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Hello Betty,
I saw your message in RootWeb Message Board about Rayen Junior Edwards.
Roscoe was the brother of my great-grandfather Charles Wesley "Wes" Edwards. They were sons of Joseph Newton "Newt" Edwards and Mary E. Ellington. Newts' father was Joseph Edwards, who I beleive married a Mary Jane Owens. Joseph Edwards is buried at New Harmony Baptist Church. New Harmony is located in N.W. Forsyth Co., Ga. about 1/2 mile east of the Forsyth and Cherokee Co. line off Hwy 20 that runs between Canton, Ga. in Cherokee Co., Ga. and Cumming, Ga. in Forsyth Co., Ga. As you cross out of Cherokee Co. and enter Forsyth Co. on Hwy 20, there is a county road named Heardsville Rd that turns left off Hwy 20. If you go down Heardsville Rd, you will pass New Harmony Baptist Church on the right, and the cemetery is on both sides of Heardsville Rd. Continue on down Heardsville Rd and you will come to a four way stop sign, with an old store on the left. The old store is now an antique store, but use to be Lewis T. Ledbetters' General Store. In the early 1900's, !
Lewis Ledbetters' Store was the Mayors Office and Jail for the city of Ducktown, Ga. Prior to 1900, the original store and Post Office use to belong to John William "Billy" Hawkins and the community was called Harmony, after New Harmony Baptist Church, which was established in 1855. Lewis Ledbetter meet my great-aunt, Loma Howard, in the late 1890's, while he was going to school in Atlanta at Mercer Business School. They married in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Ga. on Aug. 6, 1899 and sometime after that moved to Harmony. Lomas' sister Sarah Ola Howard was married to Billy Hawkins' son, John Bunyan Hawkins. I don't know how Lewis came to aquire the store in Harmony, Ga., but after he obtained the store, he was the Postmaster for Harmony. Lewis told the story that the mail to Harmony, Ga. was getting mixed up with the mail to another community called Harmony Grove, Ga., so he requested that Harmony be changed to Ducktown and the state of Georgia issued a city charter to create !
Ducktown, Ga. Lewis calmed the name come from the fact that some soldiers camp near his store for a short period of time and some ducks from one of the farms kept following the soldiers around. The soldiers started calling the store Ducktown, so Lewis thought that Ducktown was a good name for the Community. This occured in the early 1900's. Most of the local business died around 1925, when a cotton warehouse caught fire and burned most of the building down. Ledbetters store in Ducktown survived and continue to do business for a number of years past the death of Lewis Ledbetter in 1971.
I do not know exactly when Roscoes' grandfather Joseph Edwards settled in Ducktown, but he is listed in 1850, 1870 and 1880 census of Forsyth Co., Ga. I found a Cherokee Co., Ga. Marriage record that reads as follows:
Cherokee County Georgia Marriages Book A Grooms (1840 - 1849)
EDWARDS, Joseph OWENS, Jane Jan 30, 1845 Book A, Page116

Josephs' gravestone shows that he was born Jan. 20, 1822 and died May 22, 1894. I found that Mary was born in April 1828. I don't remember where I found this date, but I'm guessing that I got it from a census record.

I have found several records where Joseph Edwards purchased and sold land in Forsyth Co., Ga. as follows:
Book N, 3rd Dist., 1st Sec. Of Forsyth Co., Ga., ?? 26, 1854, H. W. Lewis to Joseph Edwards Lot 726 for $200.
Book N, 3rd Dist., 1st Sec. Of Forsyth Co., Ga., Dec. 28, 1854, Asa Sames (Pickens Co., Ga.) to Joseph Edwards Lot 715 (drawn in land lottery by Asa Sames) for $200. N. W. Corner Pin located at Heardsville Rd. just past Frix Rd.
Book N, 3rd Dist., 1st Sec. Of Forsyth Co., Ga., Jan. 27, 1855, Moses Ledbetter to Joseph Edwards 10 acres south part of Lot 717 for $23.50.
Book N, 3rd Dist., 1st Sec. Of Forsyth Co., Ga., Aug. 14, 1856, John Wilson (Henry Co., Ga.) to Joseph Edwards Lot 725 for $80. Located at Hawkins Dr. and Heardsville Rd.
Book N, 3rd Dist., 1st Sec. Of Forsyth Co., Ga., Dec. 2, 1856, Elijah L. Holbrook to Joseph Edwards Lot 789 (40 acres more or less) for $62.
Book N, 3rd Dist., 1st Sec. Of Forsyth Co., Ga., Nov. 24, 1860, Loyd Cole to Joseph Edwards Lots 797 and 798 for $300.
Book N, 3rd Dist., 1st Sec. Of Forsyth Co., Ga., Jan. 25, 1861, Davis Haygood to Joseph Edwards East Side of Lot 723 (15 acres) for $40.
Book Q, 3rd Dist., 1st Sec. Of Forsyth Co., Ga., Feb. 6, 1875, C. M. Dodson to Joseph Edwards Lot 866 for $100
Book Q, Page 458, 3rd Dist., 1st Sec. Of Forsyth Co., Ga., Jan. 3, 1880, Joseph Edwards to J. N. Edwards Lot 866 for $5. N. W. Lot at Ducktown at crossroads of Heardsville Rd. and Franklin Goldmine Rd.

This last entry where Joseph sold lot 866 to Newt for $5 is the lot that I remember my great-grandfather Wes' house located. It was across the road from Ducktown Store on the opposite corner from the store.

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If you want I will send you a text file with the descendants of Joseph Edwards.
E-mail me at

Wayne Howard

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