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From: "mike marshall" <>
Subject: [EFSS] Aldridges of Prince Georges County, MD
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 21:23:35 -0500

Pam, in an email of 29 Feb, you asked about the Aldridges of Prince Georges
County, MD.

A few years ago, I spent a good deal of time on several Aldridge/Eldrige
families in southern MD, including Prince Georges, Calvert, Anne Arundel
and St. Mary's County. I was looking for a link to the "Allreds" of NC, and
not really trying to pin down the lines there in detail.

I will say there are some interesting connections. One suggests a link
between a William Eldridge who died in Anne Arundel County, MD c. 1667 and
families who lived in Cherry Point Neck in Northumberland, County, VA. The
will of WILLIAM ELDRIDGE, dated 11 Mar 1665 was proved in Anne Arundel
County, MD 2 Jun 1667. He is probably the WILLIAM OLDRIDGE who transported
himself, his wife Elizabeth, and one daughter Anne to Maryland in 1662. In
his will, WILLIAM ELDRIDGE left his entire estate to Samuel Lane (named
administrator) and to William Sewick/Swick. It turns out that Samuel Lane,
b.1628, became a Puritan minister in England and served as vicar of Long
Houghton in Northumberland England until he was ejected in 1662 when the
Puritans were thrown out of power. While Lane was in Long Houghton, he
married Barbara Roddam (Rhodam etc.) who was born in 1622. There is very
good evidence to suggest that Barbara was the sister of Matthew Roddam or
Rhodam who settled in the 1630s on Kent Island in the Chesapeake Bay which
lies between Anne Arundel County, MD and the eastern shore of MD. Later,
Matthew Roddam and a number of other Marylanders moved to the south shore
of the Potomac River and settled on Cherry Point Neck, now in
Northumberland County, VA. Matthew Roddam had two daughters, Elizabeth and
Hanna, but no sons. Elizabeth married Richard Kenner and Hanna married
Christopher Neale. Roddam's property was adjacent to the property that
belonged to Cloud Tullos and the records indicate the families were quite

Those who have studied the records of Northumberland County will recall
that a WILLIAM ALDRIDGE died there c. 1662 as the result of an accidental
gun shot wound, and there were a number of depositions concerning his
death. In one, Daniel Neale and Eleanor his wife testified that after the
accident, this WILLIAM ALDRIDGE was brought to their house where he died.

Christopher Neale who married Hanna Roddam was the son of this Daniel Neale
and his wife Eleanor. Whether this WILLIAM ALDRIDGE was brought to the
Daniel Neale home as a matter of coincidence, or whether there was some
connection I could not prove. There are other records that connect Roddam
to CLEMENT ARLEDGE, e.g. there is a deed made by CLEMENT ARLEDGE and his
wife Mary to Patrick Maly. Witnesses to this deed were Christopher and
Rodham Neale. Rodham Neale was a son of Capt. Christopher and Hanna
(Roddam) Neale.

Let me return to William Sewick who was also a devisee in the will of
WILLIAM OLDRIDGE/ELDRIDGE of Anne Arundel. Sewick was a grantor in a deed
made in Anne Arundel on 3 May 1682 and recorded in Jun 1682. Interestingly,
witnesses to this deed included NICHOLAS ALDRIDGE. That both WILLIAM
OLDRIDGE/ELDRIDGE and NICHOLAS ALDRIDGE were both connected with William
Sewick suggest the possibility of a connection between the two, possibly
father and son though this is not proved. Incidentally, in some of the MD
records, Nicholas Aldridge is seen as NICHOLAS OLDRIDGE.

Here are some of the main points of my research on the southern MD
Aldridges (all information from parish registers, deeds, wills, and other
probate records).

Nicholas Aldridge married Martha Besson. Their children included 1. Thomas
b.1680 who m. Elizabeth Purdy d/o John and Mary, 2. Nicholas b. 1698 who m.
Ursula, 3. Ann b. 1684, 4. John b. 1688 (may have married Susannah), 5.
Joane b. 1689, 6. Sidney b. 1693, 7. Jane b. 1696, 8. William I b. 1700, d.
1702, 9. William II b. 1702, and 10. James b. 1706

Children of Thomas Aldridge and Elizabeth Purdy include: 1. Edmond (b.1703,
d.1703), 2. Rebecka b. 1705, 3. Thomas b. 1709 (he may be the Thomas who
married Mary and had Mary b. 21 Dec 1728 and William b. 23 Nov 1730), 4.
Martha bap. 1717, d. 1719, 5. Elizabeth bap. 1723, and 6. John b. 28 Mar

Children of Nicholas b. 1698 d.c. 1758 include: 1. Zachariah, 2. Nicholas,
3. William b. 1734, 4. Ann, 5. Sarah, 6. Mary, 7. Susannah, and 8. John
d.c. 1750 Prince Georges County who married Eleanor who d.c. 1760 Prince
Georges County. Issue of John and Eleanor include: 1. John, 2. Jacob b.c.
1741, 3. Thomas, and 4. Susanna Prather.

In addition to the Nicholas Aldridge family, there was also a THOMAS1
ALDRIDGE who died 1718 in Anne Arundel. It is possible, but not proved,
that this may be the Thomas Aldridge who received 100 acres in Cecil County
in 1674 called "Aldridge's Lott."

The name of the wife of Thomas1 Aldridge is unknown. However, he married
secondly Rebecca Hancock, widow of Stephen Hancock. Rebecca was likely the
daughter of William Crouch who left Rebecca, inter alia, a tract called
"Crouch's Mill Dam." The Rent Rolls of Anne Arundel show that one THOMAS
ALBRIX [sic] paid rent on this Mill Dam in 1707 as the possessor.

By his first wife, Thomas Aldridge had 1. Sarah who married Henry Merriday
29 Oct 1711 and 2. Thomas2 Aldridge. In his will, Thomas1 left 100 acres
called "Murphy's Choice" to his son Thomas2. Thomas2 Aldridge married Mary
Foreman who received 125 acres of a tract called "Bare Neck" in the will of
her father, William Foreman.

Thomas2 Aldridge was living Sep 1727 when William Foreman made his will.
However, Thomas2 was deceased by 28 Feb 1732 when his widow and relict
married George Gill.

Children of Thomas2 Aldridge and Mary Foreman include: WILLIAM ALDRIDGE
b.1713/14, 2. THOMAS3 ALDRIDGE b. 1716, 3. JOSEPH ALDRIDGE b. 1718, and

This Thomas2 Aldridge family was of considerable interest to me because the
names William, Thomas, Joseph and Solomon also appear in the NC records of
Orange and Rowan County. These four seem to disappear from the Maryland
records, but whether they went to NC is not known.

At the risk of rambling, I might add that the name MAJOR LEA appears in the
early Orange County, NC records in connection with the Allred line. For
example, there is a deed for 296 acres in Orange on both sides of Bush
Creek of Deep River surveyed 29 Jul 1762. Chain carriers were MAJOR LEA,
WILLIAM ALDRED SR. The Plat reads surveyed for WILLIAM ALRED JR.

It turns out that MAJOR LEA married Elizabeth Slade who was the daughter of
Thomas Slade and his second wife Hanna Miles. Interestingly, Thomas Slade's
first wife was ANN BESSON the daughter of Nicholas Besson of Anne Arundel
and his wife Diana Haile. Moreover, Nicholas Besson (b.1677) was the son of
Thomas Besson (b.1638, m. Margaret Saughier b.1646) whose sister Martha

A further interesting connection is as follows. Anne Besson, sister to
Martha who married NICHOLAS ALDRIDGE, married Col. Nicholas Gassaway of
Anne Arundel. Their son was John Gassaway who married Elizabeth Lawrence
and their son was Nicholas Gassaway (c.1696-1757), the father of Mary
Gassaway who married JAMES ALDRIDGE son of NICHOLAS ALDRIDGE and Martha
Besson. One book, "Aldredge 1655-1990 335 Years," by Gordon Parker and
Helen Lane claims that JAMES ALDRIDGE and MARY (GASSAWAY) ALDRIDGE had a
son, James Aldridge (b.1745) who married Rosanna Kendrick, and that their
son ABNER ALDRIDGE (b. 1769 in Rowan County, NC) married Rebecca House.

In conclusion, I believe there is much more to be learned by studying the
Aldridges of southern Maryland. Perhaps someone will decide to pursue them

Mike Marshall

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