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Subject: [EGNER] Johannes Agner
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The family of this Agner/Agender/etc has been pretty well researched -
probably because Phillipina married Daniel Little, Jr. Daniel and his
brother, Peter were Revolutionary War patriots. Their descendants are able to
jioin the DAR/SAR. My husband is the descendant, not I. He is not
ineterested. I will put my notes etc on this list. It is long. If you don't
want to read all that, just delete it. I am not a genealogist, I have relied
on others. I have several books and excerpts will follow.
Pat McAlister in AR
Johannes Agner -They use Agner in the Rowan Co, NC Heritage book
1. Johannes* AGNER was born in 1687 in Gemeinde Boltigen, Switzerland. [I
found a Gemeinde, Liege, Walloon Region, Belgium and a Boltigen, Bern,
Switzerland.] He died in 1757 in Rowan Co, NC. Born in Gemeinde Boltigen
in the District of Ober-Simmenthal in Kanton Bern, Switzerland. [That info
came from the Little Bit - the newsletter for the Descendants of Capt. Daniel

M:Margaretha-(1718) had at least 6 children
In 1731, when the youngest child was two years old, Johannes and his family
migrated to Pennsylvania. They arrived in Philadelphia on Sept.21,
1731 on the Britannia sailing from Rotterdam, Holland by way of Cowes,
England. See Little File.-and Heritage of Rowan Co Book
The names of the family of Johannes Eigener as they appeared on the ship's
list were:
1 - Katherina Eigenter age 12 (1719)
2 - Henricks Eigenter age 10 (1720)
3 - Dorothia Eigenter age 6 (1725)
4 - Anna Kreta Eigenter age 5 (1726)
5 - Ludwig Eigenter age 3 (1728)
6 - Magdelena Eigenter age 2 (1729)
Johannes and his family settled in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County,
Pennsylvania and became members of the Jordan Lutheran Church. Four of the
six children married at that church between the years of 1741 and 1748. The
oldest sister and the youngest apparently did not marry.

1 - Katharina Eigenter unmarried? b:c1719, Switzerland
2 - Heinrich Eigener m: Marta Catharina b:c1721
3 - Marta Dorothea Eigener m: Philipp Wirbel (20 Jan 1747) b:c1725
4 - Anna Marcretha E. m: Ludwig Zimmerman (15 Dec 1741) b:c1726
5 - Ludwig Eigener m: Christina Mahn (11 Oct 1748) b:1728
6 - Magdalena Eigener b: 1729

1747 - Johannes was naturalized in Burks (Berks or Bucks) County, PA, the
same year that the first child of Henry and his wife Maria Catharina was
baptized at the Jordan Lutheran Church in Whitehall Township, Lehigh Co, PA.
Sometime within the next ten years Johannes joined his son Henry and his
family and his daughter, Dorothea and members of her husband's family in a
migration into Rowan Co, NC. We do not find records showing that Johannes
took up land but Henry did. Henry settled on 320 acres in Tract #9 of the
McCulloh Land Grant on the east side of the South Fork of Crane Creek. This
deed was signed on 28 December 1761and his closest neighbor was Henry Grub,
with a grist-mill and dam on Crane Creek to the east of Henry's land.
1757 - Johannes wrote out his will (recorded-1758-Will Book A) in Rowan
County on 24 January 1757 at the age of 70. The will was probated on 22 April
1758 with Conrod Michael acting as Executor. The original is in German in the
Archives in Raleigh, NC. We have on record papers showing that Johannes
Agender, in the prescence of unnamed children assigned Conrad Michel (a close
friend of Daniel Little) to collect his paternal
and maternal inheritance in Switzerland. The witnesses were Georg Brunner and
Conrad Michel. (We do not know whether this mission was accomplished since
Conrod Michael returned to Germany in 1763 or 64 and Johannes had apparently
died before this time. Conrad also died within a few years without returning
to America.
Heinrich Eigener m:Maria Catharina (c.1746) b:1721---d:17 Dec 1792-Rowan
1761 - Another neighbor of Henry's was Jacob Wirbel whose son had married
Henry's sister Dorothea in Pennsylvania so we might assume that these
families came south together, and settled in the German settlement along
Crane Creek. In the 1761 list of taxables made by Constable Michael Brown we
see the names of Henry Agender and Philip Warbl (Wervill), proving their
residency in that district.
1786 - Within this period of time those holding property adjacent to the
plantation of Henry Agender included the father-in-law of his daughter
Dorothea. Jacob Wervil, Frederick Fisher, Conrod Brea, John Williams, Anthony
Salt, Jacob Frailey and the Dutch Meeting House (Pine Church) where
Phillippina Eigernern and Daniel Little (Luttel) had taken their first
1790 - On 20 January 1790 Henry Agender wrote out his will, which was
probated in 1792. The diary of Pastor Carl August Gottlieb Storch notes that
he buried "Old Eiginer" on 17 December 1792. see file for Henry's children

In the Will Abstracts of North Carolina - Johannes Agender - Jan. 24,
1757 - 70 years old-in the presence of unnamed children assigns Conrod Michel
to collect his maternal and paternal inheritance in Switzerland.
Witnesses:Georg Brunner, Conrod Michel - Original in German At the Archives
Eigener - Aegnor - Agender - Agner - Ignor - Using Agner - it's simpler

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