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ELDRIDGE, MARY M. - 76 female born in VA
M. B. - 72 female born in VA
J. P. - 64 female born in VA

(Request Verification: Mary Meade Eldridge, Martha Bolling "Patsy" Eldridge,
Jane Pocahontas Eldridge - Three unmarried sisters.)


No. 38, 6 December 1856, Page 2 and 3, Col. 1:

Died in Allenton, Wilcox County, Alabama, on the 19th Sept., MARY M.
ELDRIDGE, daughter of Rolfe Eldridge, Sr., born in Buckingham Co., VA., on
the 4th Sept., 1776, aged 80 years and 15 days. She removed from Virgina
with her brother-in-law, John P. Williams, in the fall of 1846, where she
lived to see buried, the following members of her family; two sisters, Martha
and Courtney; her brother-in-law, John P. Williams, and niece, Miss
Pocahontas Williams. She was called Aunt Polly. Oak Hill, Ala., Nov. 12,
1856. A. C. Ramsey

Source: "Marriages and Obituaries from the New Orleans Christian Advocate
1851-1860 with Complete Index" Volume 1, Compiled by E. M. and Ema L. Tipton


5 Martha Bolling (1713-10/23/1749), m. 1737, (her first cousin), Thomas
Eldridge, Jr. (1710-12/4/1754), of Henrico and Sussex Counties, son of Thomas
and Judith Kennon Eldridge of "Rochdale", located twelve miles from Richmond.
Thomas Eldridge, Jr., practiced law in Amelia County, and later moved to
George County, and died in Sussex County. He m. (2nd) Elizabeth Jones, dau.
of James III and Sarah Edmunds Jones of Surry County. Thomas Eldridge, Jr.,
Elizabeth Jones Eldridge had children including Aristotle, Howell and Sarah
who m. Col. Thomas Edmunds of Brunswick (MB 11/25/1771-28 V 167). After the
death of Thomas Eldridge, Jr., Elizabeth Jones Eldridge m. Col. Drury Stith
of Brunswick County (she was his second wife).
51 Thomas Eldridge III (1730's - )
52 Jenny Eldridge (1740-in the 1800's) Unm.
53 John Bolling Eldridge (4/22/1741- )
54 Judith Eldridge (3/11/1742*3 - ) (twin)
55 Mary Eldridge (3/11/1742*3 - ) (twin)
56 Rolfe Eldridge (12/29/1744 or 5-1806), of Subpoena, Buckingham
County, m. (MB 11/26/1773 Brunswick County), Susannah Everard
Walker (1754-3/27/1821), dau. of Col. George Walker, originally
of Elizabeth City County, and his wife, the former Mary Meade.
561 Rolfe Eldridge, Jr. (1780-1861) of Rolfeton, Buckingham County,
m. 12/16/1808, Mary Moseley, dau. of Benjamin and Mary Branch
5611 Susanna Eldridge, m. Dr. James Austin
5612 Lucy Eldridge, m. Rev. James H. Fitzgerald
5613 Elizabeth Eldridge, m. Bernard Austin
5614 Delia Eldridge, m. Robert Kincaid Irving ( -1894). They lived at
Rolfeton. Had issue. Grandchildren: Mrs. H. C. Thornton, Delia
E. Brock, Robert K.Brock
5615 William Moseley Eldridge, m. Katherine Nixon
5616 Mildred Kidder Eldridge (d. 1902, age 79), m. 1867, William Meredith
Cabel (12/2/1823- ), son of Col. Edward A. and Mary Rice Garland
Cabell. No issue. Lived near Buckingham C. H.
5617 Benjamin Eldridge, m. Elizabeth Perkins
5618 John Eldridge, m. 1857, Sarah Perkins Moseley, dau. of Col. Grandison
Moseley (1830-1903). Lived near Buckingham C.H.
5619 Frances Eldridge, m. Samuel Anthony Glover
561x Mary Eldridge. Unm.
561a Martha Bolling Eldridge. Unm.
562 Susanna Everard Eldridge, m. Webber
563 Thomas Kidder Eldridge (1804-12/19/1864), m. ca. 1820, Mary
Hales Ayres (6/8/1803-7/2/1869), dau. of Rev. John and Elizabeth
Bransford Ayres. Mary Hales Ayres was born in Buckingham County
5631 Delia Eldridge. This may not be correct.
5632 Ann Elizabeth Eldridge (1821-1844), m. Thomas Henry Garnett
5633 John Rolfe Eldridge (4/7/1825-12/19/1894), m. Eliza Hanes, dau.
of Col. Elijah and Mary Jane Brown Hanes
5634 David Walker Eldridge (ca. 1827- ), m. Amanda Hocker
5635 Susan Bolling Eldridge (ca. 1830 - ), m. Peter Sipe
5636 Courtney Wythe Eldridge (2/24/1833-2/5/1928) (b. at Subpoena,
12/16/1857, in Buckingham Countym Capt., John Clark Turner
(9/23/1823-10/14/1906), (b. and d. in Buckingham County), son
of Fleming and Turner.
5637 Mary Virginia Eldridge (ca. 1834- ), m. Robert Hales,
M.D., son of Dr. Peter and Jennings Hales
5638 Patsy (Ann?) Eldridge (ca. 1844- ) was an invalid. Unm.
564 Courtenay Tucker Eldridge, m. John Price Williams
5641 John Rolfe Williams (ca. 1824- ) (b. Buckingham County),
m. 1848, Susan Campbell
5642 Susanna Williams (b. Buckingham County)
5643 Mary Jane Williams (ca. 1827- ) (b. Buckingham County
5644 Elizabeth Williams (ca. 1829- ) (b. Buckingham County)
5645 Warner Archer Williams (ca. 1830-ca. 1880) (b. Buckingham
County, d. Henderson, KY), m. 4/6/1857 in Collirene, Lowndes
County, Ala., Jane Emily Rives. Practiced dentistry in Mobile,
then moved to Pleasant Hill, Lowndes County, after marriage. Ca.
1865 moved to Corydon, Ky., because of economic chaos in Ala.
Eventually moved practice to Henderson, Ky.
5646 Pocahontas Williams (ca. 1832- ) (b. Buckingahm County)
5647 Thomas Eldridge Williams (6/14/1833-9/ /1913) (b. Buckingham
County, d. Dallas), m. Elizabeth Martha Rives
5648 George Williams (ca. 1836- ) (b. Dallas)
5649 Daniel Claude Williams (ca. 1838- ) (b. Dallas)
565 David Walker Eldridge. Unm.
566 George Wythe Eldridge. Unm.
567 Mary Meade Eldridge. Unm.
568 Nancy Eldridge. Unm.
569 Jane Pocahontas Eldridge. Unm.
56x Martha Bolling (Patsy) Eldridge. Unm.
57 Sarah Eldridge (1740- )
58 Martha Eldridge (10/23/1749 - )
59 Jane Eldridge

Source: "POCAHONTAS DESCENDANTS" by Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers,
and Eileen M. Chappel. A revision, enlargement and extension of the list as
set out by Wyndham Robertson in his book - POCAHONTAS AND HER DESCENDANTS

(Note: Additional Information can be found in the Eldridge-L archives)

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