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REVEREND PETER ELDRIDGE - Born April 16, 1797 - North Carolina


State of Georgia 17 February 1823
Grantor: Richard R. Boles of Franklin Co, GA
Grantee: PETER ELDRIDGE of Bibb County, GA
$150.00 202 1/2 acres
Lot 194, 4th dist. Houston, now Bibb Co., GA
Signed: Richard R. Boyles
Witness: Nathan Brady, Jr., Samuel Morgan, J.P.
Recorded 29 Dec 1823

Source: "Bibb County GA Deed Abstracts" pages 82-82

Page 188
Isiah A. Paschall of Upson County sold PETER ELDERIDGE for the sum $110, 202
1/2 acres in dist. 2, Lot #187 lying on the waters of Wolfe Creek adjoining
Lots #186 and 188, recorded Jan. 4, 1827. Wit: William Davis, John N. Davis,
J. P.
Page 552
Henry County, Burrell Jinks gave to Moses Cox and PETER ELDRIDGE, Deacons in
Bethel Church 2 acres to Bethel Church to include land where meeting house
now stands. Wit: A. Hunter and A. L. Robinson, J.P. Recorded December 15,
Page 552
Bibb County, Zacharia Holdman and wife Mary of said County sold to PETER
ELDRIDGE also of Bibb County for the sum of $300 on December 27, 1823 Lot
#166 in dist. 2, 202 1/2 acres which was granted to John Webster on August
16, 1823 in the land lottery. Wit: Burrell Wise and Moses Collins J. P.
Recorded Dec. 15, 1825.
Page 451
Meriwether County, Peter Eldridge of said County, sold to Henry L. Williams
of Henry County on February 20, 1829 for the sum of $700, 202 1/2 acres, Lot
#166 in dist. 2. Wit: James Justice and Willie B. Ector J.I.C. Recorded
January 13, 1834.
Page 451
Meriwether County, Peter Eldridge of said County sold to John L. Williams of
Henry County for the sum of $275 on November 29, 1830, Lot #187 in Dist. 2,
202 1/2 acres. Wit: William Hudspeth, Willie b. Ector J.I.C. Recorded
January 13, 1835.

Source: "Henry County, GA Land Records - Deed Books A and B, Deed Books C/D,
F, G, H."

- PETER ELDRIDGE to John Pittman. Lot #153, 8th dist. Wit.: John R. Pitman,
T. S. White. Jan. 18, 1834/Sept. 20, 1834.
- Thomas Rollins to PETER ELDRIDGE. Lot #153, 8th Dist. Wit.: Jas E. Gashit,
A. B. Pope. Feb. 22, 1832/Feb. 22, 1832.

Source: "A Source Book on the Early History of Cuthbert and Randolph County,
Georgia" by Annette McDonald Suarez. Compiled and Edited by William Bailey
Williford. Atlanta Cherokee Publishing Company, 1982.




The Columbus Association of Baptist Churches in Georgia was organized in
1829, including 454 members. Its bounds were: 1st district, Harris Co.; 2nd
district, Talbot Co.; 3rd district, Muscogee Co.; 4 th district, Randolph,
Lee, and Marion Counties. Rev. A. Smith was the only minister in this body.
Travis Everett founded the first churches in Randolph County. From the
Acts of the General Assembly of Georgia, Dec. 27, 1831: "an Act to authorize
the appointment of Trustees for the Baptist Church in the town of Cuthbert,
Randolph County with certain powers." This church was constitutd by Rev.
John G. Gilbert, who moved from Hancock Co. about 1830 to Randolph Co. and
was the first pastor. REV. PETER ELDRIDGE was the second pastor, and was
succeeded by Rev. James S. Lunsford; then Rev. Stephen Parker, a Primitive
Baptist preacher; Then Rev. Thomas Muse; then William Crawford.
The first church building was erected in 1831. It was built of hewn logs
and was 16' x 20' and was located at the forks of the road two miles west of
Cuthbert on Eufaula road. It was known as Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Source: "Randolph County, Georgia - A Compilation of Facts, Recollections,
and Family Histories" 1977, Compiled by Iva P. Goolsby, Chairman, Florence T.
Moye, Cornelia M. Mattox, page 56



There were now thirty seven churches in the Bethel Association, Poplar
Spring, Dooly County, having 128 members, the largest in the Association and
Macedonia, Early County, 125 the second largest in the Association and Pine
Bluff, Baker County, 12 members and the smallest in the Association. There
were received in the Association that year 224 by baptism, 201 by letter and
8 restored; dismissed by letter 282, excommunicated 73, 25 deqd, leaving a
total membership of 2,121. Collections for domestic missions $48.50. PETER
ELDRIDGE was early in February employed to labor in the destitute regions on
our border in Alabama. he reported the travel of 1,123 miles, preached 130
sermons, baptized 34, and was actually engaged 128 days. That he took part
in the constitution of two churches, had several others ready for it. He was
allowed $1.50 per day for his actual service. He, to furnish his own horse
and expenses. This was the first missionry sent out by the Bethel
Association. During the eight years since the Association was organized the
membership had increased rapidly and a definite start had been made upon its
support of missions.

Source: "History of Bethel Association Including Centennial Meeting" Compiled
and Edited By Alexander Lee Miller, Moderator of Association 1909-1934, page



(located on Alabama Highway 30 between Clayton and
Bethlehem Baptist Church was organized april 25, 1825, and is still
located at its original site. Founding members were: Warren Jackson,
William Anglin, Randal Jackson, William Cox, William Cadenhead, James
Cadenhed (moderator), James A. Head (Clerk), Elizabeth Jackson, Elizabeth
Cox, Elizabeth Head, Mary Pruit, Elizabeth Warren, and Anna (a woman of
Early preachers and moderators (through 1867) were James McLemore, James
Cadenhead, William A. Williams, ---- Kennington, ----- Tew, William Harrod,
---- Horn, Joel Sims, William Tryon, PETER ELDRIDGE, George G. McLendon, ----
McQuirty, Reubin E. Brown, Daniel Cumbie, R. R. Rushing, William Davis,
Mathew Bishop, E. Y. Van Hoose, Willliam Lee, and R. B. Brooks.
Other early members were Richard Head, Francis Baker, Zacheus Nix, John
Passmore, and Samuel Swilley.

(located on the corner of Barbour Street and Randolph
The Irwinton Baptist Church was organized June 24, 1837. In 1869, the
name was changed to the Eufaula Baptist Church, and later to the First
Baptist Church of Eufaula.
The congregation first met in the old Male Academy. In 1841, the first
church building was erected on Van Buren Street. It is now owned by St.
Luke's M. E. Church. In 1871, a second church was built at the present site,
on a lot given by nary Ann Davis Barnett. This building was struck by
lightning in 1907. The present church was built on the same site.
The original presbytery was composed of Rev. PETER ELDRIDGE, Rev. Joel
Sims, and Rev. Stephen Rowe. Original members ere Cullen Battle Betts,
Olivia Barefield, Mary Bailey, Thomas Cargile and wife, Lucinda, Mary Ann
Dennis, Josiah Jackson, Charlotte Martin, Lucy Moore, Seth Piland, Reuben C.
Shorter, Mary B. Shorter, Col. E. S. Shorter, Mrs. William H. Thornton,
Archibald Seals and wife, Nancy; Miss Emily F. Shorter and Elizabeth Wharton.
Early ministers were William M. Tyson (1837-39), James Matthews
(1840-41), William P. Patterson (1841-43), James Matthews (1844-45), Jonathan
Davis (1846-47), S. Henderson (1848-49), W. H. McIntosh (1849-54), A. Van
Hoose (1855-59), W. N. Reeves (1860-61; 1864-67), and M. B. Wharton (1867-71;

Source: "Some Early Alabama Churches (Established before 1870)" Published by
the Alabama Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Commemorating the
Bicentennial of The United States of America. Compied by Mabel Ponder Wilson,
Chairman, Dorothy Youngblood Woodyerd, Rosa Lee Busby. Pages 5-6, 8-9



311b 14 Eldridge, James M. 31 GA
311b 15 Elizabeth 17 KY
311b 16 Armisster 1 TX

318b 9 Eldridge, Frances M. 24 GA
318b 10 Susan 21 Canada
318b 11 Jane 4 Louisana
318b 12 Mary Alphia 1 Louisana

320b 40 Eldridge, William W. 28 GA
320b 41 Alphia A. 17 Miss
320b 42 Mary A. 9/12 TX

321a 35 Mary 38 MA
321a 37 Daniel 15 GA
321a 39 Jane 8 GA
321a 40 Martha 7 TX
321a 42 Nathan 23 LA


PETER ELDREDGE was born Aparal 16, 1797
Jean Randolph was Born Octobear 2, 189-----
James M.dson Eldredge September 9, 1818
William Wilkins Eldredge November 15, 1820
Frances Maran Eldridge May 25, 1825
Sealy An Eldredge September 5, 1827
Nathan Eldredge
March 18, 1822 janar
Semion Randolph July 4, 1831
Saray Ane Octobear 7, 1832
John Ros Eldredge 27 Janoray 1838
Lsinezear Jean Eldredge 3 September 1840
Marthy was Born feburay ----1843
My Last sun was Born Ded in 1846
Sarah M. Smith was Borne Janoray 27, 1833.
Sarah ann Smith was bornde Apral 1829
Peter Eldedge gr was Bo Last day of Aporal 1854 waid when Born 11 l/2 lb at 6
mo waid 29, at yeare old waid 50
Jonathan Davis was Born Janary 22, 1860
Peter Eldredge was marrid to Sealy Crimbson October 2nd 1817 and he was marid
the 2 time to Jean Randolph Octobear 12, 1826.
Danal Eldredge was marid to Nansy Randolph
Peter Eldredge was marid to Maray Wiggins Decem 12 184* the 3 time and no
Don't for the last time may the Lord Be with us & healp us & save us in his
kingdom when we leve this lif may we find christ our grat husban above.
Peter Eldredge was marid to Sary M. Smith Ja 22 1850.
Tennesse Elizabeth was Born March 19th 1872 waid when born 10 lb.
Tennessee * The last figure is erased.
eley Jane Eldredge
Sarah A. Eldr
Nathan Eldredredge Juno May 11 Day 1816
Dorkas Eldredge August 28, 1815
Names of he childen of
R. Phelps (sic)
Mary Jean August 7 Day 1836
Isam James Lunsford March 3, 1838
Nathan Richard Eldredge Sepember 24, 1839
Henearay Phillipp Stevan was Boran July 22, 1856
titus aramsted Born December 16, 1861
Marray Lizey Born March 15, 1864
Nancy Randolph Aporal 21, 1829
Grfson Jenoray 27, 1830
Mory Jean May 13, 1831
Joseph W februray 1832
Saray D octobar 10, 1834
Martha A. June 29, 1836
Peter Eldredge Juros March 1, 1838
Jemiar tharp Eldredge feburay 17, 1840
Danal keen Eldredge Janoray 3, 1842
Jothan David was Born Janaray 22, 1859
Sarah An Eldredge was Born August th 25, 1864
Sely Crimbson Peter Eldredge furst Wif May 10, 1826
Sealy An Aparal 10 1830
Jemaiar Randolph Eldredge Octobear 17 --1831
Jan Randolph June 23 1848 the second wif of Peter Eldredge
John Ross Died July 7, 1848 the third wif of Peter Eldredge ___ was Mary
Wiggins Died September 1849
Philip Ded Jeneray 2, 1859
Maray Lizy Ded ____ 14 1864
henry Grindstaff Died may the 19, 1861
Abigall Grindstaff Died

WAR OF 1812

BORN: 16 April 1797 in Georgia or North Carolina
DIED: 17 August 1884 in Bexar County, Texas
BURIED: At Oak Island near Somerset, Texas, in Old Rock Church Cemetery.
SPOUSES: 1) Sealy Crimby (d. 1826 Twiggs County, Georgia) m. 7 October 1817;
2) Jane Randolph (d. 1846 Sabine County, Texas) m. 26 October 1826; 3) Mary
Wiggins (d. 1849 Sabine County, Texas), m. 12 December 1848, Shelby County,
Texas; 4) Sarah M. Smith (d. 1906) m. 22 January 1850, Sabine County, Texas.
KNOWN CHILDREN: Sarah Amanda - REAL DAUGHTER - m. John Lightfoot Gulley;
Tenneessee E. - REAL DAUGHTER - m. James Kilborne Harris; John D. m. Mary
RESIDENCES: Twigg County, Georgia; Burnet County, Texas; Alabama, Sabine
County, Texas, Bexar County, Texas (P.O. San Antonio)
SERVICE: Private in Captain John Reid's Company, Col. E. Wimberly, 3rd
Regiment, Georgia Militia. Discharged at Darien, Georgia. Was at the Battle
of New Orleans.
PENSION: S.C. 20,752; W.C. 43,708
BOUNTY LAND: 45,192-80-50; 45,687-80-55
MARKER: Placed 30 May 1934 by Augustus Jones Chapter and Texas Society, U.S.
Daughters of 1812. Marker presented by Mrs. P. S. Tilson, State President.
COMMENTS: Baptist minister. Did Baptist Missionary work in Llano, Brown,
San Saba and Burnet Counties, Texas. Owned slaves but before close of War
between the States sold his slaves and invested in Cattle. Eldridge belonged
to the Masonic faternity. He actively helped the cause of the Republic of
Texas. National
Archives service records: 1851, Sabine County, Texas, Eldridge signed before
G.W. Williams, J.P., certified by W. B. Frazier, County Clerk. 1873, Burnet
County, Texas, Isaac Hoover and J. W. and J. W. Posey appeared before
Harrison Posey, Clerk of the District Court; Mary E. Coffee, postmistress at
Burnet, vouched for veteran's character. 1884, Bexar County, Texas, John T.
Wilson and Henry C. Gayle before Edward Miles, N. P. testified of death of
the soldier. F. M. Eldridge said he had known last three wives and Adam J.
Bennett, Sr. of Sabine County said he had attended widow's wedding. J. F.
Gayle, age 31 and Anthony Surtee age 55 attested for widow before Thad W.
Smith's Deputy, Juan E. Barrera. Smith was County Clerk of Bexar County.
1885, F. M. Eldridge of Leon County, before F. B. Looney, N.P. said he had
known veteran's first wife who died Twigg County, Georgia 1826. He also said
that Mary Wiggins died Sabine County, Texas, 1849. Dr. Daniel Eldridge
testified regarding marriages and deaths. Eldridge assigned Warrant No.
45,192 to Addison Cochran who located the land near Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Witnesses were H. M. Compton and S.O. Haznie (1954), in Freestone County,
Texas. Warrant No. 15,687 was sold to Calvin P. Lapham of Berkshire,
Massachusetts, and Eldridge appeared in Burnet County, Texas, before John
Rowland, J.P., certified by James P. Magill. Witnesses were Oscar Call and
R. W. McKee. Lapham located the land near Stevens Point Wisconsin.

Source: "War of 1812 Veterans in Texas" by Mary Smith Fay, C.C. From Notes
Compiled by Mae Wynne McFarland, Foreword by Mary Elizabeth McClelland
Skaggs, President, Texas Society, National Society of the United States
Daughters of 1812.

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