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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 23:01:55 -0400

Among some very old papers that were passed to me by a cousin ( his
ggrandfather, Addison Edwards was a brother to my ggrandmother, Minerva
Edwards), I have a cover page on Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company
stationary with three pages attached that may be of great value to many
of you. The cover page is signed but the attachments are not. Since
the cover page was mailed to the Sunday Sun (Baltimore, MD), it is most
assuredly public information, particularly since I have a copy of the
original letter. The attached three pages are not signed and only
shows, "BY A DECENDANT." Don't try to edit it for my sake as it is
shown exactly as typed including typeover, punctuation, misspelling,
etc. But, historically speaking, I believe it will speak for itself.
Some of you on the Edwards list have told me that I am not connected
with those Edwards of Westmoreland County, VA and others without taking
into full consideration the first four who came to this country which is
fairly well documented herein. Additionally, I believe this is the best
definition of the Manhatten Island, NY "so-called" Edwards fortune since
it provides a very well documented portrayal of Robert Edwards, grandson
of William Edwards, the immigrant. James Edwards, Planter of King
George Co., VA below shows four sons but says three; your guess is as
good as mine on this one. Where you see "xxxxxx" below indicates
strikeovers on original document (copy). Please comment.

Cover Letter:

Messrs. Editors:
If you will kindly allow me space I will endeavor to supplement
the entertaining.

Article on the Edwards genealogy which appeared in the Sunday Sun of
the 30th. ultime, with annals which may be of some interest to members
of this old Southern family. From papers in my possession I am able to
trace our line back for more than 200 years, and I would esteem it a
great favor if the editor of the Heraldry department, or any of our
name, would furnish me with the "missing links" which antedate those
centuries. The name Edward, Edwards and Edwardson, from Edawdrs, very
old Saxon, is found in writs of Parliament, as far back as the years
1302-1316. xxx Merida Edwards, planter, who resided in Westmoreland
county, Va. in 1700 had three sons- William Thomas and John, and one
daughter. William planter of Westmoreland county and parish of
Washington was the father of five sons- George, Anthony, Arnold,
Joseph and William- and three daughters. George planter, of King George
county and parish of Hanover, had four sons- James, George, Arnold and
Joseph- and five daughters. James, planter of King George county,
married Rosa Wren, whose mother was an Arnold and the children of this
union were three sons- John, Arnold, James and Enoch- and six
daughters. James rendered valuable service to the patriots during the
Revolutionary War and was an officer in the subsistence department of
the army, Elizabeth, his daughter, married Capt. John Baker of Wood
Grove, King George county, an officer in the War of 1812. who saw
service on the Canada frontier. Their son, William Edwards Baker, was
captain of Company E Fifty-fifth Virginia Regiment, and served through
the Civil War in the Army of Northern Virginia . John Arnold,
planter, of Walnut Hill, King George county, son of James, married
Elizabeth, daughter of Laurence and Nancy Balthrop, and had six sons-
William Balthrop, John, James, Joseph, Laurence and Francis Marion- and
three daughters. He served in the War of 1812, and died in 1855.
Francis Marion married Fannie Bland, daughter of Colonel Bland, of
Edenton, N.C a decendant of the distinguished English family of that
name and two sons, Howard and Clarence and one daughter are the
children of this marriage. He is a retired minister of the Methodist
Episcopal Church and well-known in Maryland, Virginia and other sections
of the country. The children of this union, now living are: Rev. Dr.
William Sommerville Edwards, Mrs. William H. Green, Robert Llewellyn
Edwards, Francis A. Edwards and Marie Louis Edwards, all of Baltimore,
and Mrs. R. Vinton Clayton of Annapolis, Md. The decendants of the
Edwards family in King George and other counties in Virginia include
George Arnold Edwards, William B. Edwards and Mrs. Robert Lee Harryman,
and branches pf the Arnold, Smith, Wood, Swann and Payne families and
many others in the southern and Western States are in the line of



The family decended from the ancient Welsh Kings of Towysland.
The first who assumed the name of Edwards was Robert, son of Edward of
Cynlleath, in Montgomeryshire, and Llewynymaen, Salop, Wales. He
married Ann, daughter and heir of Robert Kyffin of Cynlleath, and was
succeeded by his son John, who purchased Ness Strange, Salop.
The branch of the family that emigrated to Virginia early in the
seventeenth century came from near Cardiff, Wales, where the ruins of an
old castle, known as "Edwards Hall," are still to be seen. It is said
that this castle was built in the time of William the Conqueror by Sir
Godefer de Pommerei, and came into the possession of the Edwards family
by subsequent intermarriages of the two families.
The present representative of the family in Wales are the
decendants of Col. George Rowland Edwards, of Ness Strange, Salop, who
was born June 23d. 1810, Married March 11th.1847, Catherine Jane, oldest
daughter of Gen. Edwards Armstrong.
Arms- Per fess sa. and arg. a lion rampant countercharged.
Crest- Within a wreath a lion rampant, as in the arms
The first of the name to emigrate to to America was John Edwards
who settled in Northumerland county, Virginia, in 1623. He died
bequeathing all his property to his widow and three children in London,
England - Extract from the records of Northumberland County Court, Va.
He was followed, in 1635 by his brothers Thomas, Robert and
William. Thomas settled in Surry county and Robert in Westmoreland
county, Virginia.
William Edwards, the youngest of the four brothers who emigrated
to Virginia, was the founder of the family in America. He came in July
1635, when only 19 years old in the bark Ye Merchant's Hope and settled
in James City county, Virginia. He was a member of the Virginia House
of Burgesses in 1653 and was patented large areas of land in the
counties of James City, Surry, Isle of Wight, Norfolk and Lancaster. A
bond given by him, 1659, is recorded in Surry County, witnessed by John
Washington, the grandfather of George Washington, who came to America in
William Edwards died in 1697, at the age of 81 and was succeeded
by his son William, mentioned in the Surry county records as William
Edwards, Jr. who inherited large landed estates from his father. He was
specially mentioned by Governor Nicholson, Colonial Governor of Va. in a
letter to the Crown, dated August 12, 1700, as having "contributed
liberally to relieve the sufferings of the Huguenot immigrants who had
arrived in the James River in a destitute condition."
In 1678 William Edwards, Jr. married Ann Harrison, daughter of
Col. Benjamin Harrison, grandfather of Benjamin Harrison of Berkeley, a
signer of the Declaration of Independence, and the father and
great-grandfather, respectively, of Gen. William Henry Harrison and
Benjamin Harrison, ex-Presidents of the United States. He had issue
four sons and three daughters.
William Edwards, fourth child of William and Ann (Harrison)
Edwards: born 1687: married: 1712 Miss Haden, of Lancaster county Va.
The records of Westmoreland county show a deed to land purchased by him
in that county in 1708. He left issue four sons and several daughters.
Robert Edwards, the oldest son, born 1713 in Northumberland
county, Virginia , died on board his ship at New Zealand about 1785.
The records of Northumberland county show that he was in 1735 fined 50
begin page 2
of tobacco for absenting himself from the parish church. After this he
quit the State and followed the sea.
Note- "Robert Edwards was a ready and enterprising man, of great
native shrewdness and capacity, and settling on Manhattan Island, N.Y.
he made a fortune by shipbuilding. He was well educated and had studied
navigation, which he xxx utilized in directing the operations of his own
ships, under letters marque from the crown of England against French
commerce, for which he received a grant of land, xxxxxxxxx about 62
acres, on Manhattan Island from the English Government previous to the
close of the American Revolution. After the Revolution he sailed for
New Zealand, and died on the voyage. He never married."
John and Benjamin Edwards removed to Prince William county, Va.
Their names appear on the folls of the Prince William County, xxx
Rangers in 1756. Benjamin subsequently married and removed to Loudoun
county. Among his descendants are the Worsleys of that county. The
representative of the family, Thomas Worsley resides in St. Louis.
Haden Edwards, third son of W illiam and Ann (Harrison) Edwards,
born 1723 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Northumberland county, married (1747) his
cousin, Penelope Sanford, a granddaughter of Sir Humphrey Sanford, who
married a daughter of Job Walker, of Ferney Salop, Wales, whose wife was
Hon. Rebecca Folliett, daughter of Lord Folliett. The decendants of
Haden and Penelope (Sanford) Edwards are numerous, some of whom became
distinguished in the history of this country.
First- John Edwards, oldest son of Haden and Penelope (Sanford)
Edwards, born 1748: married Miss Wroe, of Prince William county, Va.
removed to Kentucky in 1780: represented that Territory the Legislature:
was elected one of the first two United States Senators when Kentucky
was made a State, in 1791. He married a second time and left issue of
24 children.
Second- Benjamin Edwards, born 1750: moved from his father's
home in Stafford county, Va. to Rock Hill, Md.: married in 1748
Margaret, daughter of Ninian Beall, of Montgomery county, Maryland, and
resided at Mount Pleasant, in that county. He was known as "the friend
and patron of William Wirt." whom he reared and educated. He was a
xxxxxxxxxx member of the convention of 1788, which ratified the
Constitution of the United States, and was tice a member of Congress
from Maryland. He moved to Kentucky in 1800 and died in 1826.
His oldest son, Ninland Edwards, (born in 1785 and married his
cousin, Elvira Lane) was a distinguished lawyer, politician and
statesman. He graduated at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, at the age
of 18: removed to Kentucky and became a Representative in the
Legislature before he was 21 years old: was judge of Court of Appeals
of Kentucky, 1816: Territorial G overnor of Illinois, 1809 to 1818:
United States Senator from Illinois, 1818 to 1824: Governor of Illinois
1826: appointed Minister to Mexico by President Monroe, but declined the
3- Sanford Edwards (born in 1752) served on the staff of
General Marion during the Revolutionary War: resided in South
Carolina:married and had issued several daughters, one of whom married
Mr. Morris, of Moriscula, N.Y.
4- George Edwards, (born in 1754) married Elizabeth Monroe, a
cousin of ex-President James Monroe,and removed to Kentucky in 1785. He
begin page 3
had numerous decendants, some of whom became very distinguished.
5- Haden Edwards, Jr. removed to Kentuckym married his cousin,
Penelope Ashmore,and settled at Nacogdooshes, Texas, where his daughter,
Mrs. Penelope Edwards Crouch, now resides.
6- Penelope Sanford Edwards: born 1757: married William Pope of
Virginia: removed to Kentucky: had issue (1) Gov. John Pope, afterwards
United States Senator
and President pro tem of the Senate 1811 to 1812: (2) Judge Nathaniel
Pope, of Illinois, the father of Gen. John Pope, of the United State
7- Elizabeth Edwards: born 1760: married 1781, John Chancellor,
son of John and Jame (Monroe) Chancellor and grandson of Capt. Richard
Chancellor, of the English Army, who emigrated to America in 1682 and
settled in Westmoreland county, Virginia John and Jame (Monroe)
Chancellor had issue several children:
(1) George Chancellor: born 1785: married 1816: Ann Lyon a
half-sister of the la te William Lorman, of Baltimore, Mayor Carrell
Chancellor and Mr. Bernard Chancellor, of Baltimore are grandsons.
(2) Major Sanford Chancellor: born 1791: served on the staff of
General Madison in the War of 1812 and was presiding justice of
Spottsylvania County Court at the time of his death, 1860. He married
Fannie L. Pound, daughter of Capt. Richard Pound, xxx a great grand-son
of William Underwood, member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, who
married a great grand-daughter of Pocahontas.
Dr. Charles W. Chancellor, formerly of Baltimore, now residing
in Washington City, late United States Consul at Havre, France is the
only living son of Major Sanford and Fannie L. (Pound) Chancellor. He
married, first, Mary Archer, daughter of Col. Alexander G. and Agnes
Marshall) Tallaferro, a granddaughter of Chief Justice John Marshall and
had issue a daughter, Leah Seddon, who married Henry Garnett Willis, of
Orange County Va.. Dr. Chancellor's second marriage was with Martha A.
Butler, daughter of Col. William O rmand Butler of Jackson, Tenn. a
first cousin of Gen. William O.. Butler, of Kentucy, decendants of James
Butler, Duke of Ormonde. By this marriage Dr. Chancellor has living
two children- Martha Butler Chancellor, of Washington, D.C. and Dr.
Phillip Stanely Chancellor of Santa Barbara, Cal.


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