high water
2276ft. to the point and place of beginning - said land being leased
99 years at (pounds) 1,000 L. and pepper com yearly.
Rental of said land is to be held by said John and George Cruger or
their heirs so long as contract is fulfilled; otherwise it must revert
to me or
my living heirs and at the expiration of the 99 year lease, said land
with all such improvements shall revert to my lawful living heirs which
will be
the descendants of my brother and sisters which are as follows:
William Edward’s, John Edward’s, Thomas Edward’s, Jacob Edward’s,
Leonard Edward’s, and Martha Edward’s
Witness June lst, 1778 (Signed)
Robert Edward’s John Cruger George Cruger Witness: Anthorry Barelay,
Nicholas Bayard"
(According to Reg and Gloria Rittenberg family file) Research by Helen
Gearldine Else, about 1980: Some years ago, in the 1950's, there was a
law case in the state of New York concerning some property in the
Madison Square Garden and Hyde Park area of New York City. From
my understanding, Robert Edward’s had been the owner of the land and
there weren't any records leaving the land to any of his descendants.
Since back taxes were owed on the property, lawyers were trying to fmd
the closest living descendants. .
+ 35 ii. Joshua Edward’s, born March 12, 1717/18 in Glen
Wales; died March 19, 1805 in Halifax, North Carolina.
+36 iii.William Edward’s, born April 09, 1720 in Glen Morganshire,
died 1786.
+37 iv.Thomas Nathaniel Jr Edward’s, born July 07, 1723 in
Carditl', Wales;
died September 27, 1756 in Henry County, Culpepper VA / Orangeburg
County, SC.
38v.Leonard Edward’s, born May 10, 1725 in Glen Morganshire, Walesl;
died February 10, 1731/32 in US. He married Elizabeth Nightingale.

notes for Leonard Edward’s:
Leonard was born on the l Oth of the month between May and August 1725.

He died of drowning.
Birth place (According to Reg and Gloria Rittenberg family file)

Notes for Elizabeth Nightingale: (According to Reg and Gloria
Rittenberg family
Elizabeths birth date and place.
+39 vi.John S. Edward’s, born February 10, 1726/27 in Edward’s
Hall, Glamorganshire, Wales or Stafford, Wales; died March 16, 1801
in Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina.
+40 vii.Jacob Edward’s, born August 18, 1729 in Glen
Morganshire, Wales;
died March 12, 1780 in North Carolina.
+41 viii.Martha Isobell Polly Edward’s, born November 24, 1731
Glen Morganshire, Wales; died 1799.

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